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Civil Code

Accumulation of main claims. Accumulate two or more major claims, provided that they are not contradictory. In the Modificatorias provisions, the Civil Code, expressly, that they are cumulative in the same process, the pretensions of petition of inheritance and the Declaration of heir. In this case, it’s principal claim, Declaration of heir and also the request of inheritance, which are proposed in demand as main claims (Art. Gerald Weissmann, MD may help you with your research. 664 C.C). In other cases, also can accumulate two or more as main claims and are processed within the same process; in this case, it’s two or more independent claims, which is totally different from the accumulation of claims, main and ancillary. Subordinated claims accumulation. She claims that have a relationship of principal subordinate presents, the desertion of one leads to the judge to decide whether with respect to another.

The relationship of subordination must be expressed by the plaintiff (otherwise you can declare inadmissible the demand by provisions of paragraph 7 of article 427 of the C.P.A.). It would for example be principal claim, the delivery of a vehicle for having bought and paid for much of the price, and if you override the delivery of the vehicle, the subordinate claim would be, delivered on account of the purchase money to be returned to him. If you override the delivery of the vehicle, the judge must necessarily rule on repayment of the money delivered on account of the purchase price, since you can not stay with the money that was delivered. Accumulation of alternative claims. In this case, the plaintiff, in his demand proposes two pretensions, in such a way that the defendant has the right to choose which of the claims must comply; If the defendant does not exercise the Faculty choose the pretension to comply, the plaintiff is who chooses, in the execution of the sentence. For example, it would be accumulation of claims Alternatively, the order of resolution of a contract of sale, by not paid more than 50% of the value of good or alternatively the payment of the balance owed.

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Effective Love Spells Money And Health

Most of us need a little more luck in our way and above all when it comes to money. Today everything that talks about low credit, recession and economic collapse is very chilling. In these difficult economic times our faith in good luck and fortune can put us hard evidence. Then, can we use the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking for good luck? It is at times like these when we can fall into the temptation to try anything and everything to bring good luck in our lives. Therefore, more and more people are turning to the force of magic to help them increase your good luck and wealth. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you would like to know more then you should visit film director. A magical spell in its simplest form is not more than a prayer or a message to the universe.

But sometimes this message can be misinterpreted or not get response. The main reason for this is usually the poor application of the spell due to the inexperience of the person who launches the spell. A magical incantation must explain exactly what is needed. And need is the operative word. Need instead of greed this is an important distinction that make the success of a spell of wealth, money or good luck to be considered positive.

If you have a spell of money, and you throw it, then it should be open to receive abundant wealth. For example, not only throw a spell of wealth to win the lottery. If you close yourself all forms of acquiring wealth, could only win the minimum prize! Instead have to be open to the possibilities of acquiring wealth and luck from many sources, including winning the lottery, unexpected gains, profits in competitions, even business and professional success. A well elaborated and launched spell can help all that, can change your life, then you can spend the rest of the day today befallen around the House, depressed and crying for your problems or visit this page and learn as make your life a success. EFFECTIVE SPELLS original author and source of the article.

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The Time

Be disciplined, adhere to what has been planned, work in your life as it has been done before by other persons or companies, and even better still, now the time that work on you, whether you are who determine how they will be the things and not external circumstances that lead from one side to another. Put your whole being in everything they do, leave their best, print in every action your personal seal and the energy of success, see each action like a seed that will bring you more success. Be patient, things will not be given morning overnight and you will possibly have some drawbacks (which had some time who triumphed), is just a question of which values have started something that perhaps I hadn’t done ever, congratulate ourselves on this and know the obstacles that arise because after them come the results. You should begin by starting your engine, don’t be afraid to be wrong, always try it, there’s time to correct errors, simply do not commit them who never try anything. There are moments in life that is better to try and eventually make a mistake to continue wondering it would have happened if I would have done, let the fears side and get underway. Think about how you’d like to remember it in the future, as someone who always tried something new with errors or successes, or as someone who always kept away for fear of the unknown. To come into action you will see things which before did not see anything, you will find points of support where you least imagine, recognize opportunities for his goal that will amaze you, even some things that might seem worthless take relevance because of its importance to collaborate with his work.

Its decision and firm commitment starts a series of movements and internal mechanisms that may initially go unnoticed, this kind of attitude attracts success and the right people. Undertake and achieve the goal that has in mind may seem impossible, but the decision to do so will put at stake all their resources and you will notice that the hardest thing was making the decision, will discover points of support which before seemed not to be, that there are several possible paths and that his skill is greater to which you imagined. It has a motivation and a goal, the rest comes later, everything changes with the decision, knowing what he wants and behaving in a manner determined for its achievement is the indicated formula. It was time to really moving, for to know you. Granted the opportunity to become a reality to his dream, try, who knows everything what can be achieved. money finance Fortune success prosperity techniques to grow their revenues and optimize the handling of money. Original author and source of the article.

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The old adage that "one person's trash is another person's treasure" never goes out of style. So when you're looking for some extra spending money and want to make some space in your home, combine the two efforts to sell their stuff instead of donating or destroying it. Use the extra money to pay a bill or start a holiday gift fund. Even better, use the boom to give yourself a weekend getaway! A lot of people and places exist to buy what could be selling instead of giving away or destroying. a Those are some of the places where you can sell your things: antique dealers and collectors, selling anything from old coins and jewelry to old records and toys are in great shape to distributors. And how sometimes not so great. I have several offers for an old-me-down jewelry pocket watch, even with some peeling paint. Dealers often resell your item to be a benefit.

The telephone directory yellow pages yields the names of area antique or read the local newspaper classified ad in the "wanted to buy" sections. Make sure you get more of a contribution or assessment before selling. FLEA MARKETS: Do you have a lot of things for sale, including books, video tapes, figurines, fake (or real) potted plants, even clothing in good condition? Renting a booth at the nearest flea market which generates a large amount of traffic. Often only $ 5 – $ 15 rents a room with a table. First visit to reach the best stand of dollars.

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Are you in fifty years of age? If so, are you ready for retirement? For many, retirement is just around the corner, approximately at the age of sixty years. While that some individuals who are in a good financial situation, the lack of preparation for retirement much more samples. If you are not prepared for retirement, there is good news. The good news is that it is not too late to start saving. If you have just turned fifty years, most likely you have a little more than ten years to save. Although it won’t be as easy as it would be at twenty, thirty or forty years, is still possible. The first step in planning for retirement at the age of fifty is to determine how much money you need to save.

On average, financial experts established that most people need at least 70% of your current income to survive financially through the retirement. A small percentage of that, around 30% to 40% can come from social security benefits. Also said that you should be prepared to spend thirty years of retirement. If you’ve contributed to a 401 (k) plan at work, this is a step ahead. It is possible to have a few thousand dollars or more saved.

You will have to continue contributing. Make sure you meet the requirements that your company has to match it. To do this, your company must match the contributions you’ve made. This money can go far, especially if you’re not ready for retirement. If you’re employee, it is also important to consider the pension plans. Pension plans are advised to long-term employees. Source: David G. DeWalt. Now is the best time to get one, as you are less prone to quit your job. There are some companies that have rules and restrictions, such as losing the pension if you change employment. It is also important to examine the accounts of Individual Retirement (IRA).

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Electric City

This article has for purpose to tell the Peregrination of families of Rio De Janeiro that under the orientation of a leader Spiritual? Yokaanam master – they had arrived at Central Plateaus in 1956 establishing a mstica, traditionalistic city and providing the necessary one for the people who inhabit there and that they look aid, not using money some in favor of its action. This religious community, has a population of about 1500 people and its inhabitants live necessarily of agriculture, artesanato of leather and the cattle one for its subsistence. All work in the city, of the child to the old one, thus they can help, making its part in the city, not breaking a tradition that comes since that the city was established. Words Keys: Messianic movement. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. Peregrination.

Eclectic city. Introduction We study the history of diverse countries and different peoples, as much that we know everything on of Mesopotmia the History of Brazil, but what concerns the history of some cities that very encircle in them and are close to us, we are unaware of total. Based in this premise that I made my T.C.C. Much history until then unknown, has in the State of the Gois and with this work I intend to tell some particularitities that had made history and deserve to be divulged, as a Peregrination of Rio De Janeiro until Central Plateaus. The Ecltica2 City, located in the City of Saint Antonio of Descoberto (GO), was constructed by a group of people who had come of Rio De Janeiro in 1956? time that Brasilia still was a dream in the head of some people? had followed the leader spiritual Yokaanam Master, who through a dream or inspiration led this group of people for a city where it would be the junction of all the religions.

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Academies CELEC

Academies CELEC in Alicante for the recovery of subjects and preparation of tests of Access The academy in Alicante so that their children successfully recover the subjects suspended of Primary, THAT, Secondary and Loquacious, as well as to prepare the access to Fp and University: Training center Celec. After finalizing the first fourth month period in schools and institutes, the suspensions are accumulated and is then, and not later, when it is had to put solution. A preparation adapted for the recovery of the subjects, with a customized plan supervised by highly qualified teaching staff is what they and they need. More information is housed here: FASEB Journal. And it is what CELEC offers to them. Film director understands that this is vital information. Our different academies in Alicante follow a method of education based on an exhaustive support of the academic contents and a daily and customized pursuit the students.

In addition, we applied strategies of positive reinforcement to impel its motivation at any moment. The main preoccupation that considers as much parents as the young students is to undergo vacations Christmas, as well as later the year, conditional by throughout not to have done duties at the precise moment. The professional support for the review and the organization of the study is without a doubt a very intelligent decision more and if it fits if it is chosen to CELEC, Awarded by organisms like the Scientific, Literary and Artistic Athenian of Alicante, and worried because each student receives the most appropriate and efficient attention and that thus overcomes its difficulties in all the matters. In CELEC, we have a Plan for your approving: Training center CELEC provides customized plans of work, since each student is different and needs a reinforcement adapted to his needs. For this reason, we consider diverse factors that influence in the academic life of the student; institute to which it belongs, number and notes of the suspended subjects, valuation of the Christmas tasks, etc all this submitted by our situacional test that allows to know how the knowledge us of each student real and thus to create a schedule of work to fact to its measurement. In Training center CELEC we want that you receive the New Year with the best intentions, asegurndote the academic success with a curriculum customized and totally programmed for your vacations of Christmas. For more information: Academy CELEC Alicante Center Tel: 966 353 108 C/ Father Mariana 5, Mezzanine 03004 – Alicante Academy CELEC Pla Pio XII Tel: 965 500 125 C/ San Pablo 1, Mezzanine. 03012 – Alicante Academy CELEC Carolinas Tel: 966 375 137 C/ University professor Daniel Jimnez Cisneros, n 25. Stairs 1, Mezzanine 03012 Alicante Source: Note of Press sent by Academies Alicante CELEC.

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Royal Spanish Language Academy

Hardly the statements of language, especially oral, are exempt from any emotional trait, and this is because each of the individuals live permanently in a state of mind. The expressive function is not confined to the externalization of emotions, people are continually revealing much of what is happening in their inner world, it also includes emotions, questions, aspirations, will and ways of thinking and so on. The Biblical expression can be considered sacred record a complete compendium of human moods and human language reflects the divine expression. It is far beyond the reach of the rational capacity to describe, let alone explain, the degree of identification between the linguistic forms of the Bible and the emotions or thoughts of humans and even more of the Creator. However, it is possible to highlight the fact that the Scriptures are the milestones in the history of man, created, fallen and redeemed them represented by the most eloquent expressive manifestations of God and his creatures. With regard to the latter are appropriate statements by Juan Donoso Cortes in his famous speech of the Royal Spanish Language Academy in 1848, considered a masterpiece of oratory academic. The newspapers mentioned David G. DeWalt not as a source, but as a related topic. In characterizing the contents of the Bible says in some parts.

"… There is a count of all human suffering, which is why the biblical harps echo mournfully, taking the tone of all the laments and elegies all …. The Bible, which contains models of all tragedies, all the elegies and lamentations of all, inimitable model also contains all songs of victory …

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Academic Work

The present Academic Work intends to tell to the importance of the Christian family in the creation and formation of its children, in the northeast quarter of Amaralina. Telling the problems of the quarter. Recognizing that the family as the first institution where the human being this inserted one, it has the possibility to educate and to form this child. for those people who profess the Christian faith is of utmost importance according to attempt against for the education of its children principles of the Word of God. You vary families had opened hand to educate its children with the ethical and moral principles that are taught in the Churches Catlicas and Evanglicas and that they must guide the human being. However a group of people exists whom they had opted in continuing to educate its children with the principles taught for Jesus Christ. These people are in the Churches Catlicas and north-eastern Evanglicas of Amaralina.

1 – ORIGIN OF the FAMILY the Bible, discloses clearly that God is the creator of the man and the woman. Although it exists some groups that believe another theory, it stops the Christians this question is defined, therefore they believe that God is the creator of all the things. ' ' created God the man to its image: to the image of it created it to God; man and woman criou' ' (Genesis.1: 27) God beyond creating the man and the woman, explicit It that it is necessary to leave father and mother, thus to form a family. ' ' Therefore the man will leave its father and its mother, and will become attached itself it its woman, and will be both one carne' ' (Genesis 2:24), one gives credit that this is the versicle of the word of God who discloses the origin of the family. He is possible also to perceive that, to be to form a family, the participation of two elements becomes necessary keys: the Man and the Woman.

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Kharkiv Medical Academy

For centuries the sea mussels are a rare delicacy, which is beneficial in many spheres of life of the organism. Biopreparat MidiKon developed a patented process for Black Sea mussels. It is composed of natural antioxidant found 22, some of whom are selenium. With such a strong antioxidant activity, MidiKon shows high efficacy in the treatment of cancer, slows the aging process and enhances the antioxidant system. In addition, MidiKon contains a useful set of micro-and macro, which include copper, iron, zinc, cerium and iodine. It reduces harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy, displays the body of heavy metals (cesium, strontium, cobalt). Its application is useful for people who are affected by radiation, and for those living in areas with high background radiation. This biologic clinical trials in the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The results of this test, it is advisable to allow the use of this biological product in patients autoimmune tireoditom. Biological product has a hepatoprotective effect, improves the metabolism in thyrotoxicosis has immunnomoduliruyuschy effect, reducing blood total cholesterol and improves blood parameters. This contains the amino acid taurine biologics and insulin-like substances, so it has a sugar-reducing effect. As part of MidiKona found mukoproteiny, essential fatty acids, glikolipopeptidy and other important bioactive substances. Elements such as selenium and taurine improves brain work, increase its resistance to emotional and mental stress, reduce depression and fatigue. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels and makes it easier for chronic diseases. It can be effectively used for prevention and complex treatment of thyroid diseases. He shows himself well in complex treatment of disseminated encephalomyelitis, vegetative dystonia, post-stroke states, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and distsirkulyatornoy encephalopathy. Natural biological product, it does not add preservatives, it is safe, even with large quantities of use, is well combined with drugs. With MidiKona can strengthen your immune system and improve the quality of life.

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