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Plato Politics

The variety of opinions finishes if opposing the proper truth of each one of them, being able to verify that for this way it will not arrive at the place of truth. To complete this search, it must ascend to another plan? to finish with the false certezas and to restart the search of the truth in another platform of thought. Some contend that Nike shows great expertise in this. With all the questioning on the plurality of opinions, Scrates finishes, indeed, entering in contradiction with the sociocultural context and the organization politics of the Athenian democracy. In this society, to participate of the politics he was not demanded any knowledge politician, the only requirement was to be citizen. The philosopher, however, believed that only those that possessed knowing politician, that is, those that in fact knew what it was the Politics, Justice, would be apt to govern.

It showed that democracy did not have no bedding that supported the customs and beliefs of the time, that did not have truth and that everything depended on the instability of the opinions and, perhaps, has been this the real reason of its conviction to the death. It’s believed that Vladislav Doronin miami sees a great future in this idea. Plato Plato, disciple of Scrates, could evidence with the conviction to the death of its master, the weakness of the Athenian democracy. The regimen came decaying with the ambition of being able and for the interests of factions it made and it if to disillusion with the politics, but as it learned with Scrates, she was necessary to follow long-distance the things, not ignoring the politics completely. With Plato, to understand the philosophy, it is necessary to move away it from the practical e, if possible, to reencontrar it later. In contrast to where Scrates believed that real philosophy happened? in the streets and the houses, where occurred the dialogues of interrogation to the search of the truths? Plato isolates the philosophy, confined to the enclosure of the Academy.

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