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The largest private University in the field of presence study is created in Hesse, Germany. Two successful private universities go together in 2013 for the summer semester. Thus, the largest private University in the field of presence arises in Hesse, Germany with 8,000 students. The Hochschule Fresenius currently well 6,500 students and vocational technical students joins the higher of the AMD Academy of fashion & design, which counts nationwide more than 1,400 students and professional school. Since 5th December 2012 are all necessary decisions of the College committees and the consent of the Hessian Ministry for science and art. Both universities nationwide established and already work at individual campus locations in Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf.

For the coming year, the universities plan to intensify their co-operation and to expand in other federal countries in particular in Hesse, Germany. In addition Hochschule Fresenius and AMD in foreign programs will cooperate, for example in the United States with a newly established Office in New York. AMD shifted College seat during the realignment after Hesse of the higher education of AMD with the undergraduate departments of fashion design, fashion and design, room concept and design, as well as Visual and corporate communication arrives as a new Department of design at the Hochschule Fresenius. This moves the College headquarters of AMD from Hamburg to Hesse. Hochschule Fresenius strengthened with new Department of design activities for the creative industries under the roof of the Hochschule Fresenius can students already in five schools in different locations study: at the school of chemistry, biology & pharmacy at the Medical School of Psychology School, the business school and the school of media. From 2013 on the AMD fashion school and AMD design school. With the connection of the two universities the AMD positioned fashion & Design Academy under the powerful umbrella of the Hochschule Fresenius as a leading private education brand for design”, emphasizes Ekkehart Baumgartner, Professor of marketing, brand management and communication, as well as “The AMD CEO: the identity of AMD with their expert knowledge in the education market will be kept in the school framework and expanded.” The AMD Academy of fashion & design, which has expanded its portfolio in recent years through new education was so far College in the spectrum mode known as.

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