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‘Fashionable’ In Literature

Recently, in talking about literature is increasingly heard the word "fashionable". The tendency seems to be natural for the society, abiding in the endless stream of advertising. Was it predictable? – Yes. Will and beyond? – Rather total. Will to some positive results? – Hardly. Three short answer quickly to dot the "i". Regularity and predictability of such a trend is obvious, but some sort of logic is not burdened with reflections observed. Here's an example: 9:30 am subway car, crush, stale air, advertising, noodles, plumbers, fake medical certificates and literature.

Is not there a single drop of suspicions about its variety? Are advertised in underground literature and truth inspires confidence or interest? Basically, of course, it could be of interest, with its extremely low-lying species, called the idle curiosity. But let's imagine for a second – so to comparison – that next to the yellow leaf "registration" will be glossy advertisement about the following text: William Shakespeare "The Taming of the Shrew" – a fascinating tale in verse about a naughty young lady and her Admirer. For any of them will win? Read and learn how to re-bitchiness beauties. Or: "Romeo and Juliet" – proven for centuries tragedy of ruined love between two young hearts. Presented? Not jarred? Why, then, these colorful pieces of paper that promote the modern consumer goods, forced to flee in the first book? After reading this, I may say, the literature does not bring something a little bit useful for either souls, nor for the brain – not even entertaining as it should. Of course, use the "Fiction" is possible, but with a "but." A good idea to first get acquainted with the works, albeit imposed by the school curriculum, but at one time trained a very reading nation in the world. Read later though the inscriptions on the walls, but, first, the idea of the book in your head already is, and, secondly, it is unlikely after reading the first book with the poster you'll want to read the full collection works of "unparalleled" author. Classics sets the bar, the question remains: Does dotyanet to her spiritual level of the individual or the now fashionable reading would be "our all"?

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