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The American Academy

Is supercharging but also of the predominance of meats, fats, salt and sugar, to the detriment of bread, fish, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Fresh and cooked food at home are progressively replaced by industrial food, processed, precooked, with preservatives and additives. In the diet of nuestr@s nin@s and young people are abused meat, bakery, convenience foods, French fries, etc., full of sugars and saturated fats which increase the palatalidad and eliminate the feeling of satiety. The empty calories of nutritious elements and loaded with refined sugar that replaces milk and other natural foods, are the cause of the current obesity epidemic. Skip breakfast and not eating fruits and vegetables, while eating knick-knacks, and drinking soft drinks instead of water can damage your health. The who recommends a diet of 2000 calories (for an adult), the proportion of sugar does not exceed the 30-50 grams per day.

However, who does not report to the population that a can of coke or other soft drinks, contain 35 grams of sugar which, by itself, they exceed the minimum dose. The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned of the risk of consumption of sugary drinks. A study of the diet of school population in the U.S. showed that an additional can of sweetened beverage increased the risk of obesity by 60 percent. The body metabolizes to 100 gr of sugar in liver and 200 g in the muscles.

The rest is transformed into fat. The increase of fat cells is difficult to combat because the caloric restriction to eliminate such cells could affect child development. Adds, that the meat we eat comes from animals fed with feedingstuffs and overcrowded. For your fast fattening and alleviate the consequences of a sick life (immobility and housed livestock stress) are crammed antibiotics and anabolic steroids. The food industry gets faster, more kilos of meat and more cheap, encouraging a diet based on high consumption of animal protein that we get sick.

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Platonic Academy

In my opinion such of Mileto, he made use of the knowledge that possessed the ancient geometry. This great thinker analyze the different phases of the movement, Since the Greeks perceived some phenomena of nature which directly affect the mobile space and the surface level. To measure the height of the pyramid had to determine the length, extent and volume. Which allows us to affirm that Thales of Miletus introduced geometry in Greece. Geometry is very important since it is part of mathematics.

Geometry deals with the space understood as a set of points. For this reason Zeno believe his famous paradoxes. This branch of mathematics encompasses planes, straight lines, subspaces. Born out of the need to measure the ground and draw on dividing lines, has been enriched later with new branches, such as: trigonometry, analytic, projective, descriptive, differential and algebraic. It takes its name from Euclid’s elements. We divided it in two, Euclidean geometry and non-Euclidean geometry.

So important was the geometry for the Greeks, who at the entrance of the Platonic Academy was an inscription which read: don’t follow him that not know geometry. Albert fields in one of his works titled, axiomatic and geometry from Euclid to Hilbert and Bourbaki. Tells us: for knorr books I III and VI collected the geometry of such and Enopides. 1 Chapter 2 page 19 G. Then again refers to Thales of Miletus according to Proclus was such who first realized that in any triangle isosceles angles on the bases are the same. Alberto tells us that it’s something unfinished for lack of evidence, but what seems interesting is that you such is on the way in which childbirth would occur as soon as distinguish very well the statements that are true in all cases. Chapter 2 page 59. Young people in that place are the contributions that you make to the knowledge, remember that truth is not absolute, since it is formed by sets of truths.

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Entrance Examinations

Academies CELEC in Alicante for the recovery of subjects and preparation for testing of access Academy in Alicante for his sons recovered successfully subjects suspended primary, that, secondary and high school, as well as to prepare access to Fp and University: Centre for studies Celec. After finishing the first semester in schools and institutes, the dropout accumulate and it is then, and not later, when it has put solution. Proper preparation for the recovery of the subjects, with a personalized plan supervised by highly qualified teachers is what they need. And it’s what CELEC offers them. Our different academies in Alicante still a teaching method based on a comprehensive support of the academic content and daily and personalized follow-up to the students. In addition, we apply positive reinforcement strategies to boost your motivation at all times.

The main concern raised both parents and young students is suffering a Christmas vacation, as well as the later throughout the year, conditioned by not having done your homework at the right time. Professional support for the review and the Organization of the study is without doubt a very intelligent decision and more if possible if you choose to CELEC, awarded by bodies such as the Athenaeum scientific, literary and artistic of Alicante, and concerned that each student receives appropriate and efficient care and so overcomes its difficulties in all subjects. CELEC, have a Plan for your approved: CELEC Studies Center provides customized work plans, since each student is different and needs a booster adapted to their needs. Therefore, we take into account various factors that affect the academic life of the student; Institute to which you belong, number and notes suspended classes, valuation of Christmas tasks, etc all this subject by our situational test that allows us to know the real knowledge of each student and create a planning of work to its custom made. In Center of studies CELEC want that you receive the new year with the best intentions, assuring the academic success with a fully programmed and custom curriculum for your Christmas holidays. For more information: CELEC Academy Center Alicante Tel: 966 353 108 C / father Mariana 5, Entresuelo 03004 Alicante Academy CELEC Pla Pius XII Tel: 965 500 125 C / San Pablo 1, mezzanine.

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