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The University

Humanity knows that if it invests in labor it becomes skilled workmanship, labor for development and finally allowing University self reflection to raise that capital on permanent growth ensure implementation and immersion of the Academy in society lets look at eyes of hope the delay in University development and the role of university teachers in allying with the public and private sectors in a basic agreement with the World Bank and this is to education having the highest rate of return in economic development. The University and insofar as the development of the Chair must implement as a principle education for economic development. Coverage only if there are quality College and university teaching an imposing challenge which can only be tackled in partnership with the public and private sectors achieve investment of resources for research and penetrate into society through coverage with quality and training of masters and doctors face a challenge. It is improper that the coverage, central axis of the education of a nation that seeks to deprive of a basic right to anybody that boasts of being Colombian, because this right is guaranteed by the Constitution of 91, comes allowing the increase in coverage to bring the low-quality raise solutions without pretending that it is new perhaps only paraphrasing others about what is needed: 1. the support of computer science bibliographic material as well as computerized with didactic colophons, devices has become common tools in the universities of quality 2. Universities undertake wing articulation of the research with the Constitution of learners and pedagogical preparation in community systems. 3 Delineate devices for teaching in the use of new technologies: that the student and the teacher change their everyday representations for which make daily in the Academy, amplified his powers and skills, create worth and adapt to the communicational representation of the current world. 4. Quality education represents knowledge, values around responsibility in production and generation of knowledge the dowry of a methodical, critical faculty and spirit Creator.

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