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North American

The ambientalista conception attributes to the environment a great power in the human development. The man develops its characteristics in function of the conditions gifts in the way where if he finds. To this conception of – the name of empirismo. The great defender of the ambientalista position, in psychology, is the North American, B.F. Skinner. For it and its followers, the paper of the environment is much more important of what the biological maturation. Thus being, the stimulatons gifts in one determined situation, lead to the appearance of certain behaviors.

According to ambientalistas, the individuals search to increase the pleasure and to diminish pain; therefore, manipulating the elements gifts in the environment, it is possible to control the behavior. Therefore, they attribute ambientalista conception to it, a vision of the individual while to be extremely reactive to the action of the way. Changes in the behavior can be provoked in some ways. One of them demands an analysis of the resulted consequncias or that the same produces in the environment. positive consequncias are called reinforcing and provoke an increase in the frequency with that the behavior appears.

Already the refusals, receive the name from punishment and lead to a reduction in the frequency with that certain behaviors occur. When a behavior is not adjusted and if it considers desirable to total eliminate it of the repertoire of behavior of an individual, uses the said procedure of extinguishing. For this, she is necessary to remove of the environment the consequncias keep that it. Other theoreticians had affirmed that the human behavior also is modified in function of the comment of as other people act, who if become models to be copied. When the behaviors of the models are strengthened, it extends yourself to imitate it them, and if punished, it looks itself to prevent them. In the ambientalista vision, the attention of a person is, therefore, function of the learnings that carried through throughout the life, in contact with the stimulatons that had strengthened or punished its behaviors. Being thus, it can to say that the behavior is always the result of associations established between stimulaton and consequncia. When a behavior will be associated the certain stimulaton, this tends to appear when gifts will be stimulatons similar. To this phenomenon of – the name of generalization. The child learns to perceive similarities between stimulatons and to generalize behaviors, but also she learns the inverse one, that is, to discriminate stimulatons from its differences. For the ambientalistas, the learning is understood as the process by which the behavior is modified in accordance with the result of the experience. It is important that if also light in consideration the physiological and psychological state of the organism. In accordance with this conception, the emphasis is in propitiating new learnings, through the manipulation of the stimulatons that precede and succeed the behavior. For in such a way, an analysis of the form is necessary as the individuals act in its environment, identifying stimulatons that they provoke appearance of the behavior-target and the consequncias keeps that it. Reference: DAVIS, Claude; OLIVEIRA, Zilma. Psychology in the education.

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By Which Oil Of Olive Ecological That Contributes To Our Diet

The production of organic olive oil is based under a production free of any chemical or non-organic contribution about the tree to improve the production of the same. In order to receive this property field must be free of these products for a minimum period of 5 years. Olives freshly collected from the field at an early date to maturity are milled on the same day to avoid loss of water and oxidation of fatty oils of olives, and get an oil golden-green of the highest quality. In Andalusia, the Andalusian Committee for organic farming (CAAE) is the Agency for the development of agriculture and certified organic farming. This mechanism is responsible for controlling the quality of preparation of the organic olive oil.

To thus meet the demanding European regulations (Regulation EEC 2092/91), where farmers subjected to a regime of inspection and control by the service of certification to independently and objectively, examines and certifies all the requirements for its production and processing. Today any of olives that produce extra virgin olive oils that are on the market that do not have the distinction of oil organic, they take several treatments based on chemical and non-organic products. Thus we can find from: poison to kill weeds in summer. Poison to kill the weeds in autumn. Copper and sulfates to avoid that the fruit be bitten by insects. Iron to improve production.

Phosphate, nitrogen, etc. to add nutrients to the Earth. Amino acids, azufres, etc. And thus to a wide variety of products according to the chemicals do not affect the oil since they are for the tree and the fruit never received these nutrients. In addition there is a period of cures to avoid this last. In my opinion: the number of malignant diseases, the number of tumors, rare diseases hitherto unseen, genetic mutations, etc., come due to the incorporation of the products chemicals in our products of first necessity our food! We also wonder generally why I will buy an olive oil which is worth 1 or 2 euros more per liter when they are the same. Considering that a person spends between about 5 to 10 litres of olive oil at the year do considers that is expensive improve your health and the of your family by so only 10 per year of more? Eat organic extra virgin olive oil, avoid phosphates and nitrogens, azufres, copper, poisons in their salads. Eat organic extra virgin olive oil because your body will thank you.

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Royal Academy

The existence of this suplus raises shops. The distance communication generates transport, going to a cash transport. When Venice route was obstructed you should search another. The Portuguese are seen as the only ones who had a reliable path. Needed an astral guidance; and who better than the scientists to provide them. In the middle ages comes the first scientific technique, caused by the need created by the transport. Technicians are hired to improve techniques; ultimately it was paying research.

Displays the printing press, it has to do with the malaise that caused the dominant religious ideology. That discomfort produced the need to spread the Bible; all this new knowledge comes from the ancient Greeks. Another element that is emerging is the concept of nation and loses strength the feudal term. Apart from the 15th century begins the transition, has been installed as a dominant culture in the 18th and 19th century. It starts a relationship between science and society.

Science in the modern age is technically usable. The modernity you science gave a very important status; you gave the quality of depriving society of myths, since all questioned; It encouraged as an instrument to eliminate society from sequelae of superstition, the trickery, etc.; for its ability to put things in doubt. The Church remained vigilant of what has been done by scientists. Science is changing into a usable instrument. There were people that technical desarollaba; mostly in the field of navigation. Science and technique were not couples. Science was in search of true knowledge, fight against superstition. In France emerging groupings at the Royal Academy of Sciences, scientists to make improvements. Just as in England at the Royal society, with the same objectives as in France. These processes are doing science and technique come together (by craftmen and smart teachers, who saw that they should improve their production). The first industrial revolution occurs in the first half of the 18th century; product of the steam engine, product of the development of people who had nothing to do with the scientific sphere.

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Collaborative Projects

Recently I have found a resource that is worth its weight in gold. It is a complement to your Joomla! (System content management of Internet), which allows you to have a private area on the internet where you have control of all the projects you’re doing and also can take part external collaborators, from anywhere in the world. It’s Projectfork. Let’s look a little characteristics that have this wonderful plug-in: adaptation to the design of the web site: 1) has public interface without template 2) it can be utlized in the Administration site backend 3) can use in the interface of the template that you have installed 4) inherit the styles of active template control Panel 1) introduce the project in which you are working 2) introduce a logo for each project 3) flow of all activity of the ((((project 4) customizable dashboards for information of the project 1) create and archive infinite projects 2) sortable columns 3) direct links to add time, tasks, edit or archive tasks Hitos1) to view filters (((((((((2 tasks) 3 sortable columns) creating landmarks for Task 4 groups) task list with quick time 1) latest task 2) rapidly introduce search management time for tasks with a note 3) enter the time from any page using the panel’s time 4) see the time for each one or all users manage files 1) create folders and nested folders 2) create three text 3 notes) upload files ((((((((project 4) attach files and task calendar notes 1) deadline task 2) events 3) deadline milestone 4) deadline for the project message board 1) subscribe to notification messages by email 2) simplified message function Board 3) responding to messages from conversations about projects 4) configure the text message or use the html editor. (Administracion de usuarios 1) add new users of Joomla! (y deel componente de Gestion de Proyectos 2) the existing import of users of Joomla! in a project 3) give each user the (niveles de acceso granular 4) users can request to join a project if it is visible to the public users 1 Control) all default groups in Joomla! ((((((they have custom permissions (custom groups you can also create) 2) group permissions can be set for each of the permissions of section 3) granular are available for all the actions user profiles 1) upload an avatar 2) between your contact information 3) enter your location extensions and themes 1) frame extension in sections, groups, processes(((, Modes, languages and themes 2) Installer 3 has its own extension) all extensions can be reordered and unpublished 4) most extensions have parameters best of all is that this component is free and you can download it from

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Strategic Planning

I actually became easier to listen without interrupting, interesting to know what people want next to me in the moment, at what points to look for, to feel it, and most importantly – to give. Strongly contributes to internal positive approach the fundamental principle of 'Sinton': 'We do not have weaknesses, we have a particular, no difficulties – there are problems, creative problem to be solved. " I do not want to reveal all the 'secrets' – just trust me, use this matrix in any area makes life brighter and easier to understand …. In addition to the basic course in 'Sinton' a rich range of programs for all occasions: basic training is the first step, further: 'The world of emotions, a management', 'Successful people: achievement', 'Tough game: the philosophy of life choices',' Kingdom: School civilized leadership ', and yet so many other programs for adults and children. The main audience of the training center – young people under 35. The faces of all: that the workers center, that students' friendly, open-and his eyes smart. Emotional situation – you do not want to leave.

Because I was interested to visit various training centers, business training, I decided to go for a consulting group, 'Hermes'. Background: the nature of their activities I do with straight sales. And then there's interested. I wanted to try. Choose your training, 'Telesales'. Education was held at Shakun Krutkov – business coach, consultant, Strategic Planning, Development distribution, retail, management, procurement. Output: A very interesting training turned out.

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Community Environmental Education

Through the development of a system of shares where acquired a commitment against others and with others; favoring one more current development approach and specifying an interactive approach.The material presented here is simply a reflection of the experiences which in this sense has been obtaining la Sede Universitaria de Palma Soriano in the face from the binomial University society issues community environmental partner. The rationale for finding these strategic alliances, lies in the fact that only concerted action by key stakeholders can achieve development, hence the importance of promoting and strengthening these processes of dialogue and communication for the shared definition of what we want to be and do. It used various methods of scientific research, such as the theoretical analysis and synthesis, analysis of documentary sources, as empirical observation method, we also employ the technique of survey, the method of action research and as the percentage calculation mathematical method. Throwing as a result the integration of all stakeholders and the creation of strategic alliances between people and institutions. Environmental education is a permanent and continuous process that represents a dimension of the integral education of all citizens, allowing him to build his own speech with regard to the environment in which they live, favoring the strengthening of their identities, both individual and collective, and in relation to new alternatives that contribute to a sustainable management of the environment. What happens when a significant portion of population is alien to this necessary part of education? This is where comes into play their role the current Cuban University that as a social institution has the Mission of helping to transform society and to do so can not comply with the development of substantive processes of teaching and research, but that requires developing the extension process to comply with its social order, promoting the cultural level. Without trying at all to develop paradigms or take academic positions around the theme; the material presented here is simply a reflection of the experiences which in this sense has been obtaining la Sede Universitaria de Palma Soriano in the face from the binomial University society issues community environmental partner. .

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Emotional Intelligence

Not asked to evaluate the capability, but if you think you can run behavior. Ask questions in the positive and forget the negative phrases. On how to measure the effectiveness of teamwork in organizations, there are two approaches. The first concerns a set of evaluations of the members on his personal ability to perform particular functions on the computer. The second set relates to the assessment of members on the team's ability as a unit. People with high levels of self-efficacy … Considering the difficult tasks as challenges and faced with perseverance.

Increase your effort to potential failures. After the failures quickly regain their sense of efficacy. Attribute failures to insufficient effort or lack of skills they can acquire Coping threats with confidence that they can control. In tasks that require an effort that involves a highly interdependent system, members must work together successfully to achieve certain goals that the team wants to achieve. Such efforts require a precise coordination of roles and strategies of effective communication, cooperation objectives and a mutual adjustment to the performance of another.

Any type of education have no significant, if not care that the trainees generate judgments of personal competence. What is also interesting that, controlling only the efficacy of the leader of a group, ensures that the group is more happy and satisfied, to make better analysis, which proposes higher goals and achieve better results. According to the demand-control model in stress, the opportunity to exercise control over work activities reduce the stressful conditions of overwork. However, control over work demands is insufficient, it is necessary to increase the perception of efficacy for this impact on reducing the stress experienced. More control without improving efficacy is enervating and demoralizing. Large emotional needs (at work too, of course) are: autonomy, control and ownership. Therefore: Organizations should encourage team work teams and individuals have to be clear about its objectives. Teams and individuals must meet and encourage the participation of all members of teams should be providing security to its members should make organizations are challenging tasks (moderate) and which involve varying abilities. Organizations should encourage high autonomy in their employees' organizations should encourage the use of optimism and positive feedback Finally, note that the perceived competence was negatively associated with burnout (which is a symptom, along with exhaustion and cynicism) , while the engagement (vigor, dedication and absorption) maintains a positive relationship. Title: Emotional Intelligence in the company: self-efficacy

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Emotional Intelligence Problems

Emotional intelligence in the classroom Jonathan Cohen begins the introduction to his book Emotional Intelligence in the classroom to raise the reader about: when your child grows, yque kind of person wants you to be? It is clear that any parent would respond by saying that his son was a good person, hardworking, responsible, social and professional success. Well, the key to achieving these goals goes through emotionally educate the child and young person in the classroom and in the family. According to various investigations of the educational problems associated with low levels of emotional intelligence would be four: Deficit in the levels of well-being and psychological adjustment of students decline in the quantity and quality of interpersonal relationships Descent of onset of disruptive behaviors and substance use These addictive problems should be extended to any developed country in the world and currently have worsened to such an extent that governments have considered educational emotional intelligence to become one of the eight core competencies to work in the students. But yque about teachers? The emotionally intelligent teacher Until very recently it was thought wrong to conclude that affective and emotional skills not were essential in teachers. Even today, there are teachers with classes in which more than seventy-five percent have behavior problems that do not assume any responsibility to this fact. According to authors such as covers and Valles, the practice of any teacher teaching involves activities such as: emotional stimulation and regulated expression of positive feelings and, even more difficult, negative emotions (like anger, envy, jealousy, …

), the creation of environments (school assignments, group work dynamics ,…) to develop socio-emotional skills and interpersonal conflict resolution, exposure to experiences that can be solved using emotional strategies, or teaching skills empathic showing students how to pay attention and know how to listen and understand the views of others. However, implementing this type of skills is not an easy job as teacher training becomes a factor essential. The family and emotional intelligence educate teachers in school but the principal agent responsible for the emotional education of children is for the first time, thanks to the approach proposed by UNESCO and the basic skills LOE has a lot to say and provide for the development of emotional intelligence of their children at home and at school. In this way, parents and teachers need to be complemented and, together, provide opportunities to improve the student's emotional profile. For this, the first step that can give is to adopt a democratic educational profile. The democratic style involves education on the one hand, the enforcement of claims in line with the maturity of your child, but at the same time encourage decision making, show love and listen to the views of children and know their tastes and preferences. Furthermore, teacher-student interactions are socio-emotional space ideal for emotional education with everyday activities such as: Having problems or exchange opinions and advice, mediation in resolving interpersonal conflicts among students, the stories you can tell the professor about how he solved similar problems alos students passing, or the creation of tasks that allow for experiencing and learning about human feelings as the films. The topic of emotional intelligence and competence and personal initiative has autonomy to educational revolution, which often feel slightly responsible for the drastic change that was imposed by governments and educational Ministries of Education, but change is essential to get developing better citizens for tomorrow's world.

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Aragonese Dialect

Sardinia in L'Apge, in the autonomous regions of La Franco (Aragon) and El Karhu (Murcia). About 10 million people speak Catalan language. Leon dialect. To the west of autonomy of Castile and Leon (Leon, Zamora, Salamanca), many people today oppose the union of Castile and Leon, Castile against the rule in this community and for the complete separation these two areas. Leon said the people on Leonean language, and does not want to go in his communication to the Castilian. And today it is perhaps the only area where kept and used Leonean dialect.

Asturian Galician dialect and language. Asturiytsy – people living in the Principality of Asturias in the former, which was located in northern Spain. Asturian dialect rather original, it is mixed with the Galician language. This is a dialect that used in the region bordering Galicia. In itself, Galicia, which is located in the same place where in ancient times, is used purely galisiyky language. Basque language.

Basque Country – a region of the western Pyrenees – land between Spain and France – to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. The capital of this region – the city of Victoria-Gasteiz, with the name "Victoria" – Castilian origin, "Gasteiz" – Basque. The Basque language is unique, it differs from any language which is spoken in the world. For several millennia, it said the people of this region. The language used here and now. Aragonese dialect. The historical region of Aragon is located at north-east of Spain. Residents of this area – the Aragonese. Correct would be to assume that the language used here Aragonese, but it is not. While in the Middle Ages it was so. Now Aragonese language spoken only in Huesca and the Pyrenees. Kanariysky dialect. Canary Islands – an archipelago that is located near the west coast of Africa – live kanariytsy. Language, they speak mostly Castilian, but it has an admixture kanariyskogo dialect. It's like a subspecies of the Castilian language. Aran dialect. In the northwest of Catalonia is a small county – Aran. Here are the source of the river Garonne and the Valley of Aran is the highest valley Pyrenees. Most of it takes Catalan territory – this is the only area of Catalan, which is located in the Pyrenees. The rest of the Valley took arantsy, most of whom speak the language of Aran. Aran language – a kind of dialect okvitansky. He is in the Valley of Aran third official language after the Castilian and Catalan languages. So, dialects and variations of the Spanish language – is a subgroup which differ in vocabulary, phonetics and a bit of grammar. However, in all Spanish dialects use a common written standard, and only their colloquial variations differ in one way or another.

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The Management

For us, the interpersonal relations, for example, are co-promoters in a way of being in society, since all relation is educative when the humanity of the other degrades or promotes. In the institutions it is that, par excellence, the education gains life. In this manner, they characterize themselves as the place of the care, reason that she justifies to think them about the scope of a management where the relations if pautam for the ethical-aesthetic-afectiva disposal. (SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 14. grifo of the author) The Management of the Care suggests a Biocntrica Education as form of valuation of the life human being, focando in an education that moves whose methodology would be the proper experience. A Biocntrica Education comes to stimulate the actions potencializando them. It weaves other differentiated conceptions and learnings.

The Biocntrica Education can provide to the institutions collective learnings of changes of its destinations, developing in the groups the practical direction and the meaning educative of the care. To learn together to take care of of the life can transform the conventional relations into moved meeting, and these do not excuse the ethics, articulated to the aesthetic field of a suggestive one that goes to guide the people so that they can abandon the tirnica sphere of decrees, making an existential choice for the trams of an education of the taste and sensitivity (RESTREPO, 1998, apud SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 83) The environment of classroom, this physical space where they coexist human beings playing the roles of professor and students, as much can be glad, pleasant, ccomplishing and rewarding, how much it can be generating of anxiety, it estresse, unreliability or aversion. We can also consider that this set of good or bad factors, to a large extent, is decurrent of the personal relations that if establish between the proper students, or these and its professors.

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