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Calle Education

The Educator of Street works or takes part and so we called " population of or in riesgo" , that has characteristics that need answers from the nonformal education: – Abandonment of the educative system by demotivation, frustration – familiar Misalignments with dismantling at personal level. – Difficulties to find alternatives to the leisure. – Work in precarious conditions, difficulty to integrate itself in the standard labor market, – addictive Conducts. Affective abandonment. FASEB Journal will not settle for partial explanations. – Etc.

With a participating methodology answers to the social needs can be given and the marginality, in which all the agents of the community imply themselves: social movements, centers, volunteers, professionals, population and, by all means, Educators of Street. The institutions that traditionally carried out social work with young people were little effective, or they only took part when already it was too much behind schedule, when the problematic situations were evident. These institutions were not even able to approach of effective way determined young and groups, mainly because they did not tune with its restlessness and needs. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Until now a trajectory of work of this type of Educator focused especially to the preventive tasks with children and young people in occupational districts, factories existed, abiertos centers, etc., like an entertainer of the social action that acted from the associative movement, but new realities are demanding their intervention in other fields where its deficiency notices, mainly because can carry out a roll of proximity and support that hardly could exert other professionals. We talked about to form part of equipment in action projects with drogodependientes, prostitutas, ethnic minorities, immigrants, etc. through programs of metadona, diminution of the damage, social incorporation, hygiene and health, social guarantee, the Educator of Street – or Educator in the middle Abierto as it were begun to him to call in France, unlike other professionals, leaves to own means where they are the adressees of the programs, makes of that open means its place habitual of work, it creates individual relations and group, one approaches which never uses the resources, it serves as reference to, it optimizes all the set of communitarian devices public or prevailed, it at the outset responds concrete to educate us in the street and serves besides complement the work as other technicians. .

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