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The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

For this purpose it is necessary that in schools is part of the school curriculum training in spiritual values. Although it should be noted that the order to carry out this is not as simple as it leads to a change of educational paradigm, which implies throughout a transformation in the educational system and the policies that govern us to official and private schools. However, we think that in accordance with the reality that we live is the paradigm that would help that man will achieve a deeper level of consciousness, that will allow you to live fully with it and the world. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, (1995) proposes the spiritual values that are described in the statement of values, which manifested the principles and philosophy that reflected the Universal aspects of moral and spiritual values as a basis for living and are as follows: love love is the principle that creates and sustains human relationships. Spiritual love leads us to silence, and silence has the power to unite, to guide and to liberate people. Love is consciousness that is at once selfless and satisfies his own being. Love comes from the truth, i.e., of wisdom.

The basis of true love between people is spiritual. See the other as a spiritual being, such as soul, is to see the spiritual reality of the other. You can transform the world through loving insight, a loving attitude and loving actions. Spiritual love is fundamental to create a world mejor-el world of truth. The constant objective of cooperation cooperation is mutual benefit in human interrelations; cooperation is governed by the principle of mutual respect. Cooperate is everyone’s responsibility, a fundamental preparation is necessary to create a mechanism of internal support through which people are able to maintain equanimity and balance. Happiness the knowledge and application of spiritual truths provide the true source of happiness.

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