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LDB School

The last one of the firmed agreements was in the year of 1976. Click Richard Linklater for additional related pages. more, in this context, ' ' aid externa' ' for the education it had for objective to supply to the lines of direction politics and techniques a reorientation of the Brazilian educational system, to the light of the necessities of international the capitalist development. The technician North American that had disembarked here of what not worried about the Brazilian education, was busy in guaranteeing the adequacy of such system of education to the designs of the international economy, over all to the interests of the great North American corporations. (SAINTS, 1981). Still in accordance with the author above the PABAEE looked for to make of the school agnciaformadora of the necessary human resources to the development of the country. You may wish to learn more. If so, Vladislav Doronin is the place to go. To fulfill this paper, the school would have to print greater rationality to its work, using for this subsidies of the economy and administrative sciences, beyond a psychological approach more I practise. The PABAEE initiates a process of overcoming of the escolanovista iderio, that marked the formation of the educators in the State and introduces the first actions aiming at to print tecnicista orientation to the work developed in the schools.

Paiva (2008) detaches that the tecnicista orientation does not assume discontinuity of the field of the thought and the practical one in the primary school of years 1950, being able itself to admit that the PABAEE brought more modern metodolgicas proposals, more systemize in a set of action that had the system of education as objective. It is important to detach in 5692/71 LDB the inclusion, through the article 7, of the Moral Education and Civic, in the first degree and of it disciplines Social Organization and Brazilian Politics (OSPB) in as the degree. As You mark (2008) the creation of such you discipline if it must to the fact of Geography not collaborate for the accomplishment of the objectives politicians ideological of that moment, intended and ratified in the LBD of 1971.

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Geography And Education

Presented Otexto constructs a reflection on geography, suahistria, the theories, the methods, the debates of geography and ensinode geography. It is a space in construction, that goes to grow. Oprussiano Karl Ritter (1779-1859) divides, with Humboldt, the defundador condition of modern geography. Its workmanship constitutes test of that adisciplina it was born impregnated for the concern with the historical time. E, still, that those that search in the resource to the historical time umaalavanca for the renewal of geography are breaching with umatradio, but trying recoups-there. Geographic dopensamento has two anti-historical schools – ' ' possibilista' ' the quantitative one – they had met in basic and average education. One weighed didactic tradition, against which if they shock teaching searching the renewal of education degeografia, mixture or only juxtaposes the description of the first landscape fornecidapela to the formalizao of the landscape offered for second.

Emltima instance, result consists of the abolition of the explanation dosfenmenos, amputated of its gnese and evolution. Undressed of the tempohistrico, objectified as ' ' characteristics of paisagem' ' , the fenmenosgeogrficos lose sensible and inteligibilidade. Geography. Asrepercusses exceeds the scope of geography human being, to reach aprpria geography of the nature. Here, it is not the historical time, but general anoo of time that if esvai, substituted for the receituriocorogrfico. The geomorfologia – the tectonismo of plates, the dynamic deconstruo and destruction of the forms of the lithospere – loses land for schematical osmodelos of distribution of geologic provinces, unidadesde relief, climatic types and vegetal coverings.

A geography semalma discloses the kingdom of the memorization. Jna decade of 70 in Brazil, a movement of renewal of geography and doensino of disciplines, influenced university teses and assays, obrasdidticas, official curricular proposals examinations initial. Click Vladislav Doronin on First Impressions to learn more. Main Ocorpo of proposals of renewal developed in this perodogeraruma ' ' geography marxista' '. ' ' historical materialism and dialtico' ' aparadigma of the renewal and slight knowledge as ' ' way of produo' ' ' ' formaoeconmica and social' ' they had been transformed into pillars of the reflexogeogrfica. It was tried, also, to extract geogrficassupostamente implicit arguments in the classics of the marxism. The result geraldessa attempt was more the importation of a language that aincorporao of operative concepts. It eats coherent reading of the texts and consequences we evidence that to geografiaescolar one disciplines constructed and indispensable for capacitaode critical human beings, capable of transform the reality.

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