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Training Employment: Study Profession At The Expense Of Companies

Specialists and executives win and bind to the operation Bonn, 22.8.2012. How can I provide an optimal training my children as entrepreneurs, so that they can assume a leadership position or conducting business in the company in the next few years? That question preoccupies many entrepreneurial families. With a training service relationship is an instrument available, offering not only tax benefits, but also as an optimal combination of training in the operation and study. Normally, the expenses for initial vocational training or for an undergraduate as costs of private lifestyle are to look at. The trainees or students may deduct the expenditure on its training therefore not as advertising costs, but only as special editions of the tax since this year after all, amounting to maximum 6,000. Treatment of vocational training costs as special editions rather than as advertising cost is often detrimental to the person concerned, since the expenses normally higher than the income Affected are the special editions but not to a loss carry forward an approach as advertising costs can lead.

An exception to this principle is only considered, if the training or study in the context of a service relationship takes place. A training service relationship is a normal working relationship, where the training is subject of the contract of employment. Entrepreneurs, whose children are interested in, then to take over a leadership position in the enterprise, a legal, business or technical studies can be done in the framework of a service contract. Not only entrepreneurs children, other young people are eligible as a company. The tax advantages for both sides are obvious: the study cost adopted by the company are deductible business expenses; the study costs borne by the students themselves are advertising costs when its not self-employment income.

Conditions for tax recognition for the A training service contract and for wage tax free transfer of tuition, some characteristics are to be observed. The student when he or she studied part-time, workers. This means for the training, it is normally studied, but worked in the operation during the holidays. If the company acquires additional studying costs, these refunds remain tax free salary and are deductible as a business expense. Deductible expenses include, for example: course – school or tuition fees, equipment, literature. Trips between home and place of education in the amount of 30 cents per kilometre, additional expenses for meals, extra costs due to external accommodation. It is not necessary that the requirements for a double financial management are met. More on the topic: VSRW-Verlag has published a study, under what conditions training employment tax are recognised. The investigation can free from the Publisher by Mail can be requested at. “Keyword: training employment relationship”

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