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Toucambert Reading

Thus the first descriptions date of the end of century XIX. The upheaval was attributed to the technique of learning of the reading, but it cannot be reduced the pedagogical errors simply. It does not have as to speak of dislexia until 7 or 7 years and way, therefore the reading process varies of individual for individual, depending on factors as age, maturation, sex, hereditary succession, type of language, instruction, practical, motivation among others. Toucambert, 1994, explain that, in the voluntary reading, the meaning of a written text is mainly dependent of the information of the memory of the reader, and ha what if must the information of the text associates the sonorous information. (Route, P. 152, 2006). Freire, in 1995, tells that the reading is capable to take off conclusions using more than what the information collected in the text, that is, capacity of raising hypotheses, conceiving new ideas and solutions, from the experience of the reading (Route.

2006, p.152). In a person with dislexia confusions of graphemes are observed whose phonetic correspondence is next (to it, s-z, u-l), or whose form if are similar (p-q, d-b), inversions (or-ro, I believed-cir), omissions (beard, tree-arve), or still additions and substitutions. In the level of the phrase, difficulty exists to learn the separation of the elements and the rhythm. The understanding of the read text in general is better of what if it could assume for the decipher, but rare apprehends it totality of the written information. The imbalance goes growing with the age of the child, as the increase of the requirements of the school and the incapacities of reading; thus, the pertaining to school difficulties initially centered in the reading soon become global in the treatment absence. FACTORS ASSOCIATES Exist certain associations with the dislexia whose frequency deserves prominence, but cannot be seen as the only etiolgica origin of the upheaval.

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