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Philology Udmurt State University

Preacher, philosopher and poet Skovoroda (1722 – 1794) laid the philosophical groundwork not only for the building of Slavic religious philosophy, but the foundation and the foundation of the new Ukrainian literature. In his poetry, and prose, in fables, joined the preaching of God's Word, and aesthetic beauty, a passionate denunciation of the sins of the world, and to demonstrate the depth and authenticity of a righteous life, which alone can lead man to happiness. All these themes and characters with certainty characteristic of Ludmila Leonidovna, with its keen sense of social responsibility, preaching openness poems, reminiscent of what the Gospel calls us all to apostolic ministry (apostolate of the laity). Clarity and concreteness of the images, vivid metaphor, poetry make the author, memorable and deeply touch the soul, resonates with the most cherished in our hearts. Performance of every serious author can not be separated from the wealth of cultural, national and world, it is nourished by these roots and sprout new shoots, branches of the tree of culture and art.

There is often authors from different times there is an invisible dialogue, the text includes what is called a complex scientific term "intertextual parallels" (conscious or unconscious). In other words, similar imagery and association with other works. Talented artists, many of these parallels, they are invisible dialogue with the entire world culture. Lyudmila L., a very educated. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology Udmurt State University, worked as a senior fellow at the Izhevsk museum, a senior fellow at the Tver historical, architectural and literary museum (a subsidiary of Kimry) museum director Arkady Gaidar, director of the Museum of Applied Arts.

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Cuba Romance

If had taken advantage the consubstancial logic to the vocation of the free countries vocation alicerada in the respect to the human rights – President Dilma Rousseff would not have visited Cuba, as she visited. This is the opinion of good part of the press. Clearly! says – Brazil is a democratic leadership. Cuba, an inveterate dictatorship.

Placed in these terms the presidential visit Cuba, in fact, does not have as to escape I infect to it of the incoherence. Unless, fallen in the esquecimento – two weeks if had after all passed since the landing of Dilma Rousseff in Cuba – the presidential visit pass for a cadavrico examination that allows the access to other regions of buried body e, from there, to formulate one theory alternative, capable to disclose its true nature. Destronar the current thesis – the thesis of the incoherence – seems easy and to salutar. Salutar because it moves away the danger to lose to tacanhice of the common sense. Easy, because it is enough to remove the fulcrum of the alleged incoherence, namely, the rational logic, e, on rubbles, to raise the hypothesis of that the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba broke of a different logic, the logic of the eternity, whose influx the souvenirs of the past, as it warns Jorge Borges Luis, are concentrated in an only image, agglutinated for passion and for the enternecimento. With these contours the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba de Fidel Castro renasce of rubbles alcandorada in image of a youthful past, a romantic chimera, a onrico ritual, in all one case pungente nostalgia. I find that thus it is well.

Nothing of incoherence in the presidential visit. But romantismo. Who would dare to shoot the first rock? We also are romantic. We have this with the Cuban in common. After all we learn to dance with Bienvenido Granda and to dream hearing ‘ ‘ Romantic of Cuba’ ‘ , in the same tropical trail, the full night of calm, and its perfume of humidity.

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Training is one of the keys to the event, repeated gurus from around the world. But it is true that contemporary life leaves us less time at our disposal. The online masters are an excellent choice for those graduates who are already incorporated into the labour market or for those who prefer to manage your time with total freedom. In recent years the information and communications technology has given leaps and inserting virtually in every sphere of our lives. Education also has been lagging so it is now possible to find some materials or even whole programs that offered completely online. Of course, some people still are shown transfixed before this type of teaching, which is perfectly understandable since it’s a tough attitude toward change. However, the truth is that behind this fear only hides the ignorance since many of the limitations that possessed distance education today have been overcome thanks to the immediacy of the technology. Much more than an emerging solution in the popular imagination still survives the idea that online masters are a valid option only for those who have problems to go to University and receive the instructor-led course.

However, these programs are much more than an emerging solution, represent a new form of education where each student can follow their own learning pace. In addition, intrinsic to the masters online freedom and flexibility are an attached value cannot find in face-to-face programs, that often force us to move to other cities or to radically change our way of life. On the contrary, to follow an online program will continue working, implying that each theoretical knowledge can be immediately applied in practice giving rise to truly solid professional skills. A paradigm shift one of the main problems that are always pointed to the distance education was the lack of interaction between the students and the delay in feedback. However, with the speed of the Internet, these difficulties are exceeded. For example, today most of the online masters planned a few days a month to perform synchronous forums where discussion on certain topics. The teacher acts as a facilitator and students exposed their criteria and doubts, just as it happens in the classroom. Thus in education online also lives a cooperative learning. Finally, another of the advantages of the online masters is that as the entire contents of each of the courses is on the network, you can return to them whenever you need it without having to be constantly taking notes.

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The Only

Then they invite it noted in a list of waiting, and to shake off the commitment to serve you, they point out that the month that comes come a new batch vehicles, the important thing is that the client will be frustrated that day, by the next day, or a month, or more early take, will occur that the unscrupulous expect; the proposal of customer, suggest if you can force the waiting list or if they can encourage you delivery, so getting to the inevitable, the famous how much there is to do so, or some minimum 10mil or 15mil as thanks for helping him. Earlier, sellers you waited at the dealers, with a red carpet entrance, desperate to put the normal production of vehicles, financing interest rates were high, the initial also and the demanding requirements, and that it could happen that the promotions were competing with suggested prices. Today you cater for pure commitment and after making a queue of 5 or 6 people, that they not interested them in decent, if not greasers of hand buyers. In other words such intervention in the economy and to human culture damaged from decades ago, have formed a horrifying box for the client, frustrated that they cannot obtain what you need. And entrepreneurs, as always, well thanks, not produce more, why not interested, to achieve an image of inability of the Government before the economy and domestic production. On the one hand the capitalists say we are succeeding and the other Government, are overcoming, for at the end, to the common and current the only thing we have left, is a bike or a horse to move us or simply give up and form part of the corruption. Original author and source of the article.

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