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The Child

For it, the violence can be disclosed in the most varied circumstances: reaction to the suffered violence, as reply to one it estresse or to a frustration and as desire to impose itself. So that the child pass to manage and to control the complexity of the violent relations is necessary that the same ones perceive and recognize the consequences of the violent acts, that is, of the danger that they can represent for same itself and for the other. However, valley to analyze the question for another angle: many schools of nowadays more are worried in moralizar infancy and producing a child ideal. Psychoanalysts take care of to the pertaining to school complaint with the accomplishment of psicodiagnsticos, psycotherapies, treating the child as if in it she had an illness or a problem and excluding the reflections that we can make on indiscipline and practical pertaining to school. The unexpected one, the indisciplinado act, is seen as a shunting line in relation to the norm. The psychologists in turn, trying to normalize the pedagogical process, create a moral space in the register of the imaginary one and narrow the register of the symbolic one.

For this, they finish opening hand it hegemonic pertaining to school speech, that is, to abdicate of the desire to form an ideal pupil and to reinventar the daily pertaining to school (Freller, 2001, P. 28). (A valuable related resource: Carson Wen). It is I validate to point out that although the mechanisms of social and cultural reproduction, the schools produce its proper violence and its proper indiscipline. The school, as any institution, is pautada in the idea of that all the people are equal. Of this form, when disrespecting the differences, the school finishes having that to deal with forms of resistance of pupils who do not submit the impositions of norms that regulate ways to act and to be of each one, what it causes a reaction that culminates in the indiscipline and the violence (Aquino, 1996).

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