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Strategic Education

1 Education as fundamental axis in the transformation of the subject in their different ways of thinking, feeling and acting, allows you to communicate actively in their personal development and their social environment, by applying a set of personal attributes such as knowledge, attitudes and skills. Under this context, I will address in this space the strategic concept of education as a business, from two areas; the first is precisely that immeasurable market and globalized, where applications of information technology and communications (ICT S) are strongly affecting the formation in the educational demand, currently studies programs require to the subject of knowledge to generate strategic thinking under the innovative concept and working sintergico, i.e. in the social dynamics education is summarized under the contexts of learning to knowbe, to do, to learn to live together. Therefore it is interesting that this is not in a vacuum, but it transcends more than a program and become policy of State, for the strategic development and thinking of the subject; If a policy is clear this leads to generate a development intellectual in learners of today, thereby generate science, and thus may potentiate and especially for that society will develop but with social cohesion, in search of a thought post-conventional and achieve a knowledge society more just to live in social harmony. Fixed then the important thing of education in a society, suddenly is not the total solution to social problems, but yes, an essential mechanism for the development and social equity. It is then under this factual situation that knowledge on a global stage, it is necessary to increase the curve of learning, strategic thinking and innovative of the subjects of the globalized society knowledge creativity, every time that your application in individual capabilities they play a key role in knowledge, where it has privileged work sintergico and autonomy from a self-learning approach. In the second area, education and culture, milestone argument in which our environment, adjacent to the education today’s strategic concept called self-learning i.e.

develops the ability to learn to learn and live together is essential to connect the concept cultural with the technological revolution, which allows in your essence the efficiency of a tissue of changes in the construction of knowledge, whose purpose is to achieve the knowledge society, from the perspective of a comprehensive development of the subject of knowledge, making it scientific in its structure and strategic thinking. Where in a cultural environment the next and general environment has incidence affecting directly proportional the technological and education in its cultural context in search of knowledge with a strategic concept. Is clear that in this area we find the so-called cultural resistances, which are also a challenge of great importance for teachers as strategists of education, whose challenge is to achieve the change in emphasis of teaching, through inclusion and study of the learnings in synergistic teams which enable interactions between the subject that seeks knowledge; as well as for the operationalization of knowledge in the social construction of training processes. 1 Business, specialization pedagogy for autonomous development administrator.

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