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Education and Socialization

Introduction: Many problems exist that the young of today faces. It is a very difficult time. They are difficult days for any one, of any etria band, more I I believe that in special it is more difficult still for the young. In the young of today I see many problems and one of them is the current pressure. A research on the behavior of the young in the fields of the facultieses of the world was made all and the results had been always the same ones: The young is empty. They had asked to a president of one of these universities which age the biggest problem that it saw in the students of that campus, and it he answered? Empty people. They had asked to another president of a campus in the United States? Which is the biggest problem that you see in the campus of its university? It answered? Uncertainty. In fact I believe that it has a great uncertainty and a great emptiness of the part of the young of today.

This problem reaches the young of all the countries, is a frightful reality. The young is uncertain, is empty, does not know very as well as dealing with this situation why many of the times nor if give account of the real problem afflicts that them. They are suffering to the same pressures contemporaries. the word that more brings difficulties young to say it nowadays is not no long word, or of difficult it pronounces, nor so little unknown. It is in the truth a small word: The word ' ' No' ' Why it is difficult to say ' ' No' ' I Corntios 10:13 ' ' Not you sobreveio no temptation, seno human being; but faithful he is God, which will not leave that you are attemped above of what you can resist, before with the temptation will also give the way of exit, so that it you can suportar.' ' The temptations that you have that to face, are the same ones that the others face; but God fulfills its promise and he will not leave that you suffer temptations that do not have force to support.

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