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The Minimum

But I do not want here to changed itself into somebody that makes the people to think that everything is lost. If you have read about Kindle Direct Publishing already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I want yes to be somebody taking some word that serves of alento and demonstrates that for all action a reaction fits and, consequentemente, good actions results in good reactions. Simple thus. It will be that we always place a dose of love in that we consider in them to make? It will be that we know as to use the love as tool for our proper development in this daily lesson that it is the life? It is easy to speak of love when this all certainty, the things goes well and the people our return in them do not bring problems. At this moment it is all the simplest ones and it seems that we are until lighter.

The biggest obstacle is in demonstrating love when the things do not go so well thus. It is at this moment that the animal catches and is accurately at this moment that we have that to face and to decide without never losing the focus. The love generates happiness and is all atrelado. In one of my first chronicles, said that when we practise the good – and bigger example of love does not exist here – in we feel them light and gratified and this in them it brings that flashing of happiness. It said despite to keep this lighted happiness this good is necessary to practise much more times.

As love and happiness they are closely on is clearly that, the happiness appears when much more love is placed in the prescription. It practises this sensation every day, in the minimum details. In dealing with the people its return, in the sincere attention to its children, in the gostoso phone call to the parents, without if feeling debtor or in understanding of the diversity human being. Pra each drop of given love, considers an ocean of received good things. But it makes this without mesquinhez. It practises the love without I change waiting and I feel it somebody each happyer time. One I hug to all. We are on board.

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