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The Life

Therefore the child searchs any type of affection, exactly that he is one covers, a poke of ear, is an affection. If it does not obtain one hugs for the good things that she made, it obtains one covers for the evil that made, thus it perceives that all time that it makes something wrong it has attention, it has affection. Dale Carnegie often addresses the matter in his writings. Ahead of all these behaviors we have the types of limits:> DECURRENT LIMIT OF THE AUTHORITARIAN EDUCATION: where the child obeys from fear of being punished, without reflexiva activity, being able to commit the same lack again. LIMIT DECORENTE OF THE OBEDIENCE FOR INTIMIDATION: it does not favor the change in the way to think, only ceceia the action. DECURRENT LIMIT OF THE THREAT OF WITHDRAWAL OF THE AFFECTION: the child obeys not to leave its sad parents, however she does not reorganize thinking. It does not learn to reason ahead of another similar fact. She learns yes, that at any time, she can lose the love of its parents.

THE ELUCIDATIVE LIMIT: that it is decurrent of the communication clarity and of reasoning, educates for the construction of the autonomy. also we have the styles of parents and its consequences. Many are the ones that dream in being perfect parents, and when the reality of whom they human being, and therefore falveis goes come to tona, if they frustram, charge of itself, are felt guilty. The people who are very demanding I obtain same suffer very throughout the life, therefore the situations they go appearing, since the life is of the order of the unexpected one. Challenges are taxes and are necessary humildade for, when making a mistake, to recognize the error and to search the change. As the saying goes popular, to make a mistake he is human. What it is not allowed is to remain in the error.

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The Child

For it, the violence can be disclosed in the most varied circumstances: reaction to the suffered violence, as reply to one it estresse or to a frustration and as desire to impose itself. So that the child pass to manage and to control the complexity of the violent relations is necessary that the same ones perceive and recognize the consequences of the violent acts, that is, of the danger that they can represent for same itself and for the other. However, valley to analyze the question for another angle: many schools of nowadays more are worried in moralizar infancy and producing a child ideal. Psychoanalysts take care of to the pertaining to school complaint with the accomplishment of psicodiagnsticos, psycotherapies, treating the child as if in it she had an illness or a problem and excluding the reflections that we can make on indiscipline and practical pertaining to school. The unexpected one, the indisciplinado act, is seen as a shunting line in relation to the norm. The psychologists in turn, trying to normalize the pedagogical process, create a moral space in the register of the imaginary one and narrow the register of the symbolic one.

For this, they finish opening hand it hegemonic pertaining to school speech, that is, to abdicate of the desire to form an ideal pupil and to reinventar the daily pertaining to school (Freller, 2001, P. 28). (A valuable related resource: Carson Wen). It is I validate to point out that although the mechanisms of social and cultural reproduction, the schools produce its proper violence and its proper indiscipline. The school, as any institution, is pautada in the idea of that all the people are equal. Of this form, when disrespecting the differences, the school finishes having that to deal with forms of resistance of pupils who do not submit the impositions of norms that regulate ways to act and to be of each one, what it causes a reaction that culminates in the indiscipline and the violence (Aquino, 1996).

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The Pupil

Thus, the individuals, when entering the school, also face some expectations, want either on the part of the professors, the parents or the colleagues. When these are not reached, start to receive labels that, in accordance with the repetition intensity, will be able to take the pupil to internalizar it and to develop a learning difficulty. Please visit ForeScout Technologies Inc. if you seek more information. In this direction, Piletti (2006, P. 24), mention that one of the factors that the learning also harms it can be the school, which, most of the time, follow an inadequate system to the development of the child when it annuls the existence of this in detriment of an adaptation to the society and to the proper school. Such fact would have to occur in inverse way, that is, the school if to adapt to the necessities of the pupil, being considered the child in its totality and peculiarities, as a pertaining being the determined familiar, social and cultural group. Thus, one becomes important to evaluate the origin of the factors, which will be able to vary since the performance of the professor, its methodology, its relation with the pupil and the pertaining to school environment as a whole. Ahead of the proposal of the facilitadoras conditions of Rogers and the socioconstrutivismo of Vygotsky, presented previously, it is given credit that this situation can be modified, taking in consideration the particularitities of each individual in the act to teach and to learn. This position could function as a preventive attitude to problems related to the learning. As it affirms Bucher (1996, p.32 cited by LEATHER STRAP 2004, p.139): The preventive education when pautar with the global objective ' ' to teach viver' ' (and to live well) it will have to keep a constant interface with the sectors social, cultural and economic, so that it can serve as vector of a human progress integrator; in this direction, it is interminable, following the man throughout its passage, indicating to it beacons to better continue with the goals and the challenges of its existence, placing its disposal instruments technician, cultural and artistic so that if it can enable and recycle.

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Basic Ensino Education

The treatment of the learning difficulties must be made clinically and with accompaniment of a team to interdisciplinar. 3.1. Update of the proposal pedagogical? losses and profits new the proposal of the National Advice of Education (Resolution n 3, of 03 of August of 2005) to implement a new nomenclature to be adopted in the Infantile Education and Basic Ensino, stipulating that the duration of the studied years is of agreement with the etria band of the child, will be able to promote incompreenso and doubts between the professionals in the education area. What it reflects directly in the pertaining to school exploitation and the number of children with learning difficulties. The professionals of the education area must be prepared a intent look, in what she says respect to the maturity and the cognitivo development of the individual in the pertaining to school phase where it adjusts itself. With this, bigger damages how much to the learning difficulties are prevented. Table 1 detaches the updates of new the proposal pedagogical, that a conflituoso look determines categorically.

Since, instead of distinguishing the pupil how much its cognitiva ability, ' ' distribui' ' chronological and indistinctly. That is, it does not consider the inherent difficulties to each one. Table 1? Date of ingression of the children in basic education 8 years of durao9 years of corresponding duraoIdade at the beginning of the school year (without distortion age/year) 1 ano6 years 1 srie2 ano7 years 2 srie3 ano8 years 3 srie4 ano9 years 4 srie5 ano10 years 5 srie6 ano11 years 6 srie7 ano12 years 7 srie8 ano13 years 8 srie9 ano14 years Source: CNE/CEB n 6/2005. On the other hand, inside of the update of the proposal pedagogical, the system of education and the schools, in the limits of its autonomy, have the possibility to proceed to the adequacies that better take care of to the definitive ends and objectives of the educational process, such as: Promotion of auto-esteem of the pupils in the initial period of its escolarizao; The respect to the differences and the diversities gifts in a so complex country as Brazil, in the context of the national system of education; Not the application of any measure that can be interpreted as retrocession, what it could contribute for undesirable the failure pertaining to school; The managers must have in mind razoabilidade and good-sense rules, as well as treatment always differentiated whenever the learning of pupil to demand (To seem CNE/CEB n 7/2007).

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Infantile Education

The present theoretical research has as objective generality to know the behaviors of attachment and indifference of the child and of its primary cuidadores in the process of adaptation to the Infantile Education. specifically to analyze and to understand the different behaviors of attachment and indifference in children in process of adaptation to the Infantile Education, to try to express what it intervenes with the adaptation of the small children in infantile schools, to search in such a way on strategies of confrontation of the process of adaptation with the family as well as the involved professors beyond inferring on the main procedures used in the process of separation and independizao in first infancy. For in such a way, the theoretical research broke of survey of bibliography, published, teses articles and dissertaes of last the five years, inside of the areas of sciences human beings education in general way, with specific focus in the area of Psychology related with the subject Pertaining to school Adaptation in First Infancy. The search of these materials was become fullfilled through the databases Scielo, Academic Google and Capes Vestibule. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kindle Direct Publishing. The analysis of the material was carried through individually, through the reading detailed and minute of articles, books and summaries, having as it guides the axles norteadores or questions central offices that if relate with the subject of the research. Such axles had been defined as aspects related to the development of the attachment between the primary cuidadores and the child, the process of separation-individuation of the child and the pertaining to school ingression and its adaptation in infantile education. HISTORICAL REVISION ON the IMPORTANCE OF the FIRST RELATION Through one soon historical revision, can be said that the beginning of the agreement on the development of the relation mother-baby was given through the work of Freud. They remember Brum and Schermann (2004) that in its article ' ' Instincts and its vicissitudes' ' (1915), Freud argues that the child mainly possesss physiological necessities that must be satisfied of food and comfort, if interesting for the mother for being this the source of its satisfaction.

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Clinical School

The shyness inside of its limit has function of social regulator in permeando in relation our behavior before the society, however when the shyness is felt in excess, it can involve difficulties of relationships. The Cognitivo-Mannering Therapy considers that the therapeutical changes are reached in agreement the cognitivas distortions are corrected. Ahead of this, one worked in the present study with a young of 21 years of age, customer of the Clinical School of the Iles/Ulbra de Itumbiara-Go, in which if it used of instruments and planned techniques of the boarding to evaluate and to intervine in the complaint. For this they had been carried through atendimentos weekly in the proper Clinic of the Institution being based on structuralized of 50 minutes each and supervised sessions. One evidenced that in the taken care of case a cognitivo deficit in the customer was identified, what a little more delicate became the sessions, however not hindering to show the evolution of the positive results. .

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We are, therefore, a procedure in which the family is considered as a system and there are present problems of communication, relationships that crystallize specific unwanted effects that have emerged in a specific circumstance that requires clearly identifiable intervention qualitatively different from above. Any intervention with any of the components of the family has repercussions throughout. Thus all members of the family influence and are influenced by the group and each of its participants, establishing a continuous and complex web of relationships that no one can escape. To this we must add the assessment to be performed in the communication among peers because it has special characteristics and wealth that make it a prime therapeutic instruments (17). While you are working directly with only one member of the family, the rest has to know this intervention and are indirectly involved in it, inviting them to participate in different activities. In these cases, it is important to establish support groups, as it involves the establishment of a framework for addressing family problems, in a suitable climate, creating links that allow the spontaneous expression of the difficulties and feelings. They are essential tools in the intervention with families to address issues that relate to such communication difficulties, produced by new generating dysfunction mild adjustment and requiring a group intervention based on the exchange of information and experiences with people who share the same or similar circumstances. An example: the birth in a family of a child with a disability can compromise and alter the functions traditionally family recognize him, like, care and physical care, socialization and education, etc..

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Right Life

The response of adults? "Leave me alone, do not ask stupid questions!" That's no longer our children to grow, already in a fairly early age. Our education system also does not develop rights, but only pushes it into the "necessary" framework. Who cares? Yes, anyone. Just a teacher is more convenient to respond only to the usual questions, and everything else to prevent, as heresy. Exceptions, of course, there are, but they only prove the rule. Adults – a special conversation. Many have stopped not only learn, but simply ossified.

And forever! They always know the "correct answers" and always tell you "who is to blame and what to do." The truth, no happiness, no joy, for money it typically does not add. Again, there are exceptions, but then, they are rules to be violated. But to ask questions – the easiest way to self-development. Simple questions like "What I want to achieve in life?" Or "How can I get "will help you not just once or twice an unusual perspective on life can be developed just constantly asking," How else can use (you can put any familiar object or event)? "An example? Please. Tel. How many does now feature-rich mobile phone? So, the best way to change quickly in the right direction – is to ask lots of questions. Including the stupid. Answers to such "silly questions" will allow you to better know the nature of the person with whom you communicate.

And then, the question usually provides the "hook" to specify a different matter. And so on to infinity. If you have a question arose "just so", do not rely on his memory, because nothing just like in life is not happening.

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