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Testament Inspire

That is why the mausoleum where the remains of the Liberator lies outside the main floor of the Cathedral. But with a detail that very few know and it is that San Martin was placed with his head tilted downward, in a position that represents the divine punishment with the infernal condemnation, with which the Catholic Church punishes Masons. It is said that President of the Sanmartiniano Institute has denied this version, justifying tilt which presents the coffin in a calculation error in the construction of the mausoleum, which did not allow that it built correctly. However, not has been able to justify because placed San Martin feet upwards, and head down. His tomb can be read triumphed in San Lorenzo, asserted the independence of Argentina, passed the Andes, led its emancipatory flag to Chile, the Peru and the Ecuador.

The maxims of Saint Martin: In 1825 San Martin wrote the maxims for Merceditas, from where transmits it its principles. A list of twelve educational precepts with the title is maximum for my daughter, which are as follows. 1 Humanize the character and make it sensitive even with insects that are detrimental to us. Stern has said a fly opening the window so that it escapes: Anda, poor animal, the world is too big for both of us. 2 Inspire you to love the truth and hate to lie. 3 Inspire you great confidence and friendship, but coupled with respect. 4 Stimulate in Mercedes charity to the poor. 5.

Respect on the property of others. 6 Get it to keep a secret. 7 Inspire feelings of indulgence towards all religions. 8 Sweetness with the servants, poor and old. 9.-Who speaks little and as precise. 10 Get it to be formal table. 11 Love of neatness and contempt to the luxury. 12 Inspire you love for the fatherland and freedom. The Testament: The testament of Saint Martin, written in his manuscript in Paris, January 23, 1844, is an example of generosity and austerity. In the same leaves as sole heir to his daughter Mercedes Tomasa de San Martin, married Mariano Balcarce, then Argentine Ambassador in Paris. Among the most important points the General had that Mercedes given to his aunt Maria Elena a lifetime and at his death pension a pension his daughter Petronila. That Sabre who will accompany you in the war of independence, it was delivered to the Governor of Buenos Aires Juan Manuel de Rosas as a test of satisfaction that, like Argentinean, I had to see the firmness with which upheld the honor of the Republic against the unjust claims of foreigners trying to humiliate her. To not be you held funeral or accompaniments to the cemetery, but yes I would like that my heart was buried in Buenos Aires. By o. Walter Gangi. Consulted bibliography: The brothers of San Armando Martin bridge; Don Jose i. Garcia Hamilton; Children of the country: San Martin, Yrigoyen y Peron of Hugo Chumbita; History of San Martin and the South American emancipation of B. Mitre; The State and the historical reality of a.

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