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The Teachings

And on the other hand are people about which I want to talk and those authors who claim to know about the law of attraction and selling books and courses that are saying that they guarantee your result. And in this I will be very precise: I do not mean and that is very similar to the authors who write self-help books, which them can be classified as a kind of psychology books that help people to enhance their self-esteem and confidence; which is perfect, but do it from a position we could say more earthly than spiritual and it is therefore laudable that wish to obtain profit for services which are providing. However, with this I want to be clear, I would like to refer to those authors who claim to know very well apply the law of attraction and sell that information and up to the same air we breathe. There, understand the concept. First: what is the law of attraction, not as a physical cause, but as a philosophical concept?. The law of attraction, or the words that we transmit to know properly, apply is not anything other than the word of God, as Jesus said in the Gospel of mark (11, 23-24): 23 – because of verily I say unto you that whosoever shall say to this mountain: remove you and throw you into the sea, and it not dudare in his heart, but believeth that what he says will be done, what I say will be done. 24 – Therefore I say unto you that everything you ask to pray, believe that ye shall receive, and I shall come. So what I mean is: why who says convey the teachings of this law charge why?. It is exactly the same as saying that Jesus had claimed for preaching. Who says transmit these teachings with wisdom can not be gaining therefore, or at least that is what I say, should overturn this knowledge in an alternative means to get that same information them to everyone, regardless of why get retribution for that given service.

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