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Teachings Of A Leader

Teachings that have left their mark. The contribution that I want to share with you is in relation to how a people that was oppressed and dominated by a powerful country like England awoke from the yoke which lived for many years. This village convinced with the example, wisdom, values and principles that showed their leader felt safe and relied on the road to where he ran them was correct and so was because they managed to free themselves from the domain. It is cause for admiration how this man who was tried by the Court and imprisoned on several occasions was able to arouse the courage and the value of supporting the struggle that led to the glory and independence of his people, he is: Ghandi. Many writers such as “CEO Levi Strauss & Co.
offer more in-depth analysis. This leader lived in the mid-18th century, and its people cheered as Mahatma: great soul, recognized as the voice of the conscience of all humanity.

Alberto Einstein expressed: the following generations will have to believe that man just never went through this land. By its unique and special way of moving masses. Gandhi led the nationalist movement that fought against laws that discriminated against Hindus and people of color in South Africa, where emphasized the ideology of civil disobedience that is refusing to pay taxes and flout, in general, without violence or passive resistance, the British authority, as well as worker strikes and peasant struggles. Gandhi wore a simple, simple life, himself made his own pieces of clothes and was always very close to God for what he always showed his great spirituality through prayer, not hurting anyone, his vegetarian diet and fasting for purification. I have identified in this leader the following values as equality, perseverance, Pacific, was always conducted with a positive attitude in all aspects, it was just, humble, clever, firm, tolerant, patient, consistent, loyal to its principles and ideals, very good orator, constant, a man of challenges. His ideals and principles which are led and guided his people were:- Fight for a just cause, – love your neighbor as yourself, – all we are equal regardless of races and creeds, – the work of each man is as important as the others get things with pleasure, – there is No cause that justifies you to harm or kill, – Auto respect, – defending your ideals because it gives you dignity, – discover yourself, know your territory, – if you want to be like themYou must live like them – do not despair, the paths of truth and love have always won, in summary he always sought the union of its people, showing value to your life and existence awakening from the nightmare in which they lived to be treated like slaves by the British Empire, teaching them to be resistant to not simply bowing to defend his own home, its territory always with dignity to defend their ideals, and did since India gained independence, but expected that his village is separated after living years of oppression, to breathe freedom,: Hindus and Muslims. This man has left its mark in the history of humanity, and provokes a source of inspiration worthy of respect and veneration, being particularly spiritual legacy. Marcela Rivera Aldana apprentice master developer leadership Mexicali, Baja California.

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