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Barbara Rauch

We have a responsibility, if we have a Keep the dog. To of course making sure that people, even innocent bystanders, not through our pet damage come to. Again and again there are horrors of children who were bitten to death, in the media and it happen many more accidents in road transport and public nuisance on communal areas by dogs. Therefore, a proof of competence is required for dog owners with dogs about 40 cm or 20 kg. But we also have responsibility for the dog itself. If you have read about Gregory Serraro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The cruelty of the present time is called excess supply and Unterforderung. A dog needs work, a job.

He wants to be us rank higher tier services, he wants to use his skills for us, his senses that are a hundred times sharper than ours, he wants to protect us, warn, guide, find something for us, guarding us, pull us, herding our sheep or children, he wants recognition and confirmation by us. Because dogs know intuitively what a good cooperation: everyone brings his skills and caring to the other one. A dog relies on us as to the smarter ‘ engineering that we make the right specifications. And if he will do anything for his food it must be, except to be around somewhere, effeminate and becomes too thick. Basically, it’s also like us humans.

If in addition may never run it must remain always on a leash, he developed behavioral problems. The dog will not be still us in question. We owe it to him therefore to make us really knowledgeable in all its aspects: behavior, housing, care, breeding, basic education and secondary education, liability, POB and club memberships, equipment, feeding, free movement, social contact, first aid and health care. Dogs Academy offers the Cologne on the 25th and September 26, 2010 in the experts with decades of practical experience on the basis of the latest scientific findings present a special course, the respective subject areas. Finally, there is the possibility, the competence test in accordance with article 10 and 11 of regulation of land dog NRW to shed. This course is also the prerequisite for social studies II (13-14.11.10) for commercial dog gem. 11 animal welfare law. Treat the lead yourself and your dog! Info and registration:, (0221-4064824) Dr. Barbara Rauch

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