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History And Memory

‘ ‘ The history concept seems to place six types of problems: 1. That relation exists between lived history, history ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ , seno ‘ ‘ objetiva’ ‘ , of the societies human beings, and the scientific effort to describe, to think and to explain this evolution, historical science? The removal of both in special has allowed the existence of one disciplines ambiguous: the philosophy and histria.’ ‘ (P. 07) ‘ ‘ 2. Today the historians if interest each time more for the relations between history and the memory. 3.

The dialectic of history seems to summarize itself in a position or present a last dialogue/. In general, this opposition is not neutral but subtende, or states, a system of attribution of values, as for example in the pairs old/modern, progress reao’ ‘. (p.07- 8) ‘ ‘ 3 In the level of the prxis of the historians, it comes being developed one criticizes of the concept of origins and the notion of gnese it tends to substitute the idea of origem.5. In contact with other social sciences, the historian tends distinguished it today different historical duraes. 6. The idea of the history of the man was substituted by the idea of history as history of the men in sociedade’ ‘. (p.08) ‘ ‘ Since the antiquity, historical science, congregating written documents and making of them certifications, had surpassed the limit of the half century or the century enclosed for the historians who of it had been eyewitnesses and auricular. It them limitations also imposed for the verbal transmission of passado’ ‘. (P. 09) ‘ ‘ To catch uncurling of history and to make of it the object of a true science, historians and philosophers, since the antiquity, they had been strengthenn for finding and defining the laws of histria’ ‘.

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