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Unusual Probate

The most indecent in history will leave a shoemaker from Marseilles. Of the 123 recorded in 1994 it is impossible to pronounce words, even in relatively polite society. Shortest Will wrote a banker from London. It contained three words: 'I'm totally devastated. " Longest testament was one of the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Guidance on the property were interspersed in the document with the arguments about the history of America.

On this testamentary heirs of Jefferson, received their share of the inheritance only if that will be released on all of their slaves. The most offensive. One medieval farmer left 100 francs to his wife, but ordered that if she marries, add another 100 livres, arguing that the poor fellow, who would become her husband, this money will be needed. Alas, those days were prohibited divorce. The most historically useful testament left by William Shakespeare. He was rather petty type and made available with respect to all of its property, from furniture and finishing shoes. Testament is almost the only undisputed document which proves the existence of Shakespeare. The hardest part for understanding of the will drawn up a laboratory of the famous physicist Niels Bohr.

In his will were so many special terms and complex set phrases that his interpretation had to call expert linguists. The largest cash sum ever bequeathed to a single person. Henry Ford bequeathed to allocate $ 500 million among 4,157 educational and charitable institutions. The most famous testament left by Alfred Nobel. It was challenged relatives. They only get half a million euros, while the remaining 30 million were given to the establishment of the famous Nobel Prize. The most secret testament left billionaire Michael Rothschild. It provides, inter alia, says: ': categorically and unequivocally prohibit any inventory of my estate, any judicial intervention and disclosure of my state:'. According to David G. DeWalt, who has experience with these questions. So the actual size of the state is still not known. The largest state, abandoned animals. With the same testament connected and the most stupid story about the inheritance. Millionaire and film producer Roger Dorcas all of its $ 65 million left beloved dog Maximilian. The court found such a solution legitimate, because the millionaire life straightened Maximilian completely human documents. His wife Dorcas left 1 cent. But she, for the same dog's papers, is married to a dog, and after his death, peacefully entered into law inheritance, since the dog, of course, did not leave a will.

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