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Valencia Courses

Valencia. Traditionally it has been thought that intelligence was the only quality that distinguished the good students that it were not so much. But recent studies carried out in numerous training centres, show that intelligence, of course, helps and much but is not a decisive factor. In fact these investigations show that intelligence and other special powers only determine between 50% and 60% of the success of the student. Therefore, motivation and study techniques exercise a key role, since they may cause a student to exceed the academic year with excellence without being equipped with a bright mental qualities which make him different from the others. School in support of the Costa de Valencia study known first-hand these results, since it includes the application of different learning techniques that help increase efficiency and performance in class and, above all, to increase your motivation by studying their students in the methodology of their classes in support of the study. In this study support centre has the firm conviction that the keys to learning should be a creative and dynamic classes thus motivate students.

For this reason has developed this methodology followed religiously in the numerous courses offered by Costa de Valencia, training centre. At the school in support of the study we find courses to meet the specific needs of students. Thus classes review and study support for the levels of primary, ESO, Bachillerato and University, always in very small groups. We can also find graduate courses, preparatory courses for the various tests for access to vocational training and preparation courses to various university entrance tests. In addition, students have the possibility of receiving private tuition, both at home and in the school in support of the Costa de Valencia study. It is noteworthy that the introduction of the teaching of study skills as an active part of the program of the school of support to the Costa de Valencia study, has not been a fortuitous decision. It has been the result of the great experience the Center teachers have with dealing with hard-to-teach students. For this reason, along with their special methodology Center is characterized by the realization of individualized follow-up of the evolution of the students, where a direct and fluid communication with parents of the same is essential.

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