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Count Razumovsky

Do you agree? Of course, I was willing and very happy an unexpected proposal: the chance to see real places and compare with what seemed to mind. We slowly walked along the quiet streets of the poorly attended, cluttered with modern machines and Landrin, looking at multi-colored buildings, a nod or a wave of her hand drew my attention to something on one, then on the other structure: – Here on this street ran Nabokov And there, we'll go on the other hand, there is a house in which he lived "Rembrandt >> Entering the courtyard house "Rembrandt>> I was seized with a feeling that this court I know very long time, but from afar the building of a blood-red brick caused a completely different feeling. – Why did you choose Rembrandt? Only because it was committed savage attack on his "Dana?>> – And so, too. In general, Rembrandt often attacked "Gyrostat>> different poshiba. – A search of Napoleon's general Duran – this is fiction, or some unknown legend? – At Austerlitz, was killed a French general Molran, Napoleon ordered him to roll up into a barrel of rum, then to build on his grave a monument to the fallen, but forgot about the barrel, and when it is already in Paris after many years, she cracked, then fell out of her well-preserved general with a mustache to his waist. I just assumed that this story could be repeated after Borodino. In the estate of Count Razumovsky, which previously was located Institute of Physical Education, I spent my childhood unsullied, and then there in 1812 really was the vanguard of Murat's why he was not burned during the fire, although the entire German settlement burnt down to ashes.

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