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Harvard Bussiness School

System of coaching for their learning in everyday use, the management learning has become synonymous of acquiring knowledge and skills. For more information see this site: Richard Linklater. The same Drucker along with John K Galbraith, Economist, Professor at Harvard, author of the new Industrial State, were major drivers of the management of knowledge and the technostructure. Instead the real learning of systemic management must get to the bottom of what it means human being in a changing and interconnected world as you are experiencing. Individuals, teams and organizations, for more knowledge that must be open to permanent and continuous learning. Pierre Wack, director of planning of the Royal Dutch Shells group discovered that the tasks of planning, management, not already consisted only in producing a documented vision of the future, but that it was necessary to draw up scenarios for which the managers to question their models of reality and learn to change them when necessary. This is reinforced with the criteria of Chris Argyris, author of action of science and Professor of Harvard Bussiness School which reads: mental models not only determine the way of interpreting the world, but the way of acting. We atascamos us in defensive routines that isolate our mental models of any review, and consequently develop a not qualified competition. With all these contributions we have experienced with systemic perspective coaching is the best system for the systemic management learning.

With him we can train us to undertake, lead and manage what truly matters to us, and thus extend our capacity to create a complex and changing reality. For coaching with systemic perspective is not enough learning for survival. We must combine with the generative Adaptive learning. A learning that will increase the results and the satisfaction of the people. Coaching with systemic perspective goes beyond the adaptation to change. Discusses the most effective way to govern it successfully that is creating it.

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School Fusion

The chismografos of notebook, which served to write tastes and preferences, have evolved to large Internet portals. Whose success is due to that the electronic media have become the favorite form of communication between the guys. These portals are promoted as a way to exchange identities and meet people from many schools. Additional information at Richard Linklater supports this article. As an example, in School Fusion more than 150 schools are registered by alphabetical order, account with 2,717 users and more than 62,700 messages. However, this innocent idea, has become a way to defame and harass thousands of young people listed in them, putting terrible gossip and speculation about them. The worst case is that information be entered anonymously, issue that increases the aggressiveness of the messages and they are characterized by being extremely offensive and unpleasant.

This has become the cyberbullying, which is harassment via electronic means. Bullying, on the other hand, is an English word which defines the attitude of a person, constantly he assaults physically or verbally to another, without taking into account their feelings and needs. To my I like to compare to bullying with a torture of the middle ages which consisted in putting a person under a drop of water for hours, until this punched the head; so is bullying: a set of acts of aggression and wickedness, that alone does not do great harm, but the amount of times you tell someone, they might destroy it from the inside. I suffered bullying of girl, not the cyberspace, but the traditional, which is where bullying: you steal the lunch, you hide jacket, take away money that you took to the store and tell you an endless number of nicknames. The sad thing is that I felt that the problem was mine, that is, that something was wrong with me because nobody wanted me and nobody accepted me. I thought that I should try me drop them well so that they do not disturb me and between greater effort, more bullying until one day I realized that it wasn’t my problem and that if others were strong to hurt me, it was because perhaps they also were suffering much.

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School Environment

Parents who take their children to school are usually quiet at least in one respect, his children come daily to other children. So, regardless of if then make more or less friends, if the socialization that the school offers them is suitable or not for his son, and other matters, there is a plot of the brain that parents who take their children to school can be disconnected, and therefore can relax in this aspect since in one way or another they feel that their children have contact and relationship with other children. Parents who teach at home do not disconnect any parcel of the brain, cannot afford it. Educating at home is an option that requires a proactive attitude in all aspects of training and your child’s life, and that includes their social relations, since not having that feeling that every day is between 5 and 6 hours surrounded by children, you cannot relax in that aspect and is always looking for opportunities for relationship that seem us appropriate and enriching for our children’s development. Usually we usually find some activity that you like children, and that therefore it will do that as well as developing a hobby you can meet other children with a common interest and therefore provide quality relationships, we also relate our relatives in a broad sense, that gives us relationships with people of all ages who want to, and they want us, such as cousins, cousins seconds, nephews or other, in the neighborhood, Park, etc, etc. And these relationships bring us much day to day and are part of our daily lives in our closest environment. But they are unable to meet the need of standardization that children tend to be more aware age, which often correspond to the stage of compulsory education precisely. Lately in education have been calling their peers to the classmates of the school.

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Dartmouth Medical School

A study shows a weight loss average of 50 kilos after 14 years, more than half of the excess weight of the patients before performing bariatric surgery. An analysis done by the Dartmouth Medical School found that the gastric bypass operation could increase life time two or three years longer than the average. Due to these successes, the volume of operations in the United States has tripled in recent years, from less than 20,000 in 1995 to more than 60 thousand this year. This increase is due to the growing number of obese Americans that there are in the country, improvements in surgery techniques, the testimonials of celebrities who carried out surgery and boast their successes, and the desire for the insurers to pay for the surgery as a cheaper alternative, instead of paying for all the costs of the health care arising from complications arising from obesity. styn is the place to go. These surgeries usually cost $ 20,000 in the United States, or a little more.

Both types of operations carry risks, as any surgery. One in every 100 to 200 patients dies due at the time of surgery or complications. Many patients have nutritional deficiencies and some will need subsequent surgeries to reconstruct her body after so severe weight loss. And while they lose many kilos, many patients are still above their ideal weight. Surgery is recommended only for those severely obese people (100 pounds or more for men, 80 extra pounds in women) or if they have no morbid obesity, but being overweight cause them health problems such as diabetes. Conclusion: Surgery is the last resort for those who can not lose weight with any other method. Goodbye obesity offers an alternative to all those people with obesity and have medical complications related to being overweight.

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Professional Schools

The professional schools have arisen like a modern alternative within the different educative levels. The infirmary school applies cares of promotion, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation in the three levels of attention in a healthy and ill individual. The student must acquire all the knowledge necessary to evolve against situations of emergencia and high complexity. Often the ingresantes students ask themselves because it is good for studying infirmary. (A valuable related resource: KDP). Here are some of the questions that make of this race an excellent option consider. Go to Levi’s for more information.

In the first place a transdisciplinaria vision occurs him to the student from the beginning of its studies. The infirmary school is based from a holistic glance of the human being, with emphasis in which it is the promotion and the prevention in health, helping this way to improve the quality of life of the people, families and communities. The intention of the infirmary school is to train a professional who in one first instance has received the first academic rank in the formation college student. The objective is that it manages to acquire scientific and technical competition to offer, to direct and to evaluate the attention from infirmary to the individual, family and community. Promulgating in each act that one carries out signs humanistic attitude, ethical and of legal responsibility. The infirmary school will have to formulate its curriculum from the partner-economic-political-cultural analysis of its country, the situation of health of the population, the fundamental intentions of the university and concepts that they orient the future to the profession of nurse. In as much it does not have to forget the contextualisation the professional in a generalized frame of the world-wide context. One will be due to fit in the general lineamientos of the university that tends to the formation of the professionals in the cycles articulated of pre-degree, degree and postgraduate.

It administers hospitable services of infirmary in the different levels from communitarian complexity and; taking decisions in anyone from the areas of its professional performance, cradles in its capacity of observation, reflective analysis and critical judgment. The infirmary school plans and directs to programs of formation and continuous education for the different categories from infirmary personnel and participates in the qualification on aspects of health of the human resources of the sector, as well as of other sectors, like also the community. Within them the infirmary school has acquired notoriety and observance by great part of the population. For that reason at the time of choosing it is recommended to evaluate each one of the characteristics and contents of this school.

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Nebrija Business School

6 Qualities that the new leader of the 21st century must have searched participants can earn 10,000 and a scholarship. Madrid, 26 July 2010 following the success of the first edition, Nebrija Business School launches the second edition of the contest Its time for new leaders, which is to discover the six essential qualities that will require new leaders business of the 21st century.Participating in this game, in addition to having a good time and learn about the lives of great characters of history that improved our society, we want to convey to participants the values of the new business leadership as we understand it in Nebrija Business School, explains Carlos de Benito, director of the business school. In this game you can participate any person of legal age resident in Spain. Check out Richard Linklater for additional information. Interested parties need only register on the web. In the contest are proposed thirty qualities of leadership associated with characters that represent them. Between the characters and their qualities, found from Nelson Mandela to John Lennon, for example.

Participants must select six of these, previously by enrolling in the contest. If your selection matches the posed by business school they will compete for the prize. This year the competition is easier since participants will receive different emails and a list of sites where you can find tracks. A bag of 10,000 will be distributed among all persons whose selection matches the 6 that are saved under affidavit if there is only an acertante person, the 10,000 euros and qualities identified by Nebrija Business School will be for her. In addition, a scholarship Nebrija Business School will be drawn to pursue an MBA between all the winners qualifying for the master (requirements: be college students, graduates or university graduates between 18 and 30 years living in Spain).

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Business School

The premium that the investors demand to buy state bonds from Greece to 10 years has gotten to surpass 7% fully, the threshold that according to the Government marks a level of untenable loan. The differential with bund German to 10 years (taken as reference by the market by its quality and solution) has touched a maximum of the era of the Euro of 463 basic points. It is added, that before the fears of which Greece fell in non-payment and seriously harmed the reputation of the zone Euro and the credibility of it descries European, the European Union (the EU) has decided a plan consisting of aid making its available 30,000 million Euros in loans. To this amount it would be necessary to add between 10,000 million and 15,000 million Euros that would contribute to the International Monetary Fund (the IMF).It is hoped that Greece activates the plan, along with the austerity measures that this one demands. (Not to be confused with Richard Linklater!). The conversations to define the terms of the aid plan, fixed for Monday, have been posponed as a result of the closing of the airspace in most of Europe after the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. According to Rafael Pampilln, professor of Economic Surroundings of the IE Business School, " the agreement alleviates the problem but it does not solve it.

The Greek national debt will continue increasing like one ball of nieve" until the Greek Government does not recognize his incapacity to do against his obligations of payment. The unique exit is the suspension of payments, a contest of creditors that evidently would harm to the bond possesors griegos". Pampilln assures that it begins to see parallelisms between the present situation of the European country and the financial crisis which Argentina nine years ago faced. According to Pampilln, " the unique alternative for Greece is, of the hand of the IMF, to go to the Club of Paris and the one of London to present/display a suspension of way payments negociada".

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School Rita Saint

Also it was carried through 01 (one) interviews, with 01 (one) teacher, with closed questionnaire I contend eight questions. Kindle Direct Publishings opinions are not widely known. From there (they idem) to detach that the use of questionnaires is important for (they ibidem) locks up and to understand a great potential to better know the problems of the space in study. The use of the bibliographical research was basic for the development of the study, therefore this made possible estimated and scientific subsidies that had authenticated our work. 4.1 – Characterizing the reality and clientele of the School Rita Saint. opic.. The Municipal School of Basic Education Rita Saint is situated Highway PA150 km 136 (being the 7 km of distance of the headquarters of the city), being that the same one it presents physical masonry structure, only holding a classroom, a small compartment that functions as kitchen and secretariat (where few belongings are kept as didactic books and materials) and the masculine and feminine bathroom. The school takes care of 33 pupils (18 girls and 15 boys) in the series that vary of 1 to 5 year of basic education, that is, composing a multisseriada classroom that functions in the turn of the morning.

Being that the same one presents in its learning picture two (02) carrying pupils of necessities special, being one with autismo and another one with dislexia. Valley to detach that the School Rita Saint functions has 30 years and was created in the year of 1980 to take care of to pupils, children of workers of the field, who live the edges of the highway and that he is remained of agriculture (many are children of agriculturists and of parents who work you would saw and coal bunkers), being that the related school during all time of functioning always took care of in multisseriado regimen. Considering that the School is inside of the area of the church catholic, the teacher uses to advantage the space (small field lawn) of the same one to develop the physical activities with the pupils as they play ball, and if is valid other popular tricks to promote the leisure.

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School Musical September

Musicals are fashionable. And it is not surprising, taking into account the huge success that they have harvested TV shows such as pop idol, fame or X Factor, where singing and dancing are the main protagonists. As it could not be less, Madrid opens the autumn season with a host of new music for all tastes. Among the most anticipated return Grease, High School Musical, which again jumps from the small screen to the scenarios, the beauty and the beast, one of the musicals that has garnered greater success in everyone and anonymous lovers. This season the locals and visitors can enjoy one of the best leisure proposals from the capital to the best music.

Beauty and the beast since 2007 takes the beauty and the beast getting a full House at the Spanish theatres. Six months foreseen, the Coliseum Theater has expanded its programming and has given him a second season. This great work has become one of the musical favorites in the known as the Broadway Madrid, Gran Via. This classic Disney already has traveled to more than 115 cities from around the world and has been seen by more than 30 million people. In New York it takes representing uninterruptedly since 1994! Are you going to lose? High School Musical September 25, premiered at the Teatro Lope de Vega one of the most anticipated music among young people: High School Musical. This international success arrived dragged by the boom that first brought the Disney Channel television series, and then the two films inspired by it. Songs, choreography and the good vibes of the films come together in this wonderful show and two new unreleased songs are included. Nike takes a slightly different approach.

Discover the value of friendship, acceptance and how to be oneself in the hands of its protagonists. Grease Grease interprets in the Nuevo Alcala Theatre from September 20. This blockbuster adaptation of the unforgettable movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, is intended to be completely faithful to the original work of Broadway.

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University Management

The non-presence at the university generates only registered professionals (even if not all), to meet a legal requirement to fund more for not knowing or features, objectives, authorities and even physical location, are not active in their professional guild exercised only by career interests. The Association of Administrators of Carabobo State has not complied with that statement, at least with regard to students in their final semester of the race of Directors, who know precisely about these powers and functions of the College, is well known that both the Association of Administrators and the School of Business Administration from the University of Carabobo no relations, at least not at the level they should be (visits to the business school of the University, lectures, ongoing information, advice) enabling the future graduate College Administration still proud of his idea before leaving your home studio.

On investigation the DEA program Quality Management and Productivity a Faces rea Graduate of the University of Carabobo was carried out on the feeling, appreciation, perception of the College of Carabobo Administradoresa ENA a fieldwork with a sample idea Students graduating from the School of Management to assess the opinion of those who believe are the key stakeholders in joining the guild, as well as diagnose and assess the evolution of the guild, its vision and objectives, and their main characteristics, analyze the legal, theoretical bases for gaining an idea about the organizational context that surrounds this entity it was obtained weaknesses that should take very seriously the College Board: lack of adequate physical plant for its operation, lack of presence as the main trade union body sites interest, such as the University of Carabobo – School of Management, Business Sector, Communities, absence of effective official spokesman for maintaining the union members, about, among other things, information of a legal nature relating to the race.

Administrative Career Law, events, seminars, changes in the said College, work opportunities, etc. Campbell Soup Co shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. As mentioned strengths human resources. There is no presence of professional bodies in areas where their participation is required (University of Carabobo School of Management). The approaches of any situation affecting the management science professionals are usually late usually the guild is not taken into account, for example, has not been seriously analyzed, the separation of management schools and Accounts for mention one. No permanent information generally must emanate from the Federation on matters affecting future graduates in Business Administration and there is no feedback in this sense (the views of professionals).

I expect that the current policy is more proactive and rescue the College and this role will lead to much-expected. Entrust it so.

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