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School Environment

Parents who take their children to school are usually quiet at least in one respect, his children come daily to other children. So, regardless of if then make more or less friends, if the socialization that the school offers them is suitable or not for his son, and other matters, there is a plot of the brain that parents who take their children to school can be disconnected, and therefore can relax in this aspect since in one way or another they feel that their children have contact and relationship with other children. Parents who teach at home do not disconnect any parcel of the brain, cannot afford it. Educating at home is an option that requires a proactive attitude in all aspects of training and your child’s life, and that includes their social relations, since not having that feeling that every day is between 5 and 6 hours surrounded by children, you cannot relax in that aspect and is always looking for opportunities for relationship that seem us appropriate and enriching for our children’s development. Usually we usually find some activity that you like children, and that therefore it will do that as well as developing a hobby you can meet other children with a common interest and therefore provide quality relationships, we also relate our relatives in a broad sense, that gives us relationships with people of all ages who want to, and they want us, such as cousins, cousins seconds, nephews or other, in the neighborhood, Park, etc, etc. And these relationships bring us much day to day and are part of our daily lives in our closest environment. But they are unable to meet the need of standardization that children tend to be more aware age, which often correspond to the stage of compulsory education precisely. Lately in education have been calling their peers to the classmates of the school.

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Pakistan Nuclear Weapons

The Government and pakistani army, face an Islamic insurgency that aims to topple the Government and establish an Islamic Republic in accordance with the radical principles of Islam. Paradoxical considering that Pakistan was part of the India until 1947, year in which achieved independence, being born to it as Islamic Republic for the Muslims of the India, but has always maintained a secular regime and has not historically defined the practical meaning of is an Islamic State. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. This insurgency which is headed by Pakistani Taliban has come to control parts of the territory of the country, more than anything in the areas bordering Afghanistan. The attacks suffered by United States on September 11 of 2001, part of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, strengthened this country’s support to NATO and the American Union. This has exacerbated the hatred of Islamic radical groups driven by Al-Qaeda who consider this Alliance as an affront to Islam and nature supposedly Islamic of the pakistani State. Pakistan has since its independence one of the most unstable countries in Asia, has high historical levels of corruption and has been ruled by a succession of weak civilian Governments and military regimes. At the same time the country suffers from a series of very serious separatist conflicts in some regions and includes vast tribal areas with very precarious state control.

If to this we add the arsenal of weapons nucleres and the involvement of the terrorist group Al-Qaida in the fight, now that he has found refuge in the Afghan border, and that is possible the triumph of Islamic radicals, then the situation is more complex. For other opinions and approaches, find out what two sigma has to say. A few months ago the pakistani eercito launched a full offensive against the taliban. He was carried out in areas where training camps and schools of indoctrination for terrorists were detected bombers and jihadists from several Arab and Muslim, countries in addition to the Afghan Taliban that fighting a war without quarter against the United States and NATO troops. This offensive of the pakistani army, no it has yielded the expected results, at the same time the country has been very affected by the global economic crisis, deterioration in the provision of essential public services and a huge rise in unemployment, the economy is currently at the mercy of the International Monetary Fund. No doubt Pakistan today constitutes one of the most formidable dsafios facing the foreign policy of the United States. We must not forget the visit of the Secretary of Estado Hillary Clinton, makes a few days into its territory and making known the despair of not United States see progress in the control of the taliban insurgency and the group Al-Qaeda. While the pakistani army remains a close American ally, increasingly are stronger voices of discontent by this strategic alliance with the West. What is at stake is nothing more and nothing less than the political regime and the viability of the current pakistani State, but I wonder: did that happen if after a victory for the extremists? do Islamic, the arsenal of 60 nuclear warheads falls into his power and radical Al Qaeda groups? Original author and source of the article.

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The ability to make decisions is one of the key characteristics of a successful person. However, there are many people who have enormous difficulty of having to make decisions. They reach the point of preferring others to make their decisions for them or that life take its course and what will be, will be. The problem with this passive attitude is that their lives will be at the mercy of the criterion of other people and circumstances that surround them. On the other hand, to be a successful person must learn to have a proactive attitude and know to measure the risks inherent in every decision. We must not ignore the importance of knowing how to make decisions in life, because the choices we make will determine the direction that will have our lives. How can we help our children to make the right decisions? It is simple.

We have to stop taking them for them, provided this is possible according to their age and maturity. We must let them be wrong within a preset limit of safety. The worst thing we can do as parents is sobreprotegerlos and do everything for them to not suffer. Unfortunately the mistakes and own experience are the best teachers and we must help them to learn from them. Here are three key aspects that should teach their children to help them make informed decisions in life: 1.-every decision we make has a consequence that we must take, good or bad. Explain to their children the possible consequences their decisions will be and then let them make their decisions. Along with this the not rebuked for their mistakes.

They have to be able to make mistakes to learn. Each time that their children make a mistake, talk it over with them and help them to look for how to avoid this mistake in the future. Do not condemn them, remember that it is a process of learning for real life. If you condemn their children whenever they make a mistake, they will become adults who never will take important decisions in their lives for fear of making mistakes. Winston Churchill said that the success is to go in another a failure without losing enthusiasm. In the same way we must teach our children that failures are only steps toward success. Allowing your children to make small mistakes when they are still young, so will be better prepared when it comes to having to make most important decisions in the future. 2. All the decisions that we take in life fall into two categories: A.-Morales B-financial this forces us to set priorities in our lives. Give their children a solid foundation of values and life principles which will guide you to the time of having to make decisions. Simply do not have the knowledge required to make accurate decisions in life. We need wisdom, which is the ability to apply that knowledge correctly. An infallible source of wisdom for life is the bestseller of all centuries, the Bible. Read a chapter from the book of proverbs along with their children all day 3.-our most important decisions are not between a good and a bad option. Most of the difficult decisions that we have to face in life are between something good, something better and something optimal. It is usually easy to recognize a bad option. However, most of the time have to leave the good thing to make it excellent. And again we will need wisdom to be able to distinguish between the one and the other.

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Royal Academy

The existence of this suplus raises shops. The distance communication generates transport, going to a cash transport. When Venice route was obstructed you should search another. The Portuguese are seen as the only ones who had a reliable path. Needed an astral guidance; and who better than the scientists to provide them. In the middle ages comes the first scientific technique, caused by the need created by the transport. Technicians are hired to improve techniques; ultimately it was paying research.

Displays the printing press, it has to do with the malaise that caused the dominant religious ideology. That discomfort produced the need to spread the Bible; all this new knowledge comes from the ancient Greeks. Another element that is emerging is the concept of nation and loses strength the feudal term. Apart from the 15th century begins the transition, has been installed as a dominant culture in the 18th and 19th century. It starts a relationship between science and society.

Science in the modern age is technically usable. The modernity you science gave a very important status; you gave the quality of depriving society of myths, since all questioned; It encouraged as an instrument to eliminate society from sequelae of superstition, the trickery, etc.; for its ability to put things in doubt. The Church remained vigilant of what has been done by scientists. Science is changing into a usable instrument. There were people that technical desarollaba; mostly in the field of navigation. Science and technique were not couples. Science was in search of true knowledge, fight against superstition. In France emerging groupings at the Royal Academy of Sciences, scientists to make improvements. Just as in England at the Royal society, with the same objectives as in France. These processes are doing science and technique come together (by craftmen and smart teachers, who saw that they should improve their production). The first industrial revolution occurs in the first half of the 18th century; product of the steam engine, product of the development of people who had nothing to do with the scientific sphere.

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Strategic Education

1 Education as fundamental axis in the transformation of the subject in their different ways of thinking, feeling and acting, allows you to communicate actively in their personal development and their social environment, by applying a set of personal attributes such as knowledge, attitudes and skills. Under this context, I will address in this space the strategic concept of education as a business, from two areas; the first is precisely that immeasurable market and globalized, where applications of information technology and communications (ICT S) are strongly affecting the formation in the educational demand, currently studies programs require to the subject of knowledge to generate strategic thinking under the innovative concept and working sintergico, i.e. in the social dynamics education is summarized under the contexts of learning to knowbe, to do, to learn to live together. Therefore it is interesting that this is not in a vacuum, but it transcends more than a program and become policy of State, for the strategic development and thinking of the subject; If a policy is clear this leads to generate a development intellectual in learners of today, thereby generate science, and thus may potentiate and especially for that society will develop but with social cohesion, in search of a thought post-conventional and achieve a knowledge society more just to live in social harmony. Fixed then the important thing of education in a society, suddenly is not the total solution to social problems, but yes, an essential mechanism for the development and social equity. It is then under this factual situation that knowledge on a global stage, it is necessary to increase the curve of learning, strategic thinking and innovative of the subjects of the globalized society knowledge creativity, every time that your application in individual capabilities they play a key role in knowledge, where it has privileged work sintergico and autonomy from a self-learning approach. In the second area, education and culture, milestone argument in which our environment, adjacent to the education today’s strategic concept called self-learning i.e.

develops the ability to learn to learn and live together is essential to connect the concept cultural with the technological revolution, which allows in your essence the efficiency of a tissue of changes in the construction of knowledge, whose purpose is to achieve the knowledge society, from the perspective of a comprehensive development of the subject of knowledge, making it scientific in its structure and strategic thinking. Where in a cultural environment the next and general environment has incidence affecting directly proportional the technological and education in its cultural context in search of knowledge with a strategic concept. Is clear that in this area we find the so-called cultural resistances, which are also a challenge of great importance for teachers as strategists of education, whose challenge is to achieve the change in emphasis of teaching, through inclusion and study of the learnings in synergistic teams which enable interactions between the subject that seeks knowledge; as well as for the operationalization of knowledge in the social construction of training processes. 1 Business, specialization pedagogy for autonomous development administrator.

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The Universities

Interest is most noticeable in the figuration of many continue to play that role as fictitious authorities, many, under the protection of the same power groups that have controlled universities per year and which have deteriorated to these academically. No sight in those who aspire to be new authorities, programs, academic, research, of compelling educational management plans that show, that will be radical changes in the transformation of professionals, that they really are prepared for the challenges, more anchored in the power and perform their goal giving way to a socialism that favors everyone. We are not opposed to changes, as always when these are democratic, transformers on results that will benefit all those who live in the country. We support the amendments without damaging the academic, research, excellence are in favour of renewals, emerged from the shadows to prosecute the light that illuminates this path that leads to Venezuela to develop, therefore we have provided services teacher for many years, hoping to count with professionals, who are agents of change that give step through your performance results that favour not only the institutions where they work but the country itself. It is definitely required, rescue the academic excellence and this for, it must be creative, innovative, experienced teachers, skilled at generating transformations, motivate their students to bring about new knowledge and that is pass to those changes required to succeed. Is required of teachers with ethics, moral, visionaries, not figurative, but true proactive agents, who can take advantage of his opportunity, express their views and take step to indicate that new leaders of the education that the country needs. Not be aware of the sad reality that currently the universities face in academics, the consequences will be very harmful for the country, we hope to begin the changes necessary to lead to the new authorities of the universities to play its role as it should be and take advantage of in these times, the human talent that has and give life to action through programmes, well defined plans, thus collaborating with the academic University rescue, because otherwise posterity put it as people who were not positive in the Venezuelan education.

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Management Education

God not imposed obligation to learn, without first having taken to those who know the oath of teaching to the ignorant. It has much left to say the role of educational management in the Venezuelan education, you notice a deterioration in its scope, commitment, leading to many institutions, especially universities which concerns us, pass through a stage very weak, where precisely the educational management this very controversial. A review of how the educational management is managing, what are his actions, what they are doing the authorities on the matter, as the educational process according to integrate to provide collaboration in the solution of the problems facing the country today, many communities, and above all to ensure the training of professionals who carry out their duties for the benefit of the country is really becoming an urgent needabout everything before a turbulent scenario in political, cultural, social, economic is facing. Elda Maria Rodriguez points out, that in Venezuela, specifically in the field of education, the management impact of new trends has not been internalized in its entirety by many institutions, including those related to the third stage of basic education, diversified Media and professional. The explanation of this situation could be linked to the fact that many managers at this level do not feel identified with the institutional purposes or with the needs and requirements of its managed; situations these that are immersed in a torpor of indifference and passivity to the members of the school community (Cardenas, 1998 and Odreman, 1997). The fact, that the respect of the theme, Indira Dordelly says, that the educational management is an essential tool for the achievement and effective functioning of the organisational structure therefore can be said, that the educational management is the process of organization and use of resources to achieve objectives preset through an efficient organization where educational Manager must lead his team towards the achievement of the objectives of the Organization but during a continuous motivation where stimulate inspect East and consistently reward the work developed at the same time execute the action and manage function, by such reason may say that there is no educational management when planning to be prescriptive, because of the rigidity of this type of planning nor is there educational management when the organization operates centralized even if your design is decentralizedThere is no educational management when you delegate or there is a lack of leadership.

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