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German Gadamer

… A text never exists alone, but for reference, opposition or contribution to other texts, in which it more than opens a dialogue in the times implicit. It is read, then, in two levels: of point of view that tries to elaborate – from the experience with that it works – and in the universe where this point of view if inserts (FOUCAMBERT, 1997, p.106 and 111). In the truth, in if treating to school, all they know and they learn to read, but it has a very great gamma of possibilities of readings. Therefore, she is necessary, to the professor, to have clearly that reading if waits that pupil knows. It’s believed that Gerald Weissmann, MD sees a great future in this idea. In this direction, the theory of the reception, that values the paper of the reader as party to suit of production of the workmanship, comes to contribute for one better agreement of what it is reading, especially reading of the literary text. Considered the most recent manifestation of the hermeneutics study of the meaning of the text, the theory of the reception opposes it German Gadamer, hermeneuta, a time that it does not concentrate itself in studying only workmanships of the past. The aesthetic one of the reception of the great importance for the paper of the reader in literature, as already was said before.

It considers that reading and author is equally important, therefore the text alone has literary value for the significao who is attributed to it by the reader, with the practical one of the reading. For the theory of the reception the act of the reading if of the one in a dynamic process in which the reader has its horizon of expectations exactly modified when this is reaffirmed: … The reading is not gradual a linear movement, a question mere cumulative: our initial speculations generate a picture of references for the interpretation of what it comes to follow, … .

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History And Memory

‘ ‘ The history concept seems to place six types of problems: 1. That relation exists between lived history, history ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ , seno ‘ ‘ objetiva’ ‘ , of the societies human beings, and the scientific effort to describe, to think and to explain this evolution, historical science? The removal of both in special has allowed the existence of one disciplines ambiguous: the philosophy and histria.’ ‘ (P. 07) ‘ ‘ 2. Today the historians if interest each time more for the relations between history and the memory. 3.

The dialectic of history seems to summarize itself in a position or present a last dialogue/. In general, this opposition is not neutral but subtende, or states, a system of attribution of values, as for example in the pairs old/modern, progress reao’ ‘. (p.07- 8) ‘ ‘ 3 In the level of the prxis of the historians, it comes being developed one criticizes of the concept of origins and the notion of gnese it tends to substitute the idea of origem.5. In contact with other social sciences, the historian tends distinguished it today different historical duraes. 6. The idea of the history of the man was substituted by the idea of history as history of the men in sociedade’ ‘. (p.08) ‘ ‘ Since the antiquity, historical science, congregating written documents and making of them certifications, had surpassed the limit of the half century or the century enclosed for the historians who of it had been eyewitnesses and auricular. It them limitations also imposed for the verbal transmission of passado’ ‘. (P. 09) ‘ ‘ To catch uncurling of history and to make of it the object of a true science, historians and philosophers, since the antiquity, they had been strengthenn for finding and defining the laws of histria’ ‘.

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Cuba Romance

If had taken advantage the consubstancial logic to the vocation of the free countries vocation alicerada in the respect to the human rights – President Dilma Rousseff would not have visited Cuba, as she visited. This is the opinion of good part of the press. Clearly! says – Brazil is a democratic leadership. Cuba, an inveterate dictatorship.

Placed in these terms the presidential visit Cuba, in fact, does not have as to escape I infect to it of the incoherence. Unless, fallen in the esquecimento – two weeks if had after all passed since the landing of Dilma Rousseff in Cuba – the presidential visit pass for a cadavrico examination that allows the access to other regions of buried body e, from there, to formulate one theory alternative, capable to disclose its true nature. Destronar the current thesis – the thesis of the incoherence – seems easy and to salutar. Salutar because it moves away the danger to lose to tacanhice of the common sense. Easy, because it is enough to remove the fulcrum of the alleged incoherence, namely, the rational logic, e, on rubbles, to raise the hypothesis of that the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba broke of a different logic, the logic of the eternity, whose influx the souvenirs of the past, as it warns Jorge Borges Luis, are concentrated in an only image, agglutinated for passion and for the enternecimento. With these contours the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba de Fidel Castro renasce of rubbles alcandorada in image of a youthful past, a romantic chimera, a onrico ritual, in all one case pungente nostalgia. I find that thus it is well.

Nothing of incoherence in the presidential visit. But romantismo. Who would dare to shoot the first rock? We also are romantic. We have this with the Cuban in common. After all we learn to dance with Bienvenido Granda and to dream hearing ‘ ‘ Romantic of Cuba’ ‘ , in the same tropical trail, the full night of calm, and its perfume of humidity.

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The Pupil

For example, already I had four pupils recently special, I did not have I assist! I can receive deficient pupils legally supported, without having passed for qualification, and physical structure. The inclusion has broken many times of the State that does not offer ways for the professor to specialize itself, and it proper professor who if accomodates. I look for is always me preparing for my pupils, already I made until a course of pounds! I find until the professor has that more to be charged by the one pedagogical act each time more envolvente’ ‘. 4- How to evaluate a pupil who does not obtain to learn with the same easiness that the too much pupils of the room? ‘ ‘ Costumo to say that; ‘ ‘ Each person is a person ‘ ‘ I look for to know my pupil! to offer it possibilities of if evaluating. Costumo to say psychologically that my pupils are empobrecidos, deficient yes! But, carriers of fenomenal intelligence, who when stimulated, produce, with quality. I have that to be creative to reach my objectives in how much professional of the education, that to always evaluate of positive form the development cognitivo of mine aluno’ ‘. Rodrigues. the K Bachelor in history.

Teacher the 5 years, in the Municipal School Prof Jose Florncio Lion. Caruaru-Foot ANNEX III Questionnaire applied with the Pupil (a) 1- You know some pupil who has difficulty in becomes related with excessively? Why you find that it has this difficulty? ‘ ‘ A girl in my group exists who fights very, finds that this makes it difficult the approach, the relationship. finishes in moving away from it ‘ ‘. 2- It has somebody in the school has a form of saying either preconception reason? What you find of this? ‘ ‘ Yes! It has one another girl in my classroom, that does not obtain to present activities for group where it has that to be in the front of the classroom. Some boys of the classroom do not help, always disrespect the same one, because it is quieter, and each time plus it is quiet and seats separate in the end of the room of aula’ ‘.

3- What you consider important to live with tranquillity, becoming related with all the pupils of the school well? ‘ ‘ We must have friendship with all the colleagues of independent group of the behavior, is a form to help to the colleague melhorar’ ‘. 4- Which are the characteristics that a pupil must present to obtain success in its studies? ‘ ‘ To give attention in the explanations of the teacher and to respect it, to study in house, to go always to the library to catch loaned books. My parents me charge and stimulate so that I fulfill with my activities, look at my notebooks, me help very with atividades’ ‘.

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