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The Problems

On the Internet, can really be the solution to your problems. You may find that Yale University School of Medicine can contribute to your knowledge. But, let’s see what says the dictionary of the real academia Espanola: problem 1. m. concerned that it is clarified. For assistance, try visiting British Journal of Educational Technology. 2 m. Proposition or difficulty of dubious solution. 3 m set of facts or circumstances that make it difficult to achieve any purpose.

4. m. annoyance, concern. U m. in pl. My son only gives problems. 5 m.

approach to a situation whose unknown response should be obtained through scientific methods. I just want to tell you that either internet or wherever, the problems, will never exist. And this you know it. If you’re among those who think everything is more difficult for me, let me tell you that is not so. That alone is in your way of thinking. If we juntaramos us in a pleasant talk and comentaramos each that it is what they know to do, would discover that there are things that I can do more easily than you, as there will be things that you can do more easily than I; But that does not mean that I can not do them.Perhaps there is the difference, I am among those who think that if another makes it do me not? We all have problems in life, the difference is that for some the problem in question has no solution and for others a problem similar or equal is simply an obstacle to overcome. When a problem comes, tries to stay calm, but face it, deal with it and leverages to learn. Live without problems is not possible thing on this planet, then what’s left us? Although it may seem that no, in fact we have two possible alternatives, we moved the planet or we would deal with the problems. The problems foster our courage and our wisdom; more even, they create our courage and our wisdom.

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