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Management Education

God not imposed obligation to learn, without first having taken to those who know the oath of teaching to the ignorant. It has much left to say the role of educational management in the Venezuelan education, you notice a deterioration in its scope, commitment, leading to many institutions, especially universities which concerns us, pass through a stage very weak, where precisely the educational management this very controversial. A review of how the educational management is managing, what are his actions, what they are doing the authorities on the matter, as the educational process according to integrate to provide collaboration in the solution of the problems facing the country today, many communities, and above all to ensure the training of professionals who carry out their duties for the benefit of the country is really becoming an urgent needabout everything before a turbulent scenario in political, cultural, social, economic is facing. Elda Maria Rodriguez points out, that in Venezuela, specifically in the field of education, the management impact of new trends has not been internalized in its entirety by many institutions, including those related to the third stage of basic education, diversified Media and professional. The explanation of this situation could be linked to the fact that many managers at this level do not feel identified with the institutional purposes or with the needs and requirements of its managed; situations these that are immersed in a torpor of indifference and passivity to the members of the school community (Cardenas, 1998 and Odreman, 1997). The fact, that the respect of the theme, Indira Dordelly says, that the educational management is an essential tool for the achievement and effective functioning of the organisational structure therefore can be said, that the educational management is the process of organization and use of resources to achieve objectives preset through an efficient organization where educational Manager must lead his team towards the achievement of the objectives of the Organization but during a continuous motivation where stimulate inspect East and consistently reward the work developed at the same time execute the action and manage function, by such reason may say that there is no educational management when planning to be prescriptive, because of the rigidity of this type of planning nor is there educational management when the organization operates centralized even if your design is decentralizedThere is no educational management when you delegate or there is a lack of leadership.

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