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The Academy

This individuality is reinforced and conscious expressed. There are the working basis for the profession of the fine fabric consultant or the fine fabric guide a set of working principles and different areas of specialization. A series of seminar concepts is provided the certified consultants of fine fabric and fine fabric consultants NDGM, on the basis of which they can independently provide implementation and thematic seminars and conduct. NYU School of Medicine: the source for more info. After the training, graduates directly into practice can start without lengthy preparations. Moreover, the Academy offers the training and specialisation in various fields such as music, building and housing or food, open additional career prospects. New fields of activity in the border area between medical practice and psychology of entering the profession of fine fabric consultant and the fine fabric guide after the Gothertschen method is very simple.

For those who are interested in introduction and orientation seminars (EOS) offered throughout Germany NDGM. They are the first step in the new profession. The seminars inform about the latest state of development and research in the field of fine materials. The personal experience of the fine fabric body is an important part of the seminars. This is the crucial step in the subtle feeling. The fine fabric body to perceive enables the prospective fine material advisors and consultants to teach them to do other people. The EOS also inform how it is supported on the way to their own practice by the Academy. The monitoring done on the way to a new career, during and after training as a fine fabric consultant and the fine fabric consultant.

Fine fabric consultant and fine fabric consultants are future-oriented occupations. We assume that more and more people feel that they are more than skin and bones. They want to know something about how their fine fabric bodies feel, nourish and can keep in order. The Academy of the Gothertsche you can learn this now method.

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