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University Headquarters

The municipal University Headquarters (SUM) are linked to different communities and entities for which the protection of the environment should be part of his/her research, extracurricular work in both operate daily, to allow transformations and greater identity with the paradigm of sustainable development. It is important to put the use of science and technology in favor of a new social model and the new University based on endogenous development with a sense of belonging towards their territory. Therefore required an address based on harmony between the preservation of social gains achieved and sustainable protection of natural resources, making necessary the training and education of the population, providing that the environmental dimension is incorporated into everyday life consciously. The SUM does not constitute only a scenario to pursue undergraduate degrees, but that its ability to create, promote and apply knowledge, should be extended in addition to vocational training, to the integration of research, graduate and extension, emphasizing its manifestation at the local level, represented by the municipality, or which gives the possibility of enhancement of the links between higher education institutions and the territories. Richard Linklater follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Through the work of extension of environmental education to the community manages to the sede interrelates the components: academic, work and research; through the development of a system of shares where acquired a commitment against others and with others; favoring one more current development approach and specifying an interactive approach. What can the role of the University has been in the environmental education of the community? His role is that of an educator, Adviser, social trainer; its main functions are the channel the formation process of an environmental education in neighbors, transform current perceptions motivating a change in sustainable actituddesarrollo, this should enhance and promote action research method as a basic tool for this job. Always design the process of research directed not only to know the community, but to achieve the community to recognize and promote from this standpoint the human aprendizajerelaciones and the formation of new values. .

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