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The Textbook

Does this mean that everyone all right? No! In fact, many simply Feel free to ask questions. But questions need! This gives the student space for reflection, a chance to question the accuracy of the words the teacher. Between students and teachers will be put in a useful and very constructive dialogue. Strong schoolchildren are able to form their own views on the matter under consideration, and the weak – better understand the material. Moreover, it is no secret that teachers themselves also make mistakes.

The most obvious of these are easy finds even the most inexperienced student in mathematics. And it will be very good if the students time corrected his teacher with a simple question: "Why?" Try to learn the material at the highest possible level mathematics, there are several levels of understanding of the material. We must strive to rise to as high as possible from them. Elementary. Expressed in the ability to solve problems by well-known model, a theory as it given in the textbook. Here it is enough just to solve some common tasks and firmly know what to write in academic .Prodvinuty. You can easily and without prompting the theoretical stuff? Solve non-standard tasks, as well as those that are marked in the textbook "asterisk" as sophisticated? This means that you have mastered the material at an advanced level. Elementary knowledge there is not enough, because when non-standard tasks, you will find that in Mathematics has a large number of complex and non-obvious momentov.Tvorchesky.

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