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Municipal School

Ahead of this declaration and coexisting this Portuguese family with certainty, of this day in ahead, he started to be sympathetical of the Club of the hill. In 1935, 22 years, Da Silva, also torcedor of the Vasco of Gamma is married Emygdio Lopes and that of that moment in ahead they launch bases you saw for it of the family that would constitute. Seven years later and after some unproductive attempts, its son is only born, who would be the only one, although at that time the families to be reasonable numerous, Thereza already it had covered some quarters of the Carioca suburb, already it lives in the Abolition, Pillars and the Mier, most of the time in residential villages with houses of wall and stocking, house these that were divided by a simple wall, when not local that bathroom and collective kitchen possuam, having only the independent rooms. For this time its husband worked as forneiro in a bakery and when transiting of tram for the work in colloquy with a friend, he took knowledge on a land division that was if forming in Anchieta and is invited for this friend to know the same, this if he gave in 1949, he liked local it and he brought its family to live here, Thereza for this time made embroidered for firms in the Mier and Centro of Rio De Janeiro and gradual helped its husband to quit the promissory note of the land. Already in 1950, liveing in Anchieta, its only son, Milton it starts to coexist and to frequent ' ' peladas' ' of the quarter, it creates one I circulate of friendship, the same it has the certainty of the teams whom it twists, the same of its parents and the time passes, its son grows, studying in the school of the region, it studied in the Municipal School Paraba and the College Mendes Pear tree.

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