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It makes possible one better understanding of the world, allowing to the individual a critical vision of the reality. That one that does not only criticize assimilates not form its proper opinion, it only repeats what it receives. Therefore, it is not by chance that the societies less developed and more dominated they are the ones that do not read, are those that admit the illiteracy with naturalness. For these and other reasons are that the reading and the books must be constantly gifts in the life of the people, not being enough only to complete its pertaining to school education. The task of the future is the education permanent, or better, the permanent auto-education. To know more about this subject visit Richard Linklater. Most important of the reading it is to find the book certain, at the moment certain, for the person certain, books that satisfy the interest of some different groups of people, having itself to respect the choice of the reader, therefore when if it reads what it likes, becomes with pleasure, of the opposite, the behavior most common is to appeal to other types of pastime or information, that is, to content itself with the intellectual idleness. Any person who reads stocking hour per day will be surprised with the great progressos that will make in the reading. The interest is the rock of touch of the progress, the pleasure and the utility of the reading.

The voluntary activity of reading is the generator of all. Estimated for introduction the reading the first one mentions the significao to it of a cultural environment in the formation of the reader. Since very small the pupils they can ' ' ler' ' texts of not literary forms: when the professor to read for the classroom, when pupil counts its experiences in wheel, when the pupil hears the colleague to count or to describe something, when pupil hears one cantiga and its letter, when the pupil reads illustrations of a book, when has access constant to books of room or of library, when he knows that the reading is an activity valued for the professor, these and other stimulations will despertar the taste for the reading since very early.

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