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Education and Socialization

Introduction: Many problems exist that the young of today faces. It is a very difficult time. They are difficult days for any one, of any etria band, more I I believe that in special it is more difficult still for the young. In the young of today I see many problems and one of them is the current pressure. A research on the behavior of the young in the fields of the facultieses of the world was made all and the results had been always the same ones: The young is empty. They had asked to a president of one of these universities which age the biggest problem that it saw in the students of that campus, and it he answered? Empty people. They had asked to another president of a campus in the United States? Which is the biggest problem that you see in the campus of its university? It answered? Uncertainty. In fact I believe that it has a great uncertainty and a great emptiness of the part of the young of today.

This problem reaches the young of all the countries, is a frightful reality. The young is uncertain, is empty, does not know very as well as dealing with this situation why many of the times nor if give account of the real problem afflicts that them. They are suffering to the same pressures contemporaries. the word that more brings difficulties young to say it nowadays is not no long word, or of difficult it pronounces, nor so little unknown. It is in the truth a small word: The word ' ' No' ' Why it is difficult to say ' ' No' ' I Corntios 10:13 ' ' Not you sobreveio no temptation, seno human being; but faithful he is God, which will not leave that you are attemped above of what you can resist, before with the temptation will also give the way of exit, so that it you can suportar.' ' The temptations that you have that to face, are the same ones that the others face; but God fulfills its promise and he will not leave that you suffer temptations that do not have force to support.

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The Purpose Driven Life

If you’re experiencing the presence of God in all this, you have not understood anything. Do not praise God to feel good, but to do good. Our goal is not to have a feeling, but continual awareness of the reality that God is always present. That is the lifestyle of worship. By continuous meditation The second way to build a friendship with God is thinking about his Word throughout the day.

That is called meditation, and the Bible repeatedly exhorts us to meditate on who God is, what he has done and what has said. It is impossible to be friends with God if we do not know what he says. We can not love God if we do not know, and we can not know unless we know His Word. She says that God “revealed himself to Samuel and informing him of his word” (1 Samuel 3:21). While we can not spend twenty-four hours studying the Bible, we can think about it during the day, remember verses we’ve read or memorized, and reflect on them. Sometimes it is believed that meditation is a difficult, mysterious ritual practiced by mystics and monks in isolation.

However, meditation is simply thinking with concentration: something anyone can learn and use anywhere. When we turn him in the head with a problem, we say we have a concern. When you think of the Word of God and you turn on your head, we call it meditation. If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate! Instead of thinking with emphasis on your problems, you need to link the attention on your problems with Bible verses. The more we meditate on the Word of God, you less to worry about. The friends have their secrets, and God will provide its secrets if you develop the habit of reflecting on his word during the day. God told Abraham his secrets, did the same with Daniel, Paul, the disciples and other friends. When reading the Bible and listen to a sermon or a recording, do not forget what you heard when you go. Develop the practice of reviewing the truth in your mind, reflect on what you’ve read or heard, give back to the head. The more time you spend going over what God said, more will understand the “secrets” of this life that go unnoticed for many people. The Bible says: “Being friends with God is the privilege of those who revere him, alone with them he shares the secrets of his promises” (Psalm 25:14 – ADB). Do not wait until tomorrow. Begin today to practice a constant conversation with God and continuous meditation on his Word. Prayer allows us to speak with God, meditation allows him to speak to us. Both are essential to being friends of God.

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Free Tarot

It is presented in this article Free Spins Friend Tarot. There are nine different runs, which may guide the client in various situations in your life, whether to a specific question, or with the desire to know the destination in more general terms. Tarot Friend offers nine different varieties of tarot free. Each has a different meaning and scope, but all have the common denominator to provide a quality cast, supported by the tarot on our site. Not surprisingly, Rocio Meli and Carmen, are sought by individuals from around the world for their divinatory skills of birth, making their circulation experiences. Through service Tarot Free Tarot Friend, you can access short-range runs, ideal to answer a specific question, as well as to runs of more temporal projection, giving the possibility to have a greater visual events on can happen in the future in the medium and long term. The circulation of the cross section that offers free tarot Friend Tarot is based on the symbolism of the cross, a powerful symbol-laden senses present in all cultures. The first letter shows the personality of the client.

It represents what the person is at that moment, not totally in your life. None arcanum might assume that value. What can reflect this first position is how the client is reflected with regard to the circumstances surrounding it. From this first letter, the rest of the nine letters that make up the cast-off subjects well reflect the person’s life: what dangers lurk what, and who can count, and who is not. The circulation of the Celtic Cross is another proposal Tarot Free tarot Amigo.

It is based on consists of ten letters, and its scope is timely, limited to a circumstance or a question that the consultant has. It has the advantage of analyzing this issue in a very specific, looking at all aspects that relate to it. In more general terms spins, which can make a more general view of the querent’s life, Chuck Astrological menu Amigo Tarot Free tarot is the right answer. There are thirteen letters which may well provide a complete portrait of life in general and the future of the person making the query. The Sentimental Chuck Cross, as its name implies, is the proposed Free Tarot tarot Friend who will help the client to understand the often complex emotional relationships that a person can experience. Do you have questions about the person who is with you? Do not know how to proceed with a gesture that made him? “Love or friendship? All these answers, in the sentimental spin Tarot Free Tarot Amigo. Be sure to visit the site of Tarot Amigo. Be amazed at the variety of rolls you can find, and surely find the right one for your personal situation at that time.

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