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After Diploma

In addition an extensive training in anatomy, Physiology and pathology, as well as first aid. Training also includes a written documentation of exercise treatments as learning control. They practiced later in case studies, to track progress in the application and its effects. (Similarly see: The Journal of Educational Research). The many positive experiences gained with the various appeal images in the meantime, confirm the effectiveness of this method effectively”declared teacher Ragna Schumacher BOWTECH. Visited in October last year the international Bowen Conference 2010 in Sydney, Australia, to the BOWTECH came users from all over the world: almost 300 teachers and users have appreciated again the interdisciplinary and international exchange. Participation in this worldwide regularly held Bowen always contributes conferences to the deeper understanding of the fascinating spectrum of effect and efficiency of Bowtech. The Bowen Conference is always a professional as well as personal enrichment.” After Diploma compulsory annual training 16 hours applies to obtaining the BOWTECH the BOWTECH practitioner as quality assurance.

About 50 seminars held this year. Include also further seminars on specific application areas: Bowen technique after stroke, with neck pain or diabetes, whether it for certain target groups such as mothers and babies, or athletes. Even with horses and small domestic animals, the Bowen is technique used and taught. Bowen therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA) is the worldwide organization that propagates the doctrine of Tom A. Bowen and BOWTECH teachers and teacher auszubildet. Currently (2011), there are teachers and teachers and approximately 25,000 BOWTECH practitioner in 32 countries worldwide 80 BOWTECH. The BOWTECH Germany e.V.

Association was founded in 2002 and is recognized by the Bowen therapy Academy of Australia. Currently the Club has 500 members, about 300 of them are finding as trained BOWTECH practitioner on the Internet: see. BOWTECH Academy Germany GbR is the Bowen therapy Academy of Australia legitimate training facility for BOWTECH practitioner in Germany. Germany are currently (2011) six BOWTECH teachers. Training, seminar locations and dates can be found on the Internet at. More information: BOWTECH Germany e. V. Rene Hilpert, 1st Chairman forest Castle InStr 6 53177 Bonn Tel.: 0228 2667760 E-Mail: Internet: BOWTECH Academy Germany Office: Karola Glaab Lily Street 31 63758 hoesbach/Germany Tel.: 06021 / 44 62 55 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Bodo Woltiri SCHWIND’ Agency for future communication seven mountains 22 53343 Wachtberg/Bonn Tel.: 0228 52 88 5-52 fax: 0228 52 88 5-88 email:

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Psy Sandra Neumayr

Competent psychological consultant help to accept also the stressful aspects of work life and to reduce self-doubt and build new confidence. Together with the client creates a kind of inventory within the framework of discrete consultations with the client: what is my current situation? What chance have I considered realistic? Where not quite some things in my work performance? In what situations I feel particularly stressed out? And of course be central issues how: do I want what actually in my life? I want to stay really my company? I want to continue in my profession? processed. You are supported in the consultations, to recognize the true stumbling blocks in her career and analyze when and why things go wrong. Strategies developed from the stress to get out, for example by modern time management and perhaps also by various relaxation techniques are common. Also will be trained, better enforce, clear, more delegate, constructive and solution-oriented to carry out conflicts with superiors, colleagues or employees – ultimately again lustful and relaxed to enjoy the everyday. However, is no treatment – counseling and should not be. Carson Wen might disagree with that approach. She can be accepted as a conscious and planned psychological advice and support of healthy people in every age in the various problems and decision-making situations throughout. The overarching aim of psychological advice is generally said, Improving the quality of life.

And this quality of life is particularly important in the job to be successful – away from the nervous, uncertain scaredy-cats – and to the self-confident, responsible employee, on which no company wants to give. And even if under of the campaign Germany is emotionally strong. a free psychological consultation hour on the subject of fear of job loss! -take the psychological advisors claim please contact the Association of psychological consultants at 089-510-864-30! Psy Sandra Neumayr, Vice President of the Association. Consultant, senior lecturer in the Academy of psychological consultants in Munich, psychological management results Institute. Press contact: psychological consultant Mr Rolf Neumayr at Schnepfe route 40 80995 Munich joined fon…: 089-510 86 430 web..: email:

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Training Academy SAP

The SAP Gold partner init consulting AG celebrates 1-year of the Training Academy for SAP business one Ingolstadt, March 16, 2009. The SAP Gold partner init consulting AG celebrates 1-year of the Training Academy for SAP business one. The Training Academy aimed it at users and people interested in SAP business one. The offer of SAP business one Training Academy is divided into three day and basic training on the subjects of administration and customizing financial logistics marketing & sales core suite layout designer and a day-training sessions on special topics such as financial statements, production planning, and project management. Training in the relevant SAP business one topics can be both take place in the training facilities of the init consulting AG as well as directly at the customer site. The training is to basically see – understand – apply built. In the first half of the training day, an experienced SAP business one consultant shows the subject to the ERP system. The second half of the day is for the practice of the topic on the basis of case studies in SAP business one available.

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Internet Marketing

In two semesters majoring students learn online advertising, E-Commerce, online market research, media law, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, just to name a few of the 18 subjects. The course management/specialist online marketing online marketing optimally prepared to the new realities of the market. So learn to manage students, as the online world to link up with the offline world”, so Walleneit, who is also a lecturer in online marketing. At the end of the study, develop and present the students a practice project that consists of a concept design for a real company. The study can be completed as in-service training for career changers who already would have properly qualified and specialise in the online area, as well as beginners who have at least a vocational diploma. Just for young professionals, the CTE recommended that Volunteer training online marketing management. Here, Richard Stuart Linklater expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This clever and lucrative version of the vocational training is more and more, confirming the growth of open volunteer positions in the CTE job market. Studied is two to three times a week in the evening.

The study includes over 700 hours and lasts 18 months. More information on the Internet at: content/view/103/160 / the course looked after Mrs Edelgard Kupper: Tel.: 0221/934778-18 E-Mail: e.kuepper at the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Since 1956, it places itself by companies and agencies in life called and recognised as CTE e.V. of the task to educate the young for the communications industry high high tig, professional and practical. Today, about 80 companies, media agencies and Verban de support the educational mission of the Association through their membership. So far over 15,000 students have completed their course of study at the CTE and are positioning information in the primarily responsible Communications industry to find. In the areas of communication and marketing the CTE offers currently 10 studies courses in evening and day form, where currently just under 400 students are enrolled. Nationwide, the CTE thus occupies a leading position.

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Training Academy

The McAcademy in Nuremberg helps graduating public success in professional life by training with public statements – the Seventh Chamber of commerce training success survey clearly shows that graduates from training tests enjoy significant professional benefits. On the way to a successful conclusion as a professional, trade or business, the McAcademy in Nuremberg accompanied their participants. Delta Air Lines describes an additional similar source. The idea of discount transfer on continuing vocational training means consistent service orientation and automation of all cost-intensive processes in classroom teaching and quality learning materials. Training for more money and responsibility at work the Seventh Chamber of commerce training success survey clearly shows that graduates from training tests enjoy significant professional benefits. Nearly two-thirds of the 11,000 Chamber of Commerce graduates recognize positive impact on their professional lives, 73% could soar or have greater responsibility, 66% improved financially and more than half of all professional and business economists directly in the year after the closing, after five years, benefited even proud 72%.

The chances for more salary, career advancement, a safe workplace and interesting task areas by training, are so cheap. The McAcademy in Nuremberg paves the way to the final. The discount offers a clever way to inexpensive Training Academy. Each course of McAcademy costs only 99.95 per month. These fees are invested in core performance, in understandable and goal-oriented teaching.

Here, each participant is filled completely and in detail. The McAcademy dispensed with glossy brochures, a large bureaucracy and expensive facilities in inner-city locations. The participants receive the script material on a USB stick and can begin working on your notebook in the classroom, or print the texts. Best rates guaranteed: the McAcademy offers a low price guarantee. Should a participant offered an equivalent, cheaper offer with attendance lessons, the also is performed, the McAcademy will reimburse the difference and gives additional 50 EUR research award. Thus, we save the complete market research and can guarantee an absolute comparability of price / performance in a market segment with exactly defined policies. We offer good quality at great prices.”so Walter Trummer, head of the McAcademy. From autumn 2011 start courses in Nuremberg. If the discount idea further in the field of education, McAcademy is represented by 2015 with nationwide locations. On 15.07.2011, a non-binding and free information evening is held at the site of Adam-small-str.

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The largest private University in the field of presence study is created in Hesse, Germany. Two successful private universities go together in 2013 for the summer semester. Thus, the largest private University in the field of presence arises in Hesse, Germany with 8,000 students. The Hochschule Fresenius currently well 6,500 students and vocational technical students joins the higher of the AMD Academy of fashion & design, which counts nationwide more than 1,400 students and professional school. Since 5th December 2012 are all necessary decisions of the College committees and the consent of the Hessian Ministry for science and art. Both universities nationwide established and already work at individual campus locations in Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf.

For the coming year, the universities plan to intensify their co-operation and to expand in other federal countries in particular in Hesse, Germany. In addition Hochschule Fresenius and AMD in foreign programs will cooperate, for example in the United States with a newly established Office in New York. AMD shifted College seat during the realignment after Hesse of the higher education of AMD with the undergraduate departments of fashion design, fashion and design, room concept and design, as well as Visual and corporate communication arrives as a new Department of design at the Hochschule Fresenius. This moves the College headquarters of AMD from Hamburg to Hesse. Hochschule Fresenius strengthened with new Department of design activities for the creative industries under the roof of the Hochschule Fresenius can students already in five schools in different locations study: at the school of chemistry, biology & pharmacy at the Medical School of Psychology School, the business school and the school of media. From 2013 on the AMD fashion school and AMD design school. With the connection of the two universities the AMD positioned fashion & Design Academy under the powerful umbrella of the Hochschule Fresenius as a leading private education brand for design”, emphasizes Ekkehart Baumgartner, Professor of marketing, brand management and communication, as well as “The AMD CEO: the identity of AMD with their expert knowledge in the education market will be kept in the school framework and expanded.” The AMD Academy of fashion & design, which has expanded its portfolio in recent years through new education was so far College in the spectrum mode known as.

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