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Consultative Council

150-152). Abu Jibril was considered the principle J1 recruiter and second in command, with responsibility for the management of the Group’s operations. Additional information is available at The Journal of Educational Research. Creation of an organizational structure. The organizational structure of joint implementation that took shape in the mid 1990s the Group reflects the regional aspirations. This structure, as it was evident following the arrest of the members of the AC from the end of 2001, incorporates both functional components and base units geographical. How much has changed this structure, under the pressure of the surge operations in recent years is uncertain. The Emir, or Supreme Leader, and the Syura, an Advisory Council of the senior members of JI Regional.

Abu Bakar Ba Ba’asyir served as J1 s Amir, at least, until he was arrested and taken into custody by authorities in Indonesia in October 2002. Some see it as the spiritual leader of the group, rather than its top decision making. Do Ba Ba’asyir of own public statements suggest that he plays a role in the education of inspiration and urging the radical Muslims who resort to violence? He has said, I make many knives and sell many knives, but I am not responsible for what happens with them (RESSA, 2004). However, recent investigations of incidents with pumps that suggest Ba Ba’asyir is deeply involved in JI attacks, because operators requesting your approval, or at least their consent, to legitimize their plans of attack. In some respects, this group parallel to the Shura Majlis, or Consultative Council, that Al Qaeda has used for its main deliberations.

It has the support of a number of functional components (i.e. operations, security, job hiring, the economy of the wing, and communications) to report to the Commission. Operations and security units are fundamental to J1 the capacity to carry out terrorist operations. Recruitment and indoctrination of the members of the JI is the responsibility of a unit of work.

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Onlineprinters Gmb

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Nava Ramon

School as the second home of children, adolescents and young people is of great relevance and importance its function since they would be the protagonists in this new paradigm and spiritual values, carried out both urgent and necessary changes in the training of learners attending, tending to become human beings with a level of spiritual consciousness that live in equilibrium with itself and with the world that surrounds him. Holistic education and spiritual values are the way for subjects to live in peace, happiness and your spirituality. This leads definitely to a change in humanity and the world. Educate in this new educational paradigm, forming a citizen with moral and spiritual values which will allow you to live together in society, and also the You will be aware of caring for and preserving the environment and the beings that inhabit the planet. Achieve that man manages his emotional and spiritual balance was reflected in his State and feeling of freedom, peace and harmony which will be manifested in their relationships with humans and the environment that surrounds you. Holistic education and spiritual values are the way for subjects to live in peace, happiness and your spirituality. This leads definitely to a change in humanity and the world.

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Ramon Gallegos

Intelligence holistic manifests itself when we are free from violence, corruption, etc. Learning communities. In this book the Ramon Gallegos reveals the holistic learning communities model, which is related to the multinivel-multidimension model forming a single unit within its educational proposal seeking to improve learning through this new educational paradigm. Amen Clinics may also support this cause. About learning communities tells us with his philosophical and pedagogical basis in holistic education and which arise as a proposal to transform forms learn typical reductionist of mechanistic paradigm. That comprehensive learning should take root on dynamic learning communities forming good professionals, but also good human beings.

Learning communities are the expression of society of knowledge and sustainable development. That holistic education learning communities must tend to strengthen the educational integrity, sense of the education, the sujeto-sujeto relationship. Holistic education is a proposal that integrates learning and life, intends to nurture the best of humanity. It rejects the flat world, points out that evolution goes good maybe, to the top. not everything is at the same level, not like it authoritarianism to democracy, the violence that peace. In education there are two hierarchies: the authoritarian pathological that stops development, fragmented and corrupted. The second are the holarquias, they are the natural development, it is the natural way in which comes the kosmos in its evolutionary process.

Holistic education honors diversity because it enriches the u8nidad wants a sustainable development. It is inclusive to all cultures because it is based on a respect for diversity which is a fundamental feature of reality. The only way to get closer to a comprehensive learning is to recognize the importance of diversity of intelligences, styles of learning, etc. Holistic education is cross, looking for actions where all win, seeks the well-being of all, without distinction. Our political goal is a society and a winning winning education, should begin in the classroom. Integrity is the most important factor in education.

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Jhon Edison Bueno Martinezwww

As well, let me explain what went wrong in very simple terms, you did not have good feelings after their intention. When you intend to express something and does not have happy feelings that support your intention, you do not have enough power or energy to manifest what you want, and often you will find yourself getting the opposite. All of this is feel good, by the nature of the same feeling. Yale University School of Medicine often addresses the matter in his writings. Here are some tips that can help you to raise your vibration and start to feel good. Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice; it not only happens to you, it is not something that is magically guarantee if you purchase something in particular, it is not a thing that you have to go find.

Happiness is a State of being; just like you go to a store and pick a shirt or a pair of pants, you can get up each day and choose to be happy. If you want to change your circumstances you should change your feelings, if you want to change your feelings, changing the stimuli to which you are subject. Have a look at his life and record all their accomplishments. Look at all the things that you have achieved, all the great things you have bought for yourself and your family, all these are achievements. The education of their children, the home that has formed. Do it now; get up and walk around your House, go into his room and look at things that have purchased or achieved, something that makes you smile and feel good. No matter how big or how small is it thing is feel grateful for having achieved. Often remember how do them feel those things, note the joy that they bring you and focus on them often. It is not exactly in the material possession in what must be approached, but in the sense of achievement and gratitude to life by allowing him to obtain them. If you can do these simple things you will begin to feel more happy and when you focus on the things that make him happy, the universe will bring more moments of happiness, because happiness is your thought and predominant emotion. Jhon Edison Bueno original author and source of the article.

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The Integration

Under this vision, future you can want, if I even know my limits, and I believe that nobody knows them? Now I understand the meaning of the phrase of Gandhi who argues: our reward lies in the effort and not on the result. A total effort is a complete victory. If we consider the evolution of consciousness what future can be displayed, if it is not even within reach of our brain the end result? The only thing that remains for me is to practice, to where my capabilities permit me, the full presence and full consciousness in as much that me is possible moments of my existence, but not only, but in my interaction with all beings who surround me, since we are manifestations of the same essence, and the actions of each, have effect on everyone, we realize it or not; the effort must go to that: to become aware of the reality, always open minded. Perhaps in this attempt, the integration of my experiences I approaches increasingly to really feel part of the planet in that habit, to understand my essential affinity, the role of living things that surround me, on the planet and the universe, and to experiment not only by cultural learning, but for full feeling, deep respect, love and unity in life and for life, and know within it, is the role of my individuality, as a manifestation of the whole. Having me post the life in the field of formal education, I feel that for now, in the here and the now, the task that I have is to synergize my attempt, so that together, those who surround me and I know inquire within us, to discover the greatness there is in every being of the nature. The progressive approach to equanimity, perhaps me approaches ever closer to the authentic acceptance of all human beings as brothers in essence, and I impulse to do something for them, something that will help them transcend their States of consciousness, so that goes with them, mine also beyond, to feel our interconnection and interdependence, and know that whatever you do for them what am doing for me, and what do for me, I’m doing it for them, but not see them or know them physically. To do so, possibly come to understand the place that we deal with in this time and in this space as humanity and find answers to questions about us? What we do on this planet? What is our mission in the universe? While all this happens, I can only keep dreaming with my existence, but trying to this dream, is increasingly more aware, plugging more and more with those who surround me, knowing that if they do it is because they are in the same vibrational wave of consciousness, that draws us and directs us in the sea of universal evolution. With this effort, since denser planes and materials up to the more subtle, I hope more and more understanding of my ignorance, acknowledge the distance that separates me from wisdom, to and feel integrated learning community that is life on the planet. Thinking of the time, this, perhaps a distant goal; thinking about the universe and in the eternal present, perhaps we’re already there, and from our space, we are only activating energy to continue creating universes of love and harmony. EDUCACION HOLISTA: PEDAGOGY of love UNIVERSAL original author and source of the article

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Ramon Gallegos

It was too intolerant to your way of being. This intolerance the manifested in my treatment and how to contact them. How to communicate me was too contaminated. Go to FASEB Journal for more information. Such contamination consisted of forms of answer aggressive, gestures and looks of disgust, severe critical and non-participation in social gatherings. This expertise has given me the opportunity to realize the so immense amount of faces that has the ego in me, because it is not an ego, but rather many egos. It’s like a medusa’s head. While I write, I realize that each passing day is an opportunity to put action to each of the attachments is us has conditioned that with education we receive. Well said Dr.

Ramon Gallegos is not enough to be good person to relieve the suffering, we must be aware of what we do, say and think I realize account that also in my family have been reflected the results of this change. In the relationship with my daughter, Alejandra (Ale), and my son, Carlos Antonio (tone), the dialogue is now the manner by which is arranged any differences that may exist. With this attitude what did was to generate disgust in them because they felt that he was invading them completely and I, because I felt that they were hiding me many things and that they did not trust me and why did not respond to my questions. Both sides suffered much. Now that behavior has changed. I’ve stopped questioning them and when they want to tell me something then I hear and I give my point of view if you ask me.

I did so because I started to think how I’d be treated me. Change the above behaviors made me feel free. With regard to that freedom that I now feel I wrote the following: free as a bird that crosses the heavens so I feel today.

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Jose Miguel Sanchez

Both attend the same goal: the give satisfaction to their specific needs. Take into account, to the dignity of man, what might be called the human quality, lies in the harmonious balance between security and freedom. The central theme of the philosophy without doubt is the man. Reflection, meditation on the study of human life, within the circumstance in which is immersed; It offers a general and transcendent, rationally elaborated last answer to a claim to man to live in security, freedom and dignity, taking into account the history of man is not but a count by enriching its repertoire of possibilities to ensure a free, dignified and secure life. Us while we remain in this land, we must be fully identified with the freedom to live with security, dignity. Taking into account the legacies of humanism, where stated, that humanism postulates the full realization of the man. He reiterates his faith in one democratic as a way of life and coexistence conception. To know more about this subject visit Vanderbilt Peabody College.

Locates the man in the central post of the nature and its target is to dominate it. It is identified with education which cares about the human fullness. Education liberal, understood as which aims to form a comprehensive and free man. He appreciates the active life and opposes the contemplative life. There is a narrow between the humanist life conception and the philosophy of democracy.

Both are ideas dynamics, which not stabilize in definite structures – are not, they become – so it is not possible to confuse forms in which temporarily with his spirit of free growth and persistent implementation of the principles of freedom, security and human dignity. Jose Miguel Sanchez, reminds us that man is free to decide and act without its decision and action are no longer be caused. It is impossible that we sustraigamos to the prevailing social historical context, usually goes to act or decide in accordance with certain guidelines, influences or possibilities of action that offers us the environment. Be present as Enrique Obregon, CITES him that democracy calls for freedom and recognition of the right of peoples. Without that freedom and rights, democracy would be extinguished. Democracy, by natural law, requested freedom for all and isn’t in its principles and objectives to eliminate it totally or partially. The essence of democracy is freedom force. Democracy will never sacrifice freedom nor their purposes voluntarily. * Thanks to the collaboration of O.M.J. Original author and source of the article.

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All this leads us to think about the following: to what continue prescribing only meal plans, diets or regimes? What will be then what will have to prescribe the person really can learn to control your weight? Therapeutic education;! put another way, weight Control programs based on the integral improvement of guidelines and lifestyle. The difficulty is that it is not uncommon, when it should be than usual, and you know very well from my own experience. Own health professionals start out with a limited view of reality (dietitian only speaks of power, the only doctor speaks disease, the only psychologist talks about mental, and who speaks of everything at the same time). It is one our responsibility and professional ethics not be limited in the old approaches and expand our vision of reality. Means that the person with kilos of rating must be aware of all the a set of factors, but your responsibility is also to be well informed to make elections smart when it comes to learning how to lose weight eating Final Conclusion: slimming eating already.!! Not by more diets, you’ll go further, I assure you. How much more regimes do, it will be harder you learn to control your weight. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ brings even more insight to the discussion.

The paradox to learn how to control your weight, is that you will have to first forget about dieting, and secondly, just lose weight. You have to expand your view, you have to see the forest and not just the tree. And hence it is essential that the professional method that will help you also split from a broad perspective of reality. If you want to get different results, you will have to do different things, although they go against your expectations. And you’re broader than your old beliefs. Don’t let them will dominate you. To know more about how to lose weight eating without living to diet, join now free program NutriSpa slimming & Dr. Delgado. Free immediate access No You will regret it original author and source of the article

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Educative Health

Oliveira also standes out that in reference to the cares, the health and the quality of life mutually are implied, therefore health is welfare dimension, at the same time where quality of life impacta the health. The prominence for this relation is valuable in the measure where the health vision as widely defined well-being substituted the health concept as illness absence. In certain way all the objectives them programs directed to the health aged them, are dirigem for a health of quality in the life of. Novovax Inc.: the source for more info. The educative actions in the collective are organized since lesser groups or same of great event, the important one is to discover ways so that the actions are improved. The modifications of the society that had suffered industrialization had caused alterations in the activities of the modern family, what it reflects in the dynamics with the aged ones. The woman, for example, does not only assume, taking care of of the family and of the parents in case that they are aged, but, she exerts, of beneficial form great economic responsibility in the society. Some contend that Joy Winbourne shows great expertise in this.

What if it knows is that an aged one takes care of of the other, and most of the time the proper spouse, who also in has its problems of health more assumes the multiplicity of the work, what she comes to cause changes of feelings and attitudes in relation its lives. In virtue of these daily responsibilities, they perceive that the symptoms of its proper agravos of health had increased, next to stress of the daily one, the concern if this making certain, low auto-esteem if this pleasing the other, if it fulfilled its paper, therefore the responsibility brought for itself all that could be divided with another person of the house. Costuma is known that in this etria band if to install some degenerative illnesses and that as much the family how much the cuidadores will have that to make use of exclusive time to deal with a degenerative illness, since it demands redoubled attention.

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