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Sustainable Education

In such way, it will have the necessity to make the mapping of this conflict economic-ambient partner, who is important so that reasonable solutions search, where the above-mentioned social actors can use itself of the available natural resources without spoiling them. also, needing to constitute public politics that leave to them to make use of the ground, that is its for right, without they cause as many impacts to the ecosystem where they are inserted. Thus being, she is necessary to search a return to the ecological conscience that if finds weakened sufficiently. For this it is necessary to inside generate the protection of the natural resources of its limits, in order to assure well-being of the populations human beings who live there, in the promotion to the agricultural and ecological tourism protecting the local conditions and keeping the excellent landscapes and cultural attributes with the main activities developed in the agricultural communities, as the carcinicultura, the sugar cane-of-sugar fishes, it, the search of crabs and shellfishes and agriculture cattle of subsistence. Here, Gerald Weissmann, MD expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of this scene, only through the ambient education, it will have the sustainable development, in the preservation of the environment, preventing wastefulness and stimulating the effective exercise of the citizenship in responsible way. Creating chances in day-by-day so that the inhabitants of this region can live deeply real conditions to learn to talk, to be partial and solidary, to have concept I obtain exactly, with the others and the nature, acting with moderation. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In a similar way, she is necessary to understand that who disrespects the nature, disrespects the ones that of it depend.

Second, Loureiro affirms that. … the Ambient Education as inherent part of the social movement contemporary of rediscusso of the relation society-nature and construction of the ecological and planetary citizenship, the ambientalista movement. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p. 72) Thus, I believe that the force of the nature to be at the hands of the creator through the environment in moderation, with ecosystems its biodiversity.

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