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This means that the members of a community will be guided by a collective interest to achieve the results; at the same time invites to maintain interest to understand that all are part of the same system, so also establishes a process to investigate and discover both the outside world and the internal universe. (2) The IES perform substantive activities that give them meaning and relevance. Among them are research, teaching, bonding, which can encompass within the academic work itself. But they also require the administrative work and management. These factors guide them towards an educational value called quality, with which the IES ensure the permanent updating of their using processes to self-assessment, self-criticism and the renewal of their structures. An IES will have quality to the extent that it responds to the needs of actual development of new behaviors, conceived in the educational task of the 21st century such as learning to learn, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.

The scientific research carried out by the model of holistic education, is a challenge for the current investigator who has been set to a traditional model of mechanistic knowledge. This lack of creativity in research, is due to be continuous static in the scientific paradigm already exhausted and that has been repeating himself for years. Now scientific research must be in a transdisciplinary manner to be pertinent, relevant and sustainable, so is it will be reaching conclusions of different nature given that this research can be organized around particular problems and not only disciplines, making use inclusive of knowledge from the tradition or culture. (1) Teaching is one of the activities that necessarily must make radical changes in its structure, to orient themselves with a new attitude towards ways of seeing and living life more kindly. The holistic education promotes the teaching updating within an integrated and sustainable environment, with emphasis on the use of the dialogue and cooperation to address the problems of the learning process.

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