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The University

Do not forget to buy kitsch souvenirs like liver cake in the shape of a heart where you can read ‘ I mog di’ (‘I love you’ in bavarian dialect) or any bad key product from one of the many sex shops. Intimate, trendy and atomic (in the lilliputian sense of the Word). You’ll be amazed how so many people can fit in the Atomic Cafe (new Tower 5’s old town), which features rock and indie music, DJs and live bands. If you ask the DJ of the day to play your favorite song you might get lucky. Be sure not to wear your best seller H & M outfit if you don’t like the idea of seeing people dressed up like you.

Remember that in Munich you’ll always compete with on overly dressed-up crowd. Record club (Sun str. Levi’s shines more light on the discussion. 18 Centre) has a terrible logo, one must say. Maybe the that you time have to wait in line to get in makes it look even worse. But once you’re inside, you’ll realize it’s totally worth it, not only because of its 70 s charm (there are mirrors in the ceiling – kitschy, hu?) but because of its danceable tunes.

Do not expect any house music, though – the record club crowd is more up to alternative, indie, rock music. Little red light candles, blondies and hotties, mirrors and sweat running down the windows… Take it for granted. There are so many gay and lesbian bars in Munich with suggestive names like Teddy (Sonnenstrasse of bar (Hans-Sachs-str. 1, Isarvorstadt), Bon Valeur (17, Isarvorstadt), Carmen’s Lounge (Theklastrasse 1), Inge’s carrot (Baaderstrasse 13, Isarvorstadt) and many others. After getting off your dancing shoes, prepare your stomach for what’s coming next: breakfast. Yes, you need at least a mental preparation if you’re not used to eating sausages in the morning. But you cannot miss the Weisswurse (white sausages) experience! This regional speciality is usually served with pretzels (salty bread) and sweet mustard. And you lot want a of beer with that, of course! Here’s a tip you’re going to thank me for: do not eat the skin! Even if your belly hasn’t digested breakfast at 5 pm, you must manage to find some space in it for a delicious snack with sausages (again) curry and chips. How to eat cheap in Munich? The University district has tons of restaurants where you can get a good meal without sacrificing your budget, and most beer garden allow you to bring your own food. Enjoy! Finally, after convincing you, dearest reader, to spend a lovely weekend in Munich (hopefully) it’s time to leave you with the best hostels in Munich! Munich travel guide…

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