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Gonzalo Torrente Ballester

I guess that you already know what said, as soon as He had come up to me. It wasn’t the conversation that assumes that one has to have a spirit, by very poet who has been during his mortal incarnation. But while she was still in these Musings, Remigio continued: when I went I thought that it would be forever, as predicted in some of my verses. By the way, do you know my poems? Because I am a singular vate, do you know? And I have already said it: Adares says goodbye with gurranflas / and takes the hat and cloth / corduroy jacket. Until he could say anything, something that outside the stupor that I was plunged, Adares added: listen to this one: will leave this ladder and these stones by them / columns / my temblona age. / I leave paid the price as costome this beating. What do you think? Eh? Now that I was going to answer you, if only by good education, when a voice behind me almost makes me fall fright. Remigio, stops giving s boring to this young man. British Journal of Educational Technology often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Insurance which is the good man Dazed enough to give you adequate attention. The newcomer, with an affable smile exacerbated by an obvious myopia, greeted me kindly anything affected: forgive me has come thus suddenly, but it is every day at these hours I usually take a walk through the Plaza. My name is Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. Happy to greet him. I won’t believe if I tell you that everything was beginning to look like me, if not completely normal, nor as untimely as at the beginning. Since having amazing encounters, why not experience them with several dead at the same time? Finally, after all, likely that the dead are not alone, that they turn out to be as sociable as the living and with each other are related by sympathy, affinity or shared hobbies.

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