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Academic Magazine

The tez is as the ivory of the keyboard, white that does not fascinate, embaada for a delicate nuance, that you will not know to say if it is light fainted rose pallor or. The donoso col and of the purest work supports with inefvel favour the wonderful bust. The untied hair and strong wavy if crash caracolando for the thick shoulders in and luzidios coils, and as black fringes almost completely hid the back of the chair, the one that if found reclineed. In fronte calm and smooth as polishing marble, the light of ocaso esbatia a rseo and soft consequence; you said it mysterious alabaster light bulb keeping in the difano seio the celestial fire of the inspiration. The Sprouting had face.2 of a escravagista workmanship. During all this referring to abolitionism agitation, in the field of literature, appears in 1875, Bernardine Guimares, with its controversial escravagista workmanship ' ' The Isaura&#039 slave; ' , that it has in its thematic a situation lived deeply for the descending black and afro in the period escravocrata. The author finishes polemizando its romance, when esteretipo of completely different slave of what creates one it originates from the mixture of a black slave with a Portuguese white, therefore physically the protagonist did not have traces that they evidenced its linking with the African people. According to Rosangela Boyd de Carvalho: In its intitled article ' ' The black in Brazilian literature: the necessity of a new social critical paradigm of and literria' ' (Magazine Academic space N 76 – September of 2007 – monthly). Brazilian literature during the referring to abolitionism period forged an unreal way of the participation black it in literature giving to them esteretipos of European branquitude in positivista way without the afro-Brazilian could be portraied culturally physically, being able the same in way to juxtapose in practical the culture of its ancestor.

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Count Razumovsky

Do you agree? Of course, I was willing and very happy an unexpected proposal: the chance to see real places and compare with what seemed to mind. We slowly walked along the quiet streets of the poorly attended, cluttered with modern machines and Landrin, looking at multi-colored buildings, a nod or a wave of her hand drew my attention to something on one, then on the other structure: – Here on this street ran Nabokov And there, we'll go on the other hand, there is a house in which he lived "Rembrandt >> Entering the courtyard house "Rembrandt>> I was seized with a feeling that this court I know very long time, but from afar the building of a blood-red brick caused a completely different feeling. – Why did you choose Rembrandt? Only because it was committed savage attack on his "Dana?>> – And so, too. In general, Rembrandt often attacked "Gyrostat>> different poshiba. – A search of Napoleon's general Duran – this is fiction, or some unknown legend? – At Austerlitz, was killed a French general Molran, Napoleon ordered him to roll up into a barrel of rum, then to build on his grave a monument to the fallen, but forgot about the barrel, and when it is already in Paris after many years, she cracked, then fell out of her well-preserved general with a mustache to his waist. I just assumed that this story could be repeated after Borodino. In the estate of Count Razumovsky, which previously was located Institute of Physical Education, I spent my childhood unsullied, and then there in 1812 really was the vanguard of Murat's why he was not burned during the fire, although the entire German settlement burnt down to ashes.

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Teacher Tnia Cristina Cardoso

It is calculated on the basis of the tax of pertaining to school income (approval and evasion) and in the performance of the pupils in the SAEB (National System of Evaluation of the Basic Education) and in the Brazil Test. That is, how much bigger it will be the note of the institution in the test and the less repetncias and desistances it to register, better it will be its classification, in a zero scale the ten. The mechanism was very well evaluated by specialists exactly for joining these factors. Being thus, if a school to pass its pupils of year without they have really learned, for example, this will be clearly from the analysis of the performance of it in the Ideb In such a way Academic gentlemen, Gentlemen members of the MAC, presents the work to them of the Teacher Tnia Cristina Cardoso. Teacher of History graduated for the Federal University of Sergipe, reason of bigger force, this currently readjusted, acting in the room of Reading.

Of spirit irrequieto, was not contained, before its removal of the classroom, in more not continuing developing what wise person to make, to become in act what it was in power, as qualities in its pupils. It was dedicated, then, such which a sculptor who makes to arise of a block marble or of a trunk, the imprisoned beauty that locks up in its viscera, to make to arise in the pupils, its artistic trends, its talentos, and for in such a way, developed and develops until the present date, projects of cultural and artistic incentive, as ' ' the Aprendiz&#039 Poet; ' ' ' discovering the Talentos' ' . It searched in the theater, and the poetry and music, the way to carry through its intention to make to luzir the flame of the talent that, many times, if keep overcast for the incentive, chance lack, and of credibility that permeia hodiernamente, public education.

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‘Fashionable’ In Literature

Recently, in talking about literature is increasingly heard the word "fashionable". The tendency seems to be natural for the society, abiding in the endless stream of advertising. Was it predictable? – Yes. Will and beyond? – Rather total. Will to some positive results? – Hardly. Three short answer quickly to dot the "i". Regularity and predictability of such a trend is obvious, but some sort of logic is not burdened with reflections observed. Here's an example: 9:30 am subway car, crush, stale air, advertising, noodles, plumbers, fake medical certificates and literature.

Is not there a single drop of suspicions about its variety? Are advertised in underground literature and truth inspires confidence or interest? Basically, of course, it could be of interest, with its extremely low-lying species, called the idle curiosity. But let's imagine for a second – so to comparison – that next to the yellow leaf "registration" will be glossy advertisement about the following text: William Shakespeare "The Taming of the Shrew" – a fascinating tale in verse about a naughty young lady and her Admirer. For any of them will win? Read and learn how to re-bitchiness beauties. Or: "Romeo and Juliet" – proven for centuries tragedy of ruined love between two young hearts. Presented? Not jarred? Why, then, these colorful pieces of paper that promote the modern consumer goods, forced to flee in the first book? After reading this, I may say, the literature does not bring something a little bit useful for either souls, nor for the brain – not even entertaining as it should. Of course, use the "Fiction" is possible, but with a "but." A good idea to first get acquainted with the works, albeit imposed by the school curriculum, but at one time trained a very reading nation in the world. Read later though the inscriptions on the walls, but, first, the idea of the book in your head already is, and, secondly, it is unlikely after reading the first book with the poster you'll want to read the full collection works of "unparalleled" author. Classics sets the bar, the question remains: Does dotyanet to her spiritual level of the individual or the now fashionable reading would be "our all"?

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Thomas Schumacher

Jansen, Reinhart, nail, Alexander Nicolai, ARIST Schlippe, David Schubert, Thomas Schumacher, David Seidl, Fritz B. Simon, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Peter Wagner, Helmut Willke and Rudolf Wimmer. See program/978-3-89670-832-8 about the Publisher of Dr. Thomas Schumacher for more information and a sample is a partner and consultant of osb international as well as lecturer and Director of the research program of systemic management at the Institute of systemic management and public governance at the University of St. Gallen. His areas of expertise of in recent years include strategy and organization development process, support in the area of culture and value change, national and international Leadership skills, coaching and supervision of managers and teams, development of systemic-oriented organization and management diagnostic tools and consultant qualifications. About the osb osb international consulting AG internationally that is 25 years after its Foundation, one of the leading systemic consulting companies in the German-speaking world and pioneer in the field of systemic management consulting with offices in Vienna, Tubingen, Hamburg, and Berlin. With 30 consultants and advisors in the core team and a national and international network of cooperation partners and partners osb international supports its customers in all key areas where companies and executives deal with: strategy development and implementation, organizational design, change management, leadership development, potential development and HR management. The expertise is complemented by the advice of family businesses as well as the coaching of individual executives in challenging leadership situations. More information under: press contact: osb consulting Vienna GmbH woman My Phung Tran Volksgartenstrasse of 3/1 DG 1010 Vienna Austria T + 43 1 5260813 16 ARUNAS Communications Stefanie Sorge MEDIAfleet Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 6 20459 Hamburg, Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 348092-14 E-Mail:

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Academy Awards Nominees presents the most promising candidates for Oscar night on February 24 will be in Los Angeles already for the 85th time the Oscars awarded. Almost 3,000 editions the most coveted movie Prize were awarded in the long history, 2013 will be more to come. presents the candidates and reveals who do legitimate hopes. For the first time in the history of the Oscars nominees were already Golden Globes the prior to the placement. This in turn can be analysed as a kind of preliminary decision already. Not infrequently will tell here, who is even at the Oscars, a small trend is already apparent.

Nevertheless but can be speculated up to the ceremony only, who must uphold one of the coveted Oscars at the end. “The moderation takes over this year cult director Seth MacFarlane, among others with Ted” and the series of family guy “already has proven entertainment value. Lincoln”is the top candidate, whether it is the subject itself or the man behind the camera, may not exactly be said. Perhaps it is also Golden “Globe winner and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven of Spielberg’s Lincoln” brought in a total of twelve nominations. “Tough competitor in the battle for the awards are ARGO” by Ben Affleck and Les Miserables “by Tom Hooper. Both cleaned off for the Golden Globes, stole the show the President-drama ultimately and go at the Oscars represent much with seven or eight nominations in the race.

Represented also the tragicomedy of silver linings is similar to numerous”with Bradley Cooper. Ang Lee goes with life of Pi”in rather insignificant categories on the hunt, eleven nominations are also all honor worth. Will Waltz again win the Oscar? 2010 rejoiced Christoph Waltz over the Oscar for the best supporting actor. His role as SS Bruiser Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds”finally picked him in the top League of Hollywood. Also in this year he may calculate something. As a bounty hunter Dr. Schultz in Django Unchained”he was for the next collaboration with Tarantino the Golden Globe and is regarded as a favorite on the next Oscar. There also another Austrian could win. Love”by Michael Haneke was recently awarded as the best foreign language film and is in addition to others on the list for the Oscars. Learn more about the movies and all the nominees of the 85th Oscars are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order.

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Robert Cherry

That is understood in the confirmation of Malard, that says that: If we understand literature as vision of world, practical social, invention from a concrete reality with the worked word, one of the objectives of its education is to make to appear or to perfect the critical spirit of the student, in relation to the real world (1985 p.17). He is valid to stand out that literature develops the creativity human being, being made the individual to reflect the passivity proper of a dominadora society. It can be affirmed that its education develops in the individual a vision that exceeds the values taxes for the society, making with that this has a consequence of the reality through readings that really world knowledge promotes. Increasing in this, essential disposals for the formation of an independent and competent reader. It is certain that the apprentice in the contact with the literary texts that bring characteristic aspects of given to times and social moments, obtains to establish a relation between the historical facts passed and of the contemporaneidade, promoting an expressive reflection of the papers attributed to the individuals and identities that are constructed in elapsing of the existence human being, thus printing, marks of determined generation.

In the reflection on the objectives of education of literature, understands that the contact with this, develops in the individual the use of the language in diverse forms, where this it starts to construct well elaborated speeches being in contact with lingusticos elements that aims at to the expression of feelings and ideas in clear and coesiva way. Moreover, as a privileged modality of communication, it makes possible the instauration of the dialogue between texts and readers of all the times, aiming at to the understanding of the individual in relation to the values of determined social contexts. In the perspectives of Robert Cherry (2004), literature assigns the acquisition of abilities of readings of literary texts of times, that in such a way makes possible to the apprentice the understanding and the knowledge of the culture of its country how much of other peoples and nations.

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Portuguese Language

In this aspect NERY it says the following one: Resumidamente, can be divided the history of the Portuguese orthography in three distinct periods. The first one adopted the fonogrfico principle. This period goes of the beginning of the language until century 16. In this phase, if it defended that the orthography would have to be next possible to the pronunciation of the words. As the period is called pseudoetimolgico and encloses centuries 16, 17 and 18. One understood that the words had to be grafadas according to its origins. In the case of the Portuguese language, the forms Greeks and Latins predominate.

The third period is called description-scientific and encloses centuries 19 and 21. This period is characterized for the elaboration of some ortogrficos agreements. Then, one perceives that comparative with chronology of the Portuguese language the ortogrficos attempts of reforms of the language and agreements between the lusfonos countries are recent. Until the primrdios of century XX in such a way in Brazil how much in Portugal if it used an orthography based we timos on them Latin and Greek in the grafia of each word. This caused diverse distortions in the writing. Therefore, for 1907 return the Brazilian Academy of Letters starts to simplify the writing some publications. Already Portugal with institution of the Republic starts in 1910 is created a commission to establish a uniformizada orthography and simplified that originated the 1911 reform, it was the first intervention of the state in the attempt to simplify and to normatizar the writing of the Portuguese Language. Valley to stand out that in this Portugal period it finishes to implant the Republic and the government had the interest to increase the escolaridade of the population and to fight the illiteracy. This reform had a great impact in the form to write and in official publications, also it served of parameter for other reforms that had come later.

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Brazilian Literary Production

Iriane Trindade and Milena Oliveira Summary: Many of the done readings of the romance ' ' Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma' ' , it has as mote the proud nationalism characterized by the protagonist Policarpo Quaresma, however, the text also can be read as a feminine representation of the time, very detached well through three personages, Ismnia, Adelaide and Olga. It is in this perspective that we develop this work, with intention to analyze the feminine representations boarded in ' ' Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma' '. (Abstract) novel Many of the readings of the ' ' Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma, ' ' has theme the overweening nationalism characterized by the protagonist Policarpo Quaresma, to however, the text also it might be read a representation of women at the teams, very well highlighted by three characters. It is this perspective that we develop this work, aiming you analyze the representations of women covered in ' ' Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma presented Article the Miriam teacher Branches, of disciplines Study of the Brazilian Literary Production, of course of Vernculas Letters of the University of the State of the Bahia-UNEB, Campus XXI, as requisite for complementation of the note. Academics of II the Nocturnal Semester, the University of the State of the Bahia-UNEB, Campus XXI.

Daily pay workmanship, characterized for criticizes to the government and the retraction of the Brazilian social problems, in which the author demonstrates in the history of Major Policarpo Quaresma, public officer aficionado by Brazil. The question of the nationalism argues mainly, but also it says of the disobediences politicians of the country, the nepotism, the recklessness of them to be able public and a social order and exculpatory politics. As it is possible to observe, the romance in allows innumerable possibilities them of analyses and understanding, however, we will go delimiting in them to only argue the questions of the feminine representations of the time, as well as analyzing the historical context in which if they had developed these personages.

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