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Preparatory National School

Right Mountain range penetrated in the world of the letters and the media; also it participated in the political life of Mexico during the porfirista period like federal deputy, minister of the Supreme Court of Law and secretary of Public Instruction; like educator, it gave classes in the National Conservatory and the National School Preparatory. Right Mountain range carried out the transit of the thought of century XIX to century XX in Mexico. At first he was a defender of the positivismo; it found in sciences the solution of the problems of the natural and social reality. Nevertheless, it noticed the negative implications of that doctrine. By the same author: Nike. In its speech in honor to Gabino Barreda (1908), Mountain range showed its skepticism against the positivista philosophy; it even indicated that the Mexican positivismo had become routine and anchylosed. Before the influence of the religious education, Gabino Barreda had indicated that sciences speak of provable facts and demonstrable truths to us, reason why the results of sciences are a route for the unification of the knowledge. Nevertheless, Mountain range was convinced of the limits and a relativity of the knowledge that offer sciences to us; for him their results cannot be uniform, absolute nor definitive.

Indeed, sciences offer ordered knowledge to us, but of the relative thing, that is to say, that we cannot know the objects in himself same, but only the constant relations that keep with respect to other objects. American filmmaker is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, the truths of sciences are in constant evolution and they are continued discussing. In opposition to Comte and its law of the three states, Mountain range vindicates the value of metaphysics, because this discipline responds to the natural inclination of the man to find one more a more satisfactory explanation of the behavior of the things in the universe and allows the knowledge of the objects in themselves. In the educative scope, Right Mountain range participated in the planning of the studies that had to include the Preparatory National School, taking sometimes a position from critic to the prevailing acute positivismo, as well as to that it had suppressed to the study of the philosophy and metaphysics, like the low quality of the literary studies. .

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California Government Economy

The depth of the budget slump makes that cuts made so far are insufficient and have to think about further reductions in expenditure. As well and all, the California Government foresees a budget deficit of between US $12.400 million and US $14,400 million in 2010. To illustrate the seriousness of the financial problems in other States, the Government of Arizona thinks in leasing the building in Congress to raise money, while Michigan State was already announced expenses decrease in schools and hospitals. There is risk that exists around the need for a strong fiscal adjustment by a large proportion of the States that the same setting will cause a vicious circle within the economy and thus imposing a brake to the prospects for recovery of the U.S. economy. What should the Governors do? The conflict of ideas is important. What appears as a measure better view is that the Governments of the States in trouble decide to cut expenses to adjust their balance sheets prosecutors.

The problem is that this decision may deepen the situation of economic recession with new negative effects on the collection. The alternative passes by postponing any adjustments until the copper economy force and not too suffer with cuts in spending. For Susan Urahn, the Pew Center Director stated: decisions adopted by those States as they try to get out ahead of the recession will have a major role in how fast the nation will recover. Meanwhile, several States, for evil or for good, have already begun to act leaning by the way for cuts in expenditure and the increase in their taxes (something that Keynes had not advised them). Scott Pattison, spokesman for the National Association of State Budget Officers predicted that the worst still not arrived to citizens: we have seen the worst red numbers in 10 years, and it is safe will come days with thousands of redundancies in the public sector and cuts in social services. Do it will be in the finances of the States of USA the? origin of a new relapse in the US economy? This risk will be latent beyond the road chosen by different Governments.

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Homeschool Education

Although the school is the option most common and accepted to provide education to the children, some parents we have considered other forms to replace the necessity to learn of our children. Next I mention my 7 reasons to educate small son in house, that go from the familiar organization to socialization aspects: 1. When the children are in house is more time to share in family. – This time is translated in shared activities, the possibility of traveling in scholastic season (with the corresponding saving of money), and long time to know us enters parents and children. If the problem of the present society is that the parents do not spend time with their children, the education in family can become partly of the solution to this problem.

2. The papas we benefitted from its learning. – Already a long time ago we left the school, but what as much we remembered the lessons? When taking the responsibility to educate our children we also assumed the challenge to educate to us same. The parents and children we can share sincere " not s" and to find out the together answers. To learn simple and complex things to the adult age is a privilege of few. For many it has meant an encounter with the taste to learn. 3. The children learn more express.

– The activities usually are concentrated in the interests of the children, and the attention is individualized. This makes agile the assimilation process enormously, since we have interested children and concentrates simultaneously. A point that in the school can delay 1 day or up to one week of repetition, in house can only take a pair from minutes. 4. The children socialize with people of diverse ages and social classes. – The children educated in house have the opportunity to socialize with people of different ages and socioeconomic layers.

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