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Happy Children

He is crying when she sees happy children and teeth and smile when see them suffering. Serve as a babysitter, teacher, chauffeur, Cook, laundress, medical, police, confessor and mechanical, without receiving any salary. He is to deliver his love and his time without expecting anything in return. I.e. that the old things are when say you that you don’t understand already nothing. Mother is someone who wants us and cares for us all the days of his life and that cries of excitement because one remembers she once a year: mother’s day. All this is true, so it is not surprising that today, 80% of the women flee from such responsibilities. However, there is nothing more beautiful than arriving home, exhausted after a hard working day and be received by shouts of jubilation and huge smiles, because now came from mama.

There is nothing more comforting than the hug and kiss from that child, that a mother knows and feels, that loves you more than anyone in the world and for which she is the best and most beautiful of all persons in the universe. Of children we believe that MOM can do everything, that does not feel fatigue, which does not suffer this image that we keep it over time does not match we see when the years pass. It is then when we discovered that mother also suffers, you get tired, sad, it has no force, calla hiding the pain. We see it as a hero surviving great tragedies, containing us and showing us the life always more beautiful side lead hand. Children we do not understand their tears, when their hands, by relieving us of our anxieties and problems, out us the spines and nailed them in them. Just as we need as many times the protection of those strong arms, of the understanding of our gestures, our silences or our pain, she also needs us.

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