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Calle Education

The Educator of Street works or takes part and so we called " population of or in riesgo" , that has characteristics that need answers from the nonformal education: – Abandonment of the educative system by demotivation, frustration – familiar Misalignments with dismantling at personal level. – Difficulties to find alternatives to the leisure. – Work in precarious conditions, difficulty to integrate itself in the standard labor market, – addictive Conducts. Affective abandonment. FASEB Journal will not settle for partial explanations. – Etc.

With a participating methodology answers to the social needs can be given and the marginality, in which all the agents of the community imply themselves: social movements, centers, volunteers, professionals, population and, by all means, Educators of Street. The institutions that traditionally carried out social work with young people were little effective, or they only took part when already it was too much behind schedule, when the problematic situations were evident. These institutions were not even able to approach of effective way determined young and groups, mainly because they did not tune with its restlessness and needs. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Until now a trajectory of work of this type of Educator focused especially to the preventive tasks with children and young people in occupational districts, factories existed, abiertos centers, etc., like an entertainer of the social action that acted from the associative movement, but new realities are demanding their intervention in other fields where its deficiency notices, mainly because can carry out a roll of proximity and support that hardly could exert other professionals. We talked about to form part of equipment in action projects with drogodependientes, prostitutas, ethnic minorities, immigrants, etc. through programs of metadona, diminution of the damage, social incorporation, hygiene and health, social guarantee, the Educator of Street – or Educator in the middle Abierto as it were begun to him to call in France, unlike other professionals, leaves to own means where they are the adressees of the programs, makes of that open means its place habitual of work, it creates individual relations and group, one approaches which never uses the resources, it serves as reference to, it optimizes all the set of communitarian devices public or prevailed, it at the outset responds concrete to educate us in the street and serves besides complement the work as other technicians. .

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Ecuador Revolutionary

Nothing aristocrat the man, then, but imbuido (and perhaps compensated) in the slick model seeded by his prcer, that is to say, Santander, the one to smile to simulate the game of the daggers hidden behind the backs. A way brought by the hairs will be said to look itself like an aristocrat, of to look for the final acceptance. And model exerted time and time again against friendly his neighboring presidents, Hugo Chavez in first term, that took advantage of its good faith until it forced the insostenibilidad of the diplomatic relations. So that the things, for Colombian effects of pure chaste and stock, nothing have changed: the Venezuela of the revolutionary fights is the objective, since Colombia for not seeming to always think from by own mind but by the loan of interests and foreign preoccupations; and for it promises to become the country first in the world in military bases of another one, forcing to Venezuela the purchase also of military defensive equipments. Everything for the sake of the rupture of the nationalistic unit in the continent and its final territorial segmentation, as if the countries were just a gigantic mine of to be conquered resources and wealth, like in the old woman times. It considers satrapa Colombian arrived his moment from reaction when a current of revolutionary changes, of taking of brings back to consciousness social, it shakes to the continent; and when, consequently, the imperial presence of the USA begins to be fought and to be evacuated, militarily of Blanket, Ecuador, to mention the last chapter;when a coup d’etat takes root in Honduras, given by its extraopposite pure-blooded equals, on the base and compression of the symbolic message sent to the rest of the mortals, who are to learn lesson when seeing what it happens when the established powers are threatened; when until the initial Brazil of the sovereignties (promoted by Lula) it has had to fold to the northern pressure to omit to Venezuela and its lineamientos towards the Mercosur to accept the tutelaje of Washington.

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