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The Universities

Interest is most noticeable in the figuration of many continue to play that role as fictitious authorities, many, under the protection of the same power groups that have controlled universities per year and which have deteriorated to these academically. No sight in those who aspire to be new authorities, programs, academic, research, of compelling educational management plans that show, that will be radical changes in the transformation of professionals, that they really are prepared for the challenges, more anchored in the power and perform their goal giving way to a socialism that favors everyone. We are not opposed to changes, as always when these are democratic, transformers on results that will benefit all those who live in the country. We support the amendments without damaging the academic, research, excellence are in favour of renewals, emerged from the shadows to prosecute the light that illuminates this path that leads to Venezuela to develop, therefore we have provided services teacher for many years, hoping to count with professionals, who are agents of change that give step through your performance results that favour not only the institutions where they work but the country itself. It is definitely required, rescue the academic excellence and this for, it must be creative, innovative, experienced teachers, skilled at generating transformations, motivate their students to bring about new knowledge and that is pass to those changes required to succeed. Is required of teachers with ethics, moral, visionaries, not figurative, but true proactive agents, who can take advantage of his opportunity, express their views and take step to indicate that new leaders of the education that the country needs. Not be aware of the sad reality that currently the universities face in academics, the consequences will be very harmful for the country, we hope to begin the changes necessary to lead to the new authorities of the universities to play its role as it should be and take advantage of in these times, the human talent that has and give life to action through programmes, well defined plans, thus collaborating with the academic University rescue, because otherwise posterity put it as people who were not positive in the Venezuelan education.

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University Simon Bolivar

STUDIES: Secondary: Lycee Francais de Tanger, Bachelor in mathematics (1957). University: Faculte des Sciences, Universite de Paris (France), Bachelor’s degree in Physics (1962). Graduate: Faculte des Sciences, Universite de Paris (France). DOCTORATE: Faculte des Sciences, Universite de Paris, Centre d Orsay (France), doctorate 3rd cycle (1965). POSITIONS held: 1962-1965: graduate student of the Center for nuclear studies of Saclay (France). 1965-1973: Research associate, Department of physics, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, Altos de Pipe (Venezuela).

1970-1972: On time conventional Associate Professor, Department of physics, University Simon Bolivar, Caracas (Venezuela). 1972-1973: Time conventional Associate Professor, Department of physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar. 1974-1975: Full-time, Physics Department, University Associate Professor Simon Bolivar, Caracas (Venezuela). 1975-today: Professor to full-time, Physics Department, University Simon Bolivar, Caracas (Venezuela). 1980-1981: Visiting Scholar, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND Awards: 1962-1965: fellow of the IVIC to carry out doctoral studies in Paris. 1982: Award for the best scientific work (basic sciences mention), Andres Bello of the Association of professors of the USB. 1988: Premio Jose Francisco Torrealba to the scientific trajectory of the Association of professors of the USB. 1990-1994: Accredited as a researcher of level III in the SPI. 1991: Andres Bello award to the best scientific work (basic sciences mention), the Association of professors of the USB. 1994-1998: Accredited as a researcher of level III in the SPI. 1994: Honorable mention of the award to the best working scientist in physics of CONICIT. 1996: National prize of Sciences, mention Physics of CONICIT 1998-2002: credited as researcher of level III in the SPI. 1998: Level I award CONABA 98 1998: Prize CONADES 98 2000: level I as meritorious Professor in 2000 CONABA Prize 2004: level III as a meritorious teacher award CONABA 2004 societies scientific training of resources human thesis of undergraduate Levely: Douglas Figueroa, thesis in physics, Central University of Venezuela (1971) Luis Acuna, thesis in physicsCentral University of Venezuela, (1972) Alfredo Bello, thesis in physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, (1978) Martha Elena Gonzalez, thesis in physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, (1979) Maria Carolina Perez Ysaac, thesis in materials engineering (option polymers), Honorable mention, University Simon Bolivar, (1999) Freddy Sanchez, thesis in physics, Honorable mention, University Simon Bolivar (2001) master’s thesis culminated: Martha Elena Gonzalez, master’s thesis in physics, University Simon Bolivar, (1987) Maria angeles Capellades, master’s thesis in electronic engineering, Honorable mention, University Simon Bolivar, (1994) culminated doctoral thesis: Marisel Diaz bathrooms, doctoral thesis in physicsMention of Honor, Universidad Simon Bolivar (1991) miraculous Aldana, PhD.

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Brazil Child

The editor of the journal Archives de Psychologie, Claparede, interested in your items offered him the post of director of study of the Institute J.J. Rousseau of Geneva, where Piaget conducted his scientific work for several decades (Ardila, 1989). During the time that work at the Institute he met Valentine Chantenay who was his collaborated and that later would marry (Ardila, 1989). Between 1921 and 1925 public respectively five books on child psychology, which aroused great anger and criticism around the world; in these years also worked as a Professor of the University of Geneva and then step to work at the University of Neuchatel until the year of 1929 (Ardila, 1989). Part of his research on the genesis of the intelligence, consistency and causality, two of his daughters were object of study (Ardila, 1989).

After starting his studies on child development, Piaget occupied countless charges and won a variety of awards, among them are: the offer of Professor of experimental psychology at the University of Geneva, named director of the laboratory of Fournoy in the Faculty of Sciences, was the first President of Switzerland society of psychology, in addition to these charges was editor of magazines such as Archives of Psichologie and Revue Suisse de Psichologie (Ardila, 1989). Universities like Harvard (1936), the Sorbonne (1946) and Brussels (1949) conferred him doctorates Honoris Causa (Ardila, 1989). The University of Brazil awarded him the title of Professor Honoris Causa and one of its members (Ardila, 1989) did the New York Academy of Sciences. Finally in 1969 the American Psycholical Association gave maximum recognition of the award for distinguished scientific contributions (Ardila, 1989). Theory of the balance according to Labinowicz (1982) Piaget qualify the child thought into four major periods: preparatory periods, prelogicos (pre-operational Sensomotriz) the Sensomotriz period is present from birth to two years of age. For Piaget (1964) at this stage are positioned the newly born and infant, where the child comes into the world with all their senses and some reflections that determine their survival, such as crying and sucking, through breastfeeding and sucking learns to perceive between size and shape (Labinowicz, 1982).

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