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The Integration

Under this vision, future you can want, if I even know my limits, and I believe that nobody knows them? Now I understand the meaning of the phrase of Gandhi who argues: our reward lies in the effort and not on the result. A total effort is a complete victory. If we consider the evolution of consciousness what future can be displayed, if it is not even within reach of our brain the end result? The only thing that remains for me is to practice, to where my capabilities permit me, the full presence and full consciousness in as much that me is possible moments of my existence, but not only, but in my interaction with all beings who surround me, since we are manifestations of the same essence, and the actions of each, have effect on everyone, we realize it or not; the effort must go to that: to become aware of the reality, always open minded. Perhaps in this attempt, the integration of my experiences I approaches increasingly to really feel part of the planet in that habit, to understand my essential affinity, the role of living things that surround me, on the planet and the universe, and to experiment not only by cultural learning, but for full feeling, deep respect, love and unity in life and for life, and know within it, is the role of my individuality, as a manifestation of the whole. Having me post the life in the field of formal education, I feel that for now, in the here and the now, the task that I have is to synergize my attempt, so that together, those who surround me and I know inquire within us, to discover the greatness there is in every being of the nature. The progressive approach to equanimity, perhaps me approaches ever closer to the authentic acceptance of all human beings as brothers in essence, and I impulse to do something for them, something that will help them transcend their States of consciousness, so that goes with them, mine also beyond, to feel our interconnection and interdependence, and know that whatever you do for them what am doing for me, and what do for me, I’m doing it for them, but not see them or know them physically. To do so, possibly come to understand the place that we deal with in this time and in this space as humanity and find answers to questions about us? What we do on this planet? What is our mission in the universe? While all this happens, I can only keep dreaming with my existence, but trying to this dream, is increasingly more aware, plugging more and more with those who surround me, knowing that if they do it is because they are in the same vibrational wave of consciousness, that draws us and directs us in the sea of universal evolution. With this effort, since denser planes and materials up to the more subtle, I hope more and more understanding of my ignorance, acknowledge the distance that separates me from wisdom, to and feel integrated learning community that is life on the planet. Thinking of the time, this, perhaps a distant goal; thinking about the universe and in the eternal present, perhaps we’re already there, and from our space, we are only activating energy to continue creating universes of love and harmony. EDUCACION HOLISTA: PEDAGOGY of love UNIVERSAL original author and source of the article

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