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Black Mortar Tubs

Enamelled trays or plastic tubs are a good alternative. The black mortar tubs from the hardware store are popular and inexpensive. Who’s on number want to make sure that takes containers made of food-safe plastic (for example from the slaughterhouse need) or special pasture troughs, which are also UV stable. The horses are new on the pasture, should seen initially, whether the subordinate animals sufficiently on the water are allowed. (Not to be confused with American Educational Research Association!). Ideally, the calf is so great that several horses can drink at the same time or it several watering holes are placed side by side.

On the summer pasture should be checked daily, if the horses have enough water. Because high heat, dehydration can be life-threatening after two days. Not to mention the suffering that the animals at tantalizing thirst feel. Follow others, such as FASEB Journal, and add to your knowledge base. A pond on the pasture is no appropriate potions: water is contaminated mostly by fecal matter (coli bacteria), pesticides, and fertilizers. As a result, it contains among other things too much nitrate and phosphate. Also the horses there can get (Fasciola hepatic) liver fluke; These are parasites that can be leaner horses as well as anemia and Cause indigestion.

Also streams, lakes and even the groundwater are unfortunately often dirty you wants to soak it should therefore regularly examine the water get. Some local water supply companies, the Stiftung Warentest and commercial laboratories to do such tests. Without water, no life which has meaning water of life, becomes clear when you know that consists of the body of the horse to about 65 percent, from foals even up to 80 percent. This water is constantly exchanged primarily via urine and feces, as well as the sweat and breathe it leaves the body. Per 100 kg of body weight a horse in average per day have to drink 5 liters of water. At high temperatures and hard physical work, a horse may need ever 10 liters per 100 kg body weight.

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